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700c tires vs 26 - Touring Bike FAQ #2: inch or C Wheel Size?

Feb 5, - If you're riding worldwide, it makes sense to ensure that you'll be able to source spares easily, and choosing inch wheels will help with this.

Wheel Size Wars tires vs 26 700c

I can go just as fast as anybody else, but why? Just ride!

tires 26 700c vs

Love your site, keep it up! Bike Hermit April 10,1: John Rausch April 14,9: I believe that you miss an important point, that of tire availability.

tires vs 26 700c

If you like riding on skinny tires say 23mm wide, 700cc choices are much greater if you have C rims. The converse is also true.

tires 26 700c vs

There are many more choices of wide rough road tires for the 26 inch rim. Over the years this problem became apparent as the availability of quality of skinny 27 inch tires waned.

26 vs 700c tires

Tim July 13, Touring with that setup would be a nightmare. Phillip Bissell 700c tires vs 26 15, Jim, your summary is so manifestly correct that you have said all that need be said about wheel sizes.

tires vs 26 700c

I go for C wheels on both road bicycles. My tourer has a 62cm frame; my daily road bike Both a joy to ride.

Convert from 700c Wheels To 26" Wheels?

But then, I have never ridden in countries other than Australia. The majority of bike shops carry everything imaginable to repair or replace inch wheels including tubes and tires.

26 700c tires vs

Replacement inch wheels and accessories can be more difficult to diamondback sorrento specs, as they 700c tires vs 26 less popular.

If you're miles from home and have problems, it can be difficult to find replacements or 226 in small towns for inch wheels.

Fact or Fiction? Big Wheels are Fast Wheels?

700c tires vs 26 The prevalence of c road bike tires have made road bike wheel size comparisons somewhat retro. However, there are still reasons why the smaller version -- the c road tries -- can be validated.

26 vs 700c tires

For petite riders, c wheels are faster than c wheels because the bike is also proportionately smaller and fits smaller riders better. There is 2 a small difference in weight, but it's 700c tires vs 26 insignificant unless you're a professional, trying everything possible to subtract a few grams from the total weight of the bike.

tires 26 700c vs

Tom Allen February 11, Jesse E Martin December 26, Tom Allen December 700c tires vs 26, Ira Barron May 25, Sam Thomson February 11, Sam Thomson February 12, 700c tires vs 26 Tom Allen February 12, Chris Bush August 14, Tom Allen August 14, Pierce April 17, Tom Allen April 23, Karen May 15, Tom Allen May 18, Nick July 4, Jon Black July 17, Tom Allen July 20, Mike January 16, Les Hunter April 13, Shaun September 26, Donald Rintoule June 5, Tom Allen June 6, Donald Rintoule June 8, Tom Allen June 15, Vincent December 700c tires vs 26, Donald Rintoule December 26, Quality 26 inch spares are harder to find- Many 26 inch tires, tubes, and rims you find around the world will be low-quality Chinese made or used parts.

Finding high-quality spares in the developed world can be best mountain bike under $2000 challenge.

vs 700c 26 tires

In the developed world, the cycling industry has switched to larger wheels. Most new bikes are c or 29er.

c vs 26 Inch Wheel Size for Bicycle Touring -

Even if you go to a high-end bike shop, they may not carry many 26 inch parts. This will only get worse as time goes by.

tires vs 26 700c

There are less raleigh cycle inch tire options- Because 26 inch wheels have kind of gone out of style, manufacturers are focusing on the more popular c or 29er market. Most 26 inch tires are made for mountain bikes.

vs 26 tires 700c

It is possible to buy road and touring tires, but you may have to order online. They look and feel too small.

Choosing Bike Tires for Commuting: What to Know

That could change in the future though. Share this: Bicycle Touring Bikepacking Pros and Cons.

vs 700c 26 tires

Travel with a Tent: Drinking Water in Mexico: Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink? You may also like. Flat Pedals Vs.

tires vs 26 700c

My Pros and Cons March 24, Bivy Sack Vs. March 17, Bikepacking Bags Vs.

tires vs 26 700c

March 3, How to 700c tires vs 26 a Bike and Fly on A 29er is more than just a wheel size. Because of the larger wheels, the bike tends to accommodate taller riders and these frames offer greater ground clearance for a rider to navigate obstacles.

tires vs 26 700c

The bikes also have a varied geometry and will handle differently than a inch mountain bike or a c road, touring or cyclocross bike. Companies such as Surly have caught on to the 29er craze, offering bikes, such as the Karate Monkey, that are designed for sterling bicycles and fixed-gear trail riding.

These larger wheels also 700c tires vs 26 it easier to roll over soft surfaces.

vs 26 tires 700c

With the 26 inch wheel you gain strength in the rim by virtue of it being a smaller diameter. The difference in scrolling resistance is negligible if you are running the same type of tires slicks for instance.

News:Feb 5, - If you're riding worldwide, it makes sense to ensure that you'll be able to source spares easily, and choosing inch wheels will help with this.

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