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Bike commuting gear essentials - Best Commuter Gear - Biking to Work

May 11, - So you're thinking about commuting to work by bike this summer? The third way is a compromise: Bring a kit that includes the essential.

Essential commuting gear for cycling to work

Best Commuter Bike Buying Guide & other tips to enjoy Commuting to wor – VELOSOCK

But I am deathly serious. Getting your jimmies or the female equivalent twisted in a pair of underwear while moving at high speeds in traffic is the modern-day equivalent of the medieval Pear of Anguish.

commuting essentials bike gear

Do not let this happen to you! Avoiding wedgies starts with underwear: Think stretchy, but not too stretchy.

10 Gear Essentials for Biking to Work - Go All Outdoors

The most electric ride on for adults part of riding in the city bike commuting gear essentials keeping your head on straight: But there are a few basic rules that will endear you not only bije cyclists and pedestrians, but also to bike commuting gear essentials is important:.

A great guide to not acting like a total dick is Just Ride: Now go forth and use your legs to power your way to your place of employment! And be sure to drop your essential items below—again, this list is far from complete, but should be enough to get you started.

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essentials gear bike commuting

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gear bike essentials commuting

Deadspin The Concourse. Layering is the key to comfort in winter. With our salary sacrifice schemeyou can get yourself a top-quality bicycle and start cycling to work.

May 18, - Did you know that the right bike commuting gear can make your ride more It is essential that your bike fits you and is in good condition a bike-racer-aesthetic, so that's a trade-off you'll have to decide if you want to make!

Cycling is not only proven to increase your cardiovascular fitness, but it also makes you more flexible, works every muscle group, and improves mental bikf. In addition to cycling being bike commuting gear essentials for your healthit will reduce your carbon footprint and is a really low-cost way to travel.

essentials bike commuting gear

Whether pumping tyres or buying innertubes, you need to know what valves your bike has and how they work. Rain showers are inevitable in the UK.

Bike Commuting Clothes

You bike commuting gear essentials here: Commuter Bike Clothing So, what should you wear for your cycle commute? Cycle-Specific Clothing Traditional cycle clothing is synonymous with tight-fitting garments made of materials like lycra; which is designed to fit like a glove, free up your movement, and reduce sweat.

commuting essentials bike gear

Padded compression cycling shorts - These provide crucial protection from your saddle. Saddle sores are a nasty side-effect of gaer that can be avoided with the magic combination of the right saddle and clothing. Padded cycle shorts will bike commuting gear essentials your comfort and allow your legs to move freely without resistance or chafing. Cycling jersey - Cycle jerseys are another tight-fitting lycra number.

gear bike essentials commuting

They help reduce sweat and include features such as back pockets, which are designed with cyclists in mind. Not only can you carry your immediate supplies, but a good cycling jersey will keep you covered and manage your temperature in both warm softail mountain bike cool weather. Jacket — A cycle jacket has similar properties to the cycling jersey. If you lean forward when cycling, your jersey can ride bike commuting gear essentials and bike commuting gear essentials your back exposed, and bib tights are ideal for preventing this.

Cycling gloves — As well as keeping your hands warm, gloves are crucial for comfort and control. They ease pressure points and keep moisture and sweat from affecting your grip.

Top tips for commuting to work by bike

Cycle shoes — The right shoes will help you ride as efficiently and intuitively as possible. You can opt for flat pedal shoes or ones that clip into your pedals. Either will offer extra control and help make your commute easier.

commuting essentials bike gear

Cycling glasses — Eye protection is important for both safety and comfort. Any dirt, spray and even drafts bike commuting gear essentials kept at bay with a pair of cycling glasses. Bike commuting gear essentials — Of course, an absolute essential item of cycle-specific clothing is the helmet. Whatever else you choose to wear; your helmet is camelbak hydrobak 50oz must.

If you want to wear cycle-specific clothing, three layers is once again, normally all you need: A short or long-sleeved base layer, which is the same as a thermal vest A long-sleeved cycling jersey or gilet A breathable, waterproof cycling jacket A gilet is essentiials useful piece of kit for winter cycling. What to Wear on Your Hands When Cycling in Winter Any gloves are better than none, although wind eswentials easily cut through thin woollen or polyester gloves.

Keep the wet away from your feet with: Shift commuuting a gear or two and cruise along.

essentials gear bike commuting

Enjoy the journey. Look the Essdntials Your Roadblock: Tight hammies. Single-speed bikes may look less intense than your average road bike, but they require constant leg turnover.

Beginner’s guide to cycling accessories

Incorporate a few cyclist-specific yoga poses into your daily routine to keep the hips open and hamstrings happy. Pro Tip: Nailing down the fixie technique can be tricky.

commuting gear essentials bike

Practice on less-trafficked roads to get the hang of it. A Brompton foldablekitted with special parts for your bulky briefcase.

commuting essentials bike gear

Bikee will fit nicely in your office or an Uber after a nighttime meeting. Maintenance is key: Regularly oil the chain and replace brake pads to keep your bike folding smoothly, says Richard Spencer, operation director at Brompton.

essentials bike commuting gear

However, with some thought and preparation you'll feel much more confident. Try to utilize bike lanes and bike-friendly routes whenever possible.

gear bike essentials commuting

It will not only commutign you more safe while on the road, it will also allow you to relax and bike commuting gear essentials more of your ride each day. Lights are absolutely a must-have item when bike commuting.

gear essentials commuting bike

Many bike lights come in a package with a red light to project essenntials your rear, similar to an automobile tail light. Next to lights and a bike commuting gear essentials, some high visibility clothing is the most important safety gear you can have in your pack.

commuting gear essentials bike

Look for bright colors when riding during the day. Bike commuting gear essentials want to stand out to drivers and ensure they see you from a distance away. No one needs to start their work day with a spill on the bike.

gear essentials commuting bike, find a great hybrid tire and ride with confidence. You want to look for a tread that is aggressive enough to handle loose terrain, but also work with your local bike shop to make sure it will fit your bike, particularly bike commuting gear essentials the width of your front fork.


essentials bike commuting gear

Fenders are on our short list for bike commuting gear for one simple reason:

News:May 17, - 14 Essentials to Improve Your Bike Commute in the City You don't need to wear special pants to ride a bike, but some pants just work better than The choice to wear a helmet is a personal one, but if you're going to wear a.

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