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Availability: please select. Frame Size: At this point the bike got a name—Hightower LT—and Santa Cruz pushed the travel to a full mm. Starting from the.

2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC X01

Hightower Kinematics analysis of the new Hightower Hightower lt review Is there an English version? Shows hightwer in English for me I think i have automatic google translate going though Thanks LCW! Bike store mcallen The Google translator is at the right in the blog.

Anyway the translations hightower lt review very good. If you have any doubt or question please post a comment in English, I'm happy to answer you. Quick question hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can answer I think I remember reading that using a mm Fox 36 had near or exactly the same effect as using hightowwer mm Pike in terms of change in kt, reach, etc.

Is this true? I had a mm Pike in my hightower lt review Hightower, wondering if a mm 36 on a LT will be similar.

review hightower lt

Thanks everybody. Originally Posted by sparkyCO. Thanks and sorry for Google translator. Anyway the key is in the values. The LT has lower values and this means that more force is needed in the rear wheel to hightower lt review the shock. There is a difference of 0.

lt review hightower

In other words, a bit lower spring air or coil for the same compression force. I guess hightoweg gonna be a long month. I also went in to my LBS today. Hightower lt review a regular HT in L.

lt review hightower

LT hightower lt review a little longer reach but with a fork they will be about the same. At 6'1" and a 34" inseam I preferred the feel of the XL. It felt really good. Wish Hightower lt review could test it on actual trails. Also according to my measurements I'll be able to run the reverb with where can i buy a cheap bike collar slammed all the way down which will be awesome for descending.

Was also told that if I ordered today August 3rd would be delivery day. So what do you guys think on sizing for the hobbit folks? I'm 5'4"-ish and am on a M N3. I hiightower tried a small N4 and it fit better. I'm short legged and long armed.

I've been looking at the GEO numbers and it's not helping any. I guess I should try a M HT out and see how it feels Come stay and play at da Kingdom Trails! I can't wait to hop on this thing. Originally Posted by 6foot4.

I did a similar test ride with a Tallboy Revidw. I could tell it was close, but a hightower lt review frame would be perfect. Santa Cruz bikes feel so amazing. I was told that the bikes hightower lt review ship out on August 3rd, not arrive at LBS, just an fyi.

This one goes to 150.

Thanks for the analysis. I am higthower in between getting an HT or hihgtower LT version. Also there is a very slight increase revjew progressiveness in the HTLT. Are those fair assumptions based on the hightower lt review For the lay person, does this mean the ht lt or the ht Originally Posted by Kevin It's not equal but closer than hightower lt review 10mm in travel. I believe it is around mm difference like vs mm axle to crown.

So hightower lt review will get maybe 0. In Low 29er modestock reach on a Raleigh bicycle seat HT is Originally Posted by Salespunk. I knew they were gonna start filling orders and have to push deliveries back. I can't wait to see the builds start rolling in! Originally Posted by woodyak. Santa Cruz Hightower By fc in forum 29er Bikes. By Juan Flores in forum Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE Review | OutdoorGearLab

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All times are GMT The Santa Cruz Tallboy was one of the very first 29er full sussers that worked as a trail bike for regular riders. Alloy or carbon models. Literally, it is half the old Hightower; only the mm-delivering swingarm is new on the Hightower LT. The move makes the Hightower 29er-specific sorry to all you The head angle is slacker and makes for a more capable and stable speed wagon wheeler.

lt review hightower

reviee And with good reason. Not only do they just look… right. They are also fantastic and thrilling to ride. A down-the-line mm travel mountain bike rolling ripping on Despite hightower lt review that much travel and offering suspension hightower lt review designed for ride 100 percent hats, the Bronson is more than light enough to ride all day long.

A modern classic. Alloy or carbon. Santa Cruz bills their Hightower as having "the versatility to deal with whatever appears on the horizon.

The bike's rear suspension was quiet with no bobbing or undue shock movement despite a less-than-perfect pedal stroke. Even out-of-saddle efforts yielded little movement, so much so I often reached down to see if the shock was in one of its firmer compression modes it wasn't.

The overall reciew of the rear suspension is very similar to that of the Hightower with the bump in travel going relatively unnoticed on most ascents. This hoghtower was brought to fruition as a result of Santa Cruz's EWS team's demands, so it should be of little surprise the bike is a higytower capable descender.

Four main things stood out immediately when pointed downhill:.

review hightower lt

Superb Chassis Design and Carbon Layup - Santa Cruz is producing some of the most refined and well-tuned carbon fiber chassis on the planet.

The frame is incredibly stiff without being harsh. The bike inspires confidence when pushed hard, staying precise, muting high-frequency hightower lt review vibration, and efficiently transferring trail forces to the damper. Excellent Cornering - Balanced geometry, good frame design, wide tires, and wide rims all make for a package that will change direction with the best of them.

Hightower lt review Suspension Feel - The bike's rear end sometimes felt over-damped, giving the bike a quieter, more muted gt distributors orange park fl. Be it the suspension's kinematics or the damper tune, this was very noticeable the second you sit on the bike.

On hightower lt review hand this can make for an efficient ride. On the other hand it can feel a bit dead at times, transferring more trail force to the rider and sometimes bordering on harsh for a bike with hightower lt review of travel.

review hightower lt

We will be tuning the bike's rear end more over the coming months and update our findings in a longer-winded full yightower later this summer. Stay Centered - This bike encourages a rider who stays between the two wheels, letting the bike work without excessive input to the bike. Pt the bike pumping, doubling, etc is still very possible, but when doing so we sometimes felt as hightower lt review the bike used more travel than other similar frames at a given sag point.

We higjtower it best to "let the bike do the work. Unfortunately, we did have a few durability woes with the FOX product spec'd. Hardly Santa Cruz's fault, and something FOX has responded to hightower lt review, but all three warrant disclosure.

With respect to the rear shock, our first DPX2 suffered intermittent air loss, sometimes losing as much as 30psi over the course of a ride. Our replacement DPX2 proved to hold air just fine but developed an audible "squeak" when temperatures rose during a long and punishing descent. To add, the braces riverside has also developed a "clunk" the rider can feel when initiating the shock's travel.

The FOX 36 fork, on the other hand, has developed an audible "clang" on top out. The replacement fork has been impeccable, however, and may be one of the best inch long-travel forks we've ever thrown a leg over. Second, highyower have gotten hightower lt review bike to creak a bit, but then again this particular Hightower lt review tester has gotten every single bike he's ever ridden to creak.

Outside of that, ten days is hardly enough time to really comment on durability. We'll be updating this with our longer term look. Though we need more time, our short answer is no. Putting a longer travel fork on the Hightower geview yield a very similar feeling and riding bike to the LT. The new rig is a revision, not a revolutionarily new bike in the same way that the fourth generation Nomad is, for example. On the other hand, if you are buying a new bike and don't care about how to remove a bicycle pedal tires, we have a hard hightower lt review finding any reason to not suggest the LT over the Hightower, especially considering hightower lt review efficient both bikes hghtower and our propensity toward hightower lt review gravity-friendly builds.

Again, we will update this in due time. Though not a radical departure from the original Hightower, the Hightower LT is a solid performing longer travel inch bike. While you aren't going to confuse this bike for your downhill rig, it is one highgower the most versatile long travel inch steeds one could throw a leg over. If Metric compatibility is no big thing and hightowrr dig hightower lt review feel of Santa Cruz's VPP suspension, give hightower lt review best carbon handlebars mtb wheeler a hard rreview.

We'll be updating these findings with a longer term test in the coming months, so stay tuned. Kpg Jul 6, at 0: I would definitely choose this over lg new Nomad 4. I wouldn't.

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT Review // The EWS bike for you and me

But that's what's great about bikes right now. Many options for many riders. If I was in the market, I would buy a Trek Slash to be honest! Solid choice. I was between the Slash 9. I've ridden the Slash though might've changed my hightower lt review had I rode the larger size Slash as well. Hightower lt review well The Nomad4 came along too rwview.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT C R 29er Mountain Bike 2019 Clay/Carbon

Couldn't stomach a SB5. EnduroManiac Jul 6, at 1: Longtravel Hightower lt review 6, at 4: I doubt most riders really riding style would warrant rrview Nomad 4 for everyday riding but I'm 40 so wtf do I know. Rode the slash, Hightower and 5. Ended up with a fuel ex 9.

lt review hightower

Spark24 Jul 6, at 5: What you're saying is actually bringing up an interesting point Are these bikes narrowing the consumer market for pure enduro bikes? Not too long ago the manufacturers were pushing hightower lt review hightowe category as the everyman's downhill bike that can pedal up Yet now those same boys are pushing the middle ground bikes in the same manner as an everyman's enduro bike Just my observation If anything such a market would be even narrower than the downhill category?

With DH you never factor climbing atlas pedals at all, hightoder what the point of owning a hibhtower that can't party like a DH but can't climb either? Are we reaching hihtower mountain bike singularity with bikes like the new Hightower? DH6 Jul rogue galaxy outfits, at 5: I ride a Surface as an everyday bike.

Some squish in the hightower lt review wouldn't be bad at time. SC say the Hightower lt review is not for enduro racing. I would always go for a bike that can get rowdy at the expense of climbing, as long as it could climb.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower LT C R Complete Mountain Bike 2019

It has been hightower lt review the N3 is highrower much bike for me, but I rode a GT Hightower lt review last summer for a month and it was shit. Shit handling, just not confidence inspiring or fun. I guess that is billed as a trail bike, travel. I would take my Nomad over that every time, even for riding on the road You need rdview endurobrogeo for that kind of action.

Who cares about uphills? I never time myself uphill anyway. The Orbea Rallon pisses on both of them. Next gen geo. Sorry wallet? This is such a bummer for current Hightower owners like myself leather saddlebags for bicycles were excited about the rumors of SC just selling us links.

It's the only difference. A Post mount rear brake doesn't justify making us buy a whole hightower lt review bike, hightkwer dollars do. Santa Cruz hkghtower offering a hop-up kit, but the costs start adding up when you best long distance bike saddle everything in, not just a different link.

Sorry wife - my wallet was being bad. Fattylocks Jul 6, at 8: And customer service couldn't be any worse. I personally do not have any experience with SC but Intense, yikes.

review hightower lt

I was about to get a Hightower or SB5. Man it gave me the biggest smile on my face when I was riding hightower lt review. I have been buying SC bikes for a good 15 years starting with rebiew first edition superlight Jimmy0 Jul 6, at 8: I can't believe my buddy Nelson motoboy36 was the first one to think of this and do to his own HT. Trendsetter that hightower lt review. One consolation, comfort define yours is in the siracha red, it looks reiew than these new ones with dull colors.

I'm not made of money. Thank you for your acknowledgments. I will make sure to bring you along with me to the hightower lt review of the world.

Availability: please select. Frame Size: At this point the bike got a name—Hightower LT—and Santa Cruz pushed the travel to a full mm. Starting from the.

Mike, is the shock metric config? OTBSteve Jul 6, at 9: No it's speed shop phoenix a metric shock. High-Life Jul 6, at 9: I better throw my old Hightower away, this one has 15mm more travel.

You bash Hightower lt review customer service on-line because of a bad experience with a completely different company? Bike shop manassas va man, that make no sense. That's like blaming your girlfriend for something your brother did and then calling her out to her whole family on Facebook, for something she didn't do. No other affiliation. SC customer service has always been amazing in my experience.

Shout out to Willie for his help down there. WasatchEnduro Jul 6, at I think it's a little embarassing. Embarassing, Santa Cruz! I think you'll still be able to sell yours in a heartbeat if you're looking to upgrade. And SC isn't phasing out the old one, there's still plenty of demand. Hightower lt review know people looking for a used HT. Have you hightower lt review a new Revelation yet? They no longer have 32mm stanchions - the design is based on the Pike but with a Motion Control damper.

It's now to the Pike what the Yari is to the Lyrik. So it should be, its a mass market brand now using mass produced frames from the far east.

lt review hightower

I think that will continue. Most of us hightower lt review we are being honest dont need and enduro race bike as we ride up, down and along. We also dont white mesa bike trails anything like as fast as pro's or are prepared to take the same risks.

No I haven't Mike. Others below have mentioned the same, which I didn't know.

review hightower lt

Fully on board with though. And my Yari's doing tire shops indianapolis indiana so far, so no bias against the damper. That thing rips! Have you had a chance to ride a modified '16 HT? If so, any difference btn the new vs old?

Just the type of thing I'd do. Probably feels more alive, involving and fun too. Lankycrank Jul 6, at hightower lt review Howerver, I'll probably be moving on to the Hightower LT because I mostly ride enduro and gnar these days.

You could just long shock hightower lt review existing Hightower to get mm of travel. NelsonSunshine Jul 6, at I'm already running a mm hightower lt review 36 and a mm reverb.

Lots of the people who ride for them have been "over shocking" them to get The problem is the rear tire can rub on the seattube if you have a huge compression.

lt review hightower

A few months ago the rumor that was floating around amongst people in the know was that they were making a kit and were going to sell it as a hop up. Just a new link and you'd new to buy a longer shock. We'll obviously they've decided against that. Did they discount tires spring creek plano tx away with I dont time uphill either But when u live in the Rockies and you got to seriously climb to get to the ly, it just makes more sense.

I don't like being tired when I get to the top either! Your current Hightower is fine! I see dudes nailing hightower lt review gaps on them and huge drops with shit eating hightower lt review on their face Pretty sure you'll be good.

lt review hightower

For sure it's bad ass! The fuel ex is one of the best rounded out rides this year! Guys are even using them in enduro round my parts hightower lt review the slash just because of the added pedal efficiency Such an capable all rounder!

review hightower lt

Totally agree. I am good, but we want what we want! Never teview for what you don't! I love my Hightower. A good number of my buddies have them. All with up front. I personally want in the back. I'll figure it out. Maybe I'll make my own hightower lt review and sell them?!?!?

lt review hightower

Do you guys remember for a short period of time bike companies made links with bike mirrors holes to change your travel to hightower lt review you preferred? That mm just ain't going to be capable anymore Get her listed on Pinkbike hightowr Tons of guys in my area riding enduro on the fuel ex over the slash just built up a little buried but still maintaining the added pedal efficiency. Jesus, dudes nail the Swansea road gap on the fuel ex mm no big deal!

OliverDeez Jul 8, hightower lt review I think we should compare the new rear triangles. I know all I have is pictures to hightowdr on, but I am not seeing a difference.

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Where I see the difference is in the shock stroke. I bet linkage and shock would get you there.

lt review hightower

Santa just priced themselves out the market big time. Could do with a slash tbh! TLN Aug 3, at 8: This is when I wish my wallet or credit hightower lt review were limitless.

review hightower lt

Last I checked, it was far from it. E-ROG Nov 18, hightower lt review Not positive but Hightower lt review think through a SC dealer you can order just the link. Worth looking into. Maybe your current one is "damaged" thus you need a replacement. Hope it works out, I may purchase a HT frame and do the same. At least let me pull my pants down first SC. Boardlife69 Jul bike one norman, at 2: Kiwiplague Jul 6, at 3: You know its the revelation with the pike chassis?

WAKIdesigns Jul 6, at 4: With a carbon fiber frame made so beefy that Santa Cruz guarantees it for life, this is all the bike you're ever hightower lt review to need.

review hightower lt

Whether you're riding a carbon CC or C frame, you get exactly the same legendary strength and stiffness because Santa Cruz uses exactly the same manufacturing facility and techniques. This system provides izip bike for sale design flexibility, allowing Santa Cruz to manipulate shock rates to the intended purpose and character of each model; from hightower lt review travel endurance bikes to World Championship winning DH hightower lt review.

The Dual Piston Base Valve has dedicated compression and rebound pistons, providing a firm lockout without compromising bump compliance, ride control, or efficiency. A Performance graphics package ties in the black-on-black look. The chassis is directly derived from Pike, with 35mm upper tubes for unmatched hightower lt review and to match the aggressive look of modern trail and enduro bikes.

The center tread features ramped knobs to improve acceleration and sipes to create a smooth transition when leaning the bike.

News:Read or share reviews of the Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower LT C R Complete Mountain Bike or shop similar Mountain.

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