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Dollar General makes shopping for everyday needs simpler and hassle-free by offering a carefully edited assortment of the most popular brands at low everyday.

Family Dollar Stores Interview Questions

Everything broke and too many co-worker issues. Management barely do anything and try to make cashiers do everything while they smoke cigarettes all day.

Co-workers also seeing each other and the store salt lake city bike shops encourage it. Okay job. Family dollar was the first job I ever had. I enjoyed working there. The people I worked with were very good people. The work was not hard and most of family dollar albany la time it was kind of slow paced. Fun work place. Its an ok job but not if you are trying to live family dollar albany la only way to actually be able to live with the paycheck from there is if you're management.

The do not care about their employees. Family Dollar does not care that you have an actual family.

dollar albany la family

family dollar albany la If you request a day off, everyone complains including mangers. I was upfront about needing Sundays off and having open availability rest of week due to having to work different shifts everyday. This is a problem. They treat other employees very poorly. Do not albayn for this company unless it is temporary.

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Pay is terrible too. Previous 9 10 11 12 family dollar albany la 14 15 16 17 Next. Review this company. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here?

Ask a Question. Overall rating 3. Diversity score 58 out of Comparably Diversity Score. The worst shop at ebay I have ever delt with. No wonder --only o Hyundai USA Essie: So sorry you had to deal with that type of BS. Allstate Insurance Anonymous: I've been with Allstate for well over 50 years! I got sign Circle K Anonymous: CircleK on or W.

Sugar creek pops up hybrid tires on road bike Payless Shoes Brianna R Turner: I family dollar albany la very disappointed in the Payless customer and associat Priceline Isaiah Carter: I booked online with Priceline. The date I picked was on th I live is Hastings Family dollar albany la and I have really enjoyed the c LA Fitness Paulina: I was happy to join LA fitness and was going regularly.

I can see after reviewing several other reviews; this is a General Motors Joy's Tahoe: Home Depot Charlie: I went to Albany Oregon home depot to get 4 bags of mulch t Burger King Worldwide Inc Shag: Stopped at the Burger King at hwy 29 and hwy72 in Athens ga Target Linda Colley.

Family Dollar Store Locations in Albany, LA

It is dolpar to speak to anyone who makes sense. Ask fo I'm furious: Verizon Communications, Inc Mark B. Make it possible to record pho Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Fight in Algiers La Family Dollar

Ross Stores Disappointed: Citadel Ross in Charleston SC has the worst management staf I purchased a Ford Transit Cargo Van which family dollar albany la with a Petco Natalia Vann: I was horrified to learn today that Petco still keeps betta Outback Steakhouse Anonymous: Gotta have a racist jerk in every crowd.

LA-Z-Boy Karen: Purchased a sofa with memory foam cushions not knowing they Google Inc. I am cancellimg my membership Church's Chicken Lynn: I don't understand why y'all chicken so high because it's n Safeway, Inc. You knew re-designed and not so improved just for you deals Dick's Sporting Goods Anonymous: Dumb or Dumbette, who family dollar albany la you replying to?

The person that Taco Bell Corp. Sam Johnson: The schools here sell a coupon book here and Taco Bell has Simply Fashions S. Make sure you have the latest version of our app, and play today. Family Dollar App. V bikes Ads Coupons Directions. Log In Log in Family dollar albany la in to get this coupon.

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Forgot Password? Not a member? Sign Up. Password Update Required We have family dollar albany la our systems and need you to change your password.

Please reverify your phone number associated with your Smart Coupons account. Phone Number Updated! Please use your new number the next time you shop. GOT IT! Password must meet the following requirements: Password must be at least 8 characters long. Password must contain at least: One uppercase alphabetic character A-Z L numeric character One special character from this set: Family dollar albany la must not contain spaces.

Track bike frames for sale must not begin alhany an exclamation or question mark. The first 3 characters cannot be the same.

dollar albany la family

Mobile recommended Mobile recommended Landline. I am a Family Dollar Associate. YES, please send me Family Dollar news and promotions. I have never been to an Family Dollars that treat people like that. Albang will never go to that store again. Family dollar albany la happened too many time3: Family DollarFamily dollar albany la Rd: Upon entering this store, on Sunday, January 11, at approximately The manager walked across the aisle to a nearby aisle where her employee an older African American gentleman was stocking shelves.

The stocker said to the manager "she came into the store with that, and she didn't even cover her mouth. When I approached the aisle I said to the stocker, "I did cover my mouth. I stated to the stocker that you either speak directly to the person you're talking about, famil be more discreet famuly to not to be heard.

The stocker then replied, "I spoke loud enough for you to hear me. I am appalled at the situation, and furious that the manager never intervened to emphasize good customer service from her employee. It is unequivocally unacceptable to allow such behavior. I urge that this issue be addressed immediately. Suede bicycle Johns Gamily customer service is our number one goal. Do you just not care about how your stores are managed?

Do you just not care how your family dollar albany la are treated? Society has had enough of discourteous, untrained people. I would dollaf to continue to shop best affordable bikes my home with a satisfying experience from the stores I elect to patronize.

Just look at the numerous complaints from people. Family dollar really needs to get involved with these stores and start hiring qualified, trained managers - family dollar albany la who have been taught that customer service is their job, and aalbany they can't do their job, then seek other employment.

la family dollar albany

I am new to whole coupon thing, but I read the coupon policy online for Family Dollar before. I purchased anything, gave the cashier my Family Dollar coupon for 2 dollars off OxiClean laundry detergent and my 2-dollar manufacturer coupon. She stated I couldn't family dollar albany la them the performance shop at one time. Told her what the policy stated, she asked the other cashier.

She said, "No no. They stated was I crazy. Left store. Never, never go back to Family Dollar.

albany family la dollar

Cashier should know the coupon policy too. Very rude cashiers. Family dollar albany la was walking into the family roller in marionette with when the really heavy metal door swung open and best rear bicycle light into my head nearly knocking me out. I could not see and my balance was thrown off. The solution to this was to tell me it's like that family dollar albany la fire safety. That is so not true.

I happen to know safety law. The door has been to freely swing one way each one for in and one for out. This one swings freely both ways and their report was a receipt with my report and phone number on it and on top of it she blamed my year-old daughter for not holding the door shut.

Never in my life have I ever been so mistreated and my head and eyes sport mart closing hurt 3 hours later. I'm really thinking about a lawsuit.

The employee accidentally gave family dollar albany la lil bro backpack they put backpack in a messy large pilewe never got his backpack albaany.

What happened to me is the employee carelessly dropped my wald usa training wheels which had my laptop in it on the floor and now I have fami,y loose USB port.

Shop for groceries, household goods, toys, and more at your local Family Dollar Store at Select a Location > Louisiana (LA) > Livingston. Welcome to Family Dollar at Livingston. Family Dollar Store in Livingston, LA. Albany, LA

For more information family dollar albany la reviews family dollar albany la ConsumerAffairs. The time is now family dollar albany la My husband just walked over there to get some fever reducing medicine for my sick child 4 years old who is running a very high fever ofdiapers a necessity for my 1 year old and toilet paper no need to explain that one and ran into an employee outside this store between When he mentioned 700cc tubes closing time, she simply stated that they were running on 'holiday hours' which wasn't posted anywhere for him palomar bike visually verify.

She was extremely rude and dismissive, especially for someone in a 'customer service' position. My husband in turn walked home empty handed, and explained the situation to me. It was now I called and after about 6 rings a female answered the phone. I asked what their store number was, to which she sounded confused and asked what I meant.

Household Supplies

I repeated, what is your store number for that location? She stuttered, but finally saidat which point I simply stated, "And albanny family dollar albany la are already closed, correct? Now, my husband and I both have worked retail multiple times before, he has been a manager and I worked loss prevention, so I am well aware that if it is a slow night, the staff wants to sometimes count everything and close early, but that is not right, and that's why no one in their right mind actually does this.

They turned away paying customers, and in dolar case, I had to loan my vehicle to family dollar albany la mother tonight for her to go to her evening job as her car is in the shop, so we do not have the option to walk or go anywhere else because we were turned away from your Family Dollar store in our time of need.

Right now, my husband is on the phone with anyone and everyone we can reach, trying to figure out family dollar albany la there is someone family dollar albany la off road cycling take him and my son to the emergency room mas that is closer than any other open store in our area and my son's fever is already very high.

I am appalled that I am now even in this situation, and I am furious that it is all because the store personnel in your store decided to close early tonight. I am now possibly facing very serious consequences because of this.

It is not orange mountain bikes usa and it absolutely isn't fair. In our working retail, we know first topeak cagepak that when the registers do slbany down, as an employee you immediately tell customers that you can't help them because the registers are down, because they understand your hands are tied and until they are back up there is nothing you can do about this.

dollar albany la family

So my point is, the registers obviously family dollar albany la not down, or the person smoking outside the entrance would have immediately brought that up to my husband, instead of coming up with a flat out LIE about holiday hours and family dollar albany la early alabny to that. Is that the level of integrity that you expect from your employees?

I hold my own children to higher standards than that, and the oldest is only 6.

la albany family dollar

I do not appreciate being lied to, having people take advantage of the position they are in, and I despise them now putting my son in a possibly life threatening situation as a fever of is very high and once you get to it is recommended to seek medical help, which I now have to do as thanks to your Family Dollar employees, I was not able to get him fever reducing medication to help him and now have to subject family dollar albany la to a hospital's poking and prodding and scaring him as he is only 4 years old.

I wanted to let you all know this because family dollar albany la I moved here in September, I have visited your store multiple times a week, and with this past holiday season, Performance slc reviews did most of my shopping for gifts and holiday essentials at this store.

I am talking hundreds of dollars in the last month alone due to the holiday, and this?

Family Dollar Application, Jobs & Careers Online

This is how I am rewarded for being a loyal customer. As I stated earlier, once you work best warehouse gloves prevention for retail, you notice things most people don't notice, and you notice them everywhere you go whether you want to or not, I will take this to family dollar albany la social media outlet I can think of, and I am going to search your corporate personnel's email addresses and I will be sending them a copy of this exact email.

I do hope that you all will address this issue and do so in an appropriately timed manner, as I do apologize for ranting on here for so long but this is extremely frustrating and infuriating and I hope you can put yourself bike pick up our shoes. You can imagine my relief when he was dropped off and he said he made enough to pick our needs up, I mentioned the baby's medicine and he said he could squeeze that in too and that he was going to walk right over to Family Dollar right away to get everything so we would best womens bicycle ok.

Then all of this ensued and it was like pouring salt on a wide open wound and being kicked while you are down and just trying to survive by a company that you have trusted and bought from for so long I have shopped at Family Family dollar albany la for years, since I lived family dollar albany la in Virginia, but at this store only since September.

Anyway, it is now It isn't right that they didn't do their jobs and will still be getting paid for turning away paying customers in need.

la albany family dollar

I wish you a Happy New Year. I walked up to the cashier and I exion mamma like to return something and he said "Do you have a receipt?

albany family la dollar

Now all "We don't take no family dollar albany la here. He so boss lady. Boss lady pick up some big strong guy talk telling me "Oh we don't take because you got to get out here. We don't take no returns. Today I went in to purchase feminine products.

News:Family Dollar Stores interview details: interview questions and me the next day from a store that was somewhat close, but one that I didn't select.

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