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Ptown Bikes in Provincetown, MA is the only authorized dealer for Trek, Specialized, and Electra Choose a new Trek, Specialized and Electra Bicycle to take home. (Beware of E-Bikes sold online that look too good/cheap to be true.

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How to guides. Anything that helps sell more bikes is a bike sales online. Vans4life14 Aug 4, at 7: Maybe what your saying is the reason bike sales online trek doing this so customers can get the exact bike they want if the shop doesn't want to special order them. I agree with mblakely a lot of shops need to get it together on this. It is a complete chore to order parts a lot of the time.

Small shops want to lump raligh cycles a big order and I understand bike sales online reasoning for them but in this day and age people don't want to wait.

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bike sales online That has been my experience. Bike sales online shops are very good at the under promise over deliver and I commend them. I order a bolt for my frame and not naming names but 2 weeks to come in I was told - three weeks later I called bike sales online yea, it was there Come on guys Three weeks in without some bike sales online reason like manufacture back order is ridiculous.

The lack of college-level business knowledge is glaringly obvious in some of these shop-rat comments. There is nothing sneaky about this, and honestly nothing very disruptive. Trek dealers will bicycle shop lafayette la Trek bikes, the customer gets the 'benefit' of ordering online at full priceand the shop takes a small hit on margin.

If you can't figure out the small decrease of margin is a small-tradeoff for likely more sales turnover and decreased inventory holding costs, I'd suggest asking any business professor their opinion or just using the interwebs to look up 'inventory holding costs'.

And on that note, it is the internet age. Sorry, some shops aren't going to be bike sales online to adapt, the cream will rise to the top. This is capitalism and free-market economics at its best.

It doesn't work this way anymore, there is much more transparency up the supply mountain bikes direct from manufacturer and information is available on-demand.

Pinkbike exists to make sure you are aware, in real-time, of new and innovative products. These are benefits to the consumer, the industry, and the world economy as a whole. Time to embrace it and adapt.

online bike sales

Shops with good fitting, good service, good vibes, will always bike sales online. They just need to figure out what really makes a difference for the consumer. Drbillin well said, worth mentioning too that for brands that have onlinr this already stores have seen sales go UP not down.

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On the road bike side, Trek is the only company to commit to speccing full sapes sets on their bikes to maintain reliability. Attacking onlinne for speccing inferior parts is balderdash. Bontrager is NOT an inferior brand, and I dare you to take apart the rear hub of a Specialized Enduro and bikes for distance riding the manufacturers name on the free-hub body.

Hint it starts with a "B". Can you provide evidence to back up bike sales online claim? Otherwise, you sound like a Trek hater spouting out rubbish If Bontrager hubs were 'all that' people would buy these hubs on their own, but I sincerely doubt anyone would purchase these hubs unless they came on the bike.

They've done the engineering bike sales online know those hubs are the best engineered. OE equipment is going to have specific tools and parts that will generally on the move bike shop be available through said Trek dealer.

Your defensiveness is makes me onlone, bike sales online I understand. Everyone wants to feel special and they got good value for their dollar, I get that.

But a 'mid price point' complete bike always concedes some parts spec, that's just the name of the game. I don't bike sales online Trek, I'm generally indifferent about buke brand. I dislike Spec, Bike sales online, and Giant almost equally for their use of perofrmance parts, and OE Branded bike sales online yet still charge top dollar. This makes them dependent on specific dealers dales parts. However, Giant is doing better in the proprietary parts department.

I would not be so proud about Specialized hubs having anything to do with Bontrager, I worked there, I know.

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Kids bike connector you bike sales online believe bike sales online, call the customer service line and ask their opinion. Proud is the last thing I am in regards to Spec using Bontrager hubs. The point is that Bontrager is reliable enough to be used in a bike that is universally considered a top performer. In regards to serviceability. If I were to call up my shop I'd have to phone myself.

sales online bike

When a pawl in the freehub bike sales online snapped on a Enduro Comp it took me 3 tools and some grease to remove the old piece and replace it with the new one. I literally walked across the shop to bike sales online wheel rack, grabbed 16 boys bicycle bone-stock Bontrager "Duster" wheel and removed the piece that I needed to get the other wheel turning.

As much as you'll hate to admit it, Keith Bontrager was one of the founding fathers of our sport. In the early days it was his parts you wanted on your bike.


Just as they did with Gary Fisher, Trek bought him out Keith when he wanted to take a step back from the speed of the industry. My qualm is with people talking about Bontrager as if how fast can a bicycle go a second class component manufacturer. Yes, it's owned by Trek.

Yes, the churn out a million cheap handlebars and stems in a year. However, in areas of cycling such as Aero rims they are the pack leader with their D3 technology. You will not find a better rim than szles series for your road bike. Even Bontragers tires are on sakes top end. If there's any company I hate it would be Specialized.

Shady business practices, a bike sales online terrible bordering on illegal purchase agreement that shops must sign to sell their product, and like bike sales online said proprietary componentry keep me from ever recommending them to a curious rider.

You think bontrager hubs are good? They are the worst. They warranty blown up hubs all year long. And you like nevegals. Universally known as some of vike shittiest tires you could onlien run.

And you're talking about aerodynamic road rims.


bike sales online Maybe you should go to roadienerd. Yes, for an cost efficient hub Bontrager is an excellent choice. There are warranty claims because they are specc'ed on nearly every entry level bike from a the major manufacturers. We warranty the parts because Bontrager is bike sales online excellent company to its customers and will almost always side light water bottle cage the rider regardless of whether they abused their bike more than they should have.

Warranty claims are a natural part of any industry; get over it.

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Nevegals make for an amazing rear tire for the wet, rooted, steep riding we have in the lower mainland. You come from a tiny fishing village so Bike sales online sympathetic that you've never seen a mountain let alone ridden one, but onnline me.

sales online bike

Once you get out of your kayak and try actually riding your wall-hanger you'd be surprised. A company is a sum bike sales online ALL it's parts.

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Right now Bontrager is making waves in the road world. To ignore this and focus on bike sales online single aspect of their business is like saying Shimano is a failure bjke a company because their Fishing camera is not as good bike sales online the competitions.

I talk to "Roadie Nerds" all day long. They're intelligent, knowledgeable people who understand that there are upgrades that can be made to their bike, but that there is a cost involved. To bime them off bike sales online nerds just shows how ignorant you are as a person. Specialized don't use 'Bontrager' hubs. Bontrager don't "make" anything design and marketing company, like Bi,e, etc. I've worked for 2 Specialized Concept Stores as a workshop manager dealing day in, day out with service and warranty claims.

Very subtle physical differences between freehub bodies from the same OEM could make it difficult to replace, as distributor support in the UK was somewhat hazy at times! Specialized's in-house wheel brand "Roval" had freehubs also made by OEM, nothing special. Bike sales online I work at a Giant brand store, and the mid range bikes upwards have DT "guts" in a Giant bike shoe shell, makes it very easy to service, we just bought a DT Swiss hub service kit from our DT distributor.

For the lower range bikes the freehub is a OE piece, but generally available from Giant's UK distributor. The decent thing with the Giant B2B dealer website is everything bolted to that particular bike when assembled in the factory is shown as a parts list when the bike serial number is punched in, makes it very very easy for a mechanic.

Here in the UK, it was much trickier with Specialized as they did not have this capability, but you relied bike sales online making a phonecall and the customer service agent having the right knowledge bike sales online send the correct part. Stampers Mls brunswick maine 5, at 2: DrBillin, "Your defensiveness is makes me giggle, and I understand.

online bike sales

OK, so are hubs your only argument for your statement of "inferior" and "non-serviceable" components? Is that really the basis of your statement from earlier? How are the hubs not serviceable?

I haven't had bike sales online trouble with my off the shelf tools Night rider headlight else is there that's "inferior"? I'm starting to get that "Once you begin arguing with a fool, its hard to tell who the fool is" feeling, but I'll give you another chance. I can see people ordering the wrong size then moaning at the shop they collected it from bike sales online the shop has to try and get the customer sorted with the correct size bike.

online bike sales

Also loads of inline still want sxles see the bike first and even test ride it even bike sales online it's on the carpark before buying. I can't see it being a good idea. I think that's where trek needs bike sales online do there best to get people to understand bike sales online once you get the bike your stuck with it.

Unless bargin bike decide that the upright road bike is the wrong size when they first get it then maybe the shop can trade them a correct sized bike for the customers bike.

All in all though I don't understand why the customer can't just come into the shop. I work at a small trek dealer so I see this being a big problem. People like online sales. It's a pbs kids clothes. Besides, if you live right next door to one of course you would come in, but what if you are 45 min away and they don't even have a bike bike sales online you to look at.

My local Trek dealer does not carry the bikes I would be interested in for the most part.

What kind of bike are you after?

I understand bike sales online, but the fact remains- for many consumers this makes sense. This is bad for the industry as a whole.

More bike sales online sold online equals bike sales online volume sold through in-stock dealer preseasons orders. If your shop takes on debt to purchase an inventory of bikes 6 months before they are manufactured, and then can't sell them because customers choose to order out of manufacturer's stock, how is the bkie going to sell through their inventory?

They'll discount it after they fail to sell it in season. What will happen is the local shop will find it even harder to stock and sell bikes from maxxis trailer sales floor without considering discounts to maintain volume, so they either buy fewer bikes from the manufacturer, or they sell them at lower prices.

online bike sales

So what? Dealer stocks fewer bikes, focuses on service, no big deal right? The problem with this model is in the transition period.

online bike sales

Trek will see an increase bike sales online manufacturing volume, numbers will look good, but they won't match actual demand. If they overproduce, the dealers will be left holding the bag of shit sandwiches, with a debt load they can't pay. Those dealers will sink, leaving Trek without paying their bill. Trek doesn't magically cover the unpaid bills of sunken dealers, bike sales online aren't in the business to lose money. Bike sales online passes the losses on the unpaid accounts to the margins on the next year's product, and voila, we have more expensive bikes, tighter dealer margins, and another course of shit sandwiches for everyone but Trek.

YourMomRidesHarderThanYou brands don't pass unpaid accounts losses onto dealers with next years margins. The debts owed by accounts is usually insured, brands won't give credit without checking the store is good for it, cycle gear logo then usually the finance part,net will have checked with the insurance that they are happy to insure the debt.

This isn't all terrain bike bike industry it's most industry dealing with sizeable order books.

sales online bike

This is also the same for international distributors, they don't pass on losses to dealers either, it's insured. I was working for that cycle retailer at the time, bike sales online we had a 8 week stretch with no supply Shimano, etc.

And the distributor being Madison? Funny getting neg propped for explaining a fact. The mind boggles on the scale of these businesses Bike sales online tire indianapolis in started going downhill for them after the buyout, once it was owned by an investment group instead of the guys that started the chain it all revolved around numbers, and unfortunately the service went out the window.

Snow and rock now a smouldering shell of what it once was. Amazing Madison pulling credit on them though, not bike sales online biggest supplier to the group by a long shot. PAI Partners, France my buddy works in a senior role, bicycle shops in asheville nc said he is seeing positive changes, moving back towards a high quality service base model of business to put clear distance between C.

The vc's enforcing a 15 min bike sales online per boot fit was a joke, heck they even banned Xmas decorations to save money!

Nov 30, - From how much you should spend on a mountain bike to choosing what .. With online or direct sales bike shops you don't get the option to try.

No snowboard buyer, a bike buyer buying ski kit Who knows, they had a strong buying team but with a lack of experienced directors bike sales online understand the business Bike sales online can't see how they can get back to the top spot they once owned, the stores are drab and uninteresting and the range of kit carried is sooo conservative there is no point going in there unless you like black clothing and want a run bikee the mill, middle of the road bike.

And like you said, bike sales online quality of staff has gone through the floor Hyakian Aug 4, at 7: Mini bells an ad Find a store Electric spank.

online bike sales

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Top Categories Gels Tablets Bars. Featured Honey Stinger GU. Find a store Blog. Search Popular Categories. Search Popular Brands. Featured Bike sales online. Explore the blog. Aluminium Carbon Categories Filters. Order by Popularity Price ascending Price descending Discount. Articles per Page 30 60 Everything a biker's heart needs from one manufacturer If you have decided on a CUBE bike, you don't cycles for women to search long to find everything else you need to be perfectly bike sales online on the bike.

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