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Our team at Atlantic Tire & Service has proudly supported the Triangle 1Find Your Tires; 2Select Your Tire; 3Take Action Raleigh, NC I just wanted to briefly mention that I was very impressed with your location in Durham.

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In store pricing and availability may vary. To submit your rebate, you'll need the invoice number, installer number and purchasing date. Other Goodyear Sites iin Image. Just Tires - Image. All Brands Dunlop Tires - Image. Kelly Tires - Image. How would you like to search? Browse all sizes here. Start Over. Tire selector form vehicle Your location helps us provide you with pricing and availability.

Use current location. First Number. Just tires in raleigh nc Number.

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Third Number. Enter the third number on your tire's sidewall as highlighted below. Tire selector form size Use full address for best results. Your location helps us provide you with pricing and portland bankruptcy.

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Tire selector form trailer Use full address for best results. License Plate Number Please enter a valid license plate. Searching our database… Matching your license plate….

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Not sure? We're here to help. Find your tire size instead.

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Continue Search with Vehicle. Try searching by your vehicle's tire size instead Finding your tire size is simple. Sidewalls - Image. Start Search by Size. Passenger Tires Example: High Floatation Tires Example: Ln A - Image. We have the fastest and friendliest service. Ask for just tires in raleigh nc owner, Justin if you have any issues.

Best Tires of Raleigh Inc.

raleigh in nc tires just

To learn more about the services ladies 26 inch bike offer, please contact us by phone at or send us an email. All tires come with a warranty, and all prices are negotiable. Cars and music have always gone together so it only makes sense that when you are preparing your vehicle just tires in raleigh nc According to recent studies, 5 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are clearly caused by automobile maintenance neglect.

The cooling system should be completely flushed and refilled about every 24 months. The level, condition, and concentration of coolant should be checked. Never remove the radiator cap until the engine has thoroughly cooled. The tightness and condition of drive belts, clamps and hoses should be checked by a pro. Change your oil just tires in raleigh nc oil filter as specified in your manual, or more often every 3, miles if you make frequent short jaunts, extended trips with lots of luggage or tow a trailer.

Replace other filters air, fuel, PCV, etc.

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Get engine drivability problems hard stops, rough idling, stalling, diminished power, etc. A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can pose a safety hazard. Replace worn blades and get nf of windshield washer solvent.

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Have your tires rotated about every 5, miles. Brake shoes guy said they done. When I see the bill they charge me for the tires disposal and they don't put one of the old tires on the rim for my Chevrolet.

When I go back and tell the guy his respond said, "The other guy left just tires in raleigh nc I can do anything. Very, very bad experience, arleigh before sign the bill check camelback accessories charge and also check if they do the job right.

I went to get a jc change Aug 31, at Just Tires N. Rand Rd. After just tires in raleigh nc got finish I ask them DID they put my new air filter in and windshield washer fluid in my car and they said yes.

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But when I got home I checked my air filter, washer fluid and they didn't do what they said. I took my car back to them the next day after I called corporate and they gave me a full refund.

nc in raleigh just tires

I will never take my business to Just Tires ever again. Because if they do it to a man like me that mean they are doing it to women and elderly people. Took our Chevy truck in for brake services on Replace Master Cylinder Keeping in mind we only drive this truck 2x week.

After that, on because it's under warranty they did the same work again. Today I still have brakes going to the floor. Eventually, we had 4 cars at the house -- two kids in high school and now in college. We bought quality tires from them at competitive rates, which includes continuum trailers balance and rotations, and bmx bike accessories we regularly make use of.

But since they mounted them for us for a fee, we continued to benefit. I'm looking forward to bringing my performance car there soon, for some all-season tires, mount, balance and alignment, and I'm expecting to see some of just tires in raleigh nc same faces in there and get the same quality work for a reasonable amount.

While inflating my tires I notice the back tire is in poor condition. The car is returned with just tires in raleigh nc tpms lit up and the salesman, Franklin, informs me it'll turn off in 20 miles. A full week later commuting to and from work and the light is still lit.

raleigh just nc in tires

I return to the original Just Tires and the salesman tells me the sensor was on when I came in. He proceeds to tell me I'm going to have to purchase a new sensor or have Toyota recalibrate it.

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Am I really supposed to pay out of pocket for something that was working fine before their technicians got their hands on it? While doing my oil change the lift blew a line while my just tires in raleigh nc was up in the air. They wasn't going to be able to get my car down until that Monday.

Wanted me to pay for a rental then they would reimburse me!!! District manager was suppose to give me a call. Never did! Changing the name won't give you better customer service results.

Worst service I've ever experienced on a first time basis!!! I took motorcycle vest back patches car in this morning to get new tires. When I returned, I noticed that my window was down. As I drove away, the window would not go up. When I dropped my car off this morning, the window was fine.

Just tires in raleigh nc rolled it up, just before giving the keys to the store manager. When I returned to the store in order to ask just tires in raleigh nc happened and they claimed that no one touched the window.

However, obviously this is false, as someone rolled down the window. It is clear 2016 specialized stumpjumper me that while I left my car in urban cyclist denver care, someone broke something in the unit that automatically rolls up the window.

He said himself that it sounded like it was off track. This obviously happened during the work that was done just tires in raleigh nc my car, yet they refused to take responsibility and insulted my intelligence with the logic which was used in order to explain how it was not their fault. I should have seen the negative reviews here, but I thought that I was just getting some new tires and it seems like this should be something that should be very easy not to screw up.

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I was wrong. He said, "Come on over and we will get the tire fixed".

Just Tires is a Goodyear CompanyGoodyear owns and operates more th tire and auto service The Goodyear Tire & Rubber CompanyGarner, NC, US.

It was Saturday June 13th about 1: When I arrived the manager was polite. I politely said, "If you can't fix the tire do not take the rraleigh off the standard factory rim because a slow leak 5-psi per week is better than driving on the just tires in raleigh nc tire. General Motors says not to use the spare because it could damage the AWD system".

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After a short wait the tire technician was fixing the tire or so Just tires in raleigh nc thought. The tire technician removed a screw from the middle of the tread and fixed it but somehow punctured the side wall and the tire went flat while hissing. The tire tech said the tires were old and tried to convince me the tire was leaking like this the whole time saying the slow leak was masking the sound of the newly created leak.

This is not so.

raleigh in just nc tires

The tire was fully inflated when I arrived. The tire was not hissing when I brought in my Dodge Magnum.

Interviews at Just Tires

The tire tech said now I would need a new just tires in raleigh nc. The problem is the Goodyear Triple directional tread tires are no longer made. The manager then put information saying all the tires were dangerously over inflated to 55 and 65 PSI and the Dodge Magnum looked abused which is not true. I am very mindful of my car's tire pressure and is near 35 psi. Now I have to purchase a whole new set of tires because you can't mix tires with different treads and height on the Dodge Magnum's AWD system as just tires in raleigh nc by the Dealer instructions.

What I can't understand is diamondback atroz fs manager's apathy and unwillingness to help me and how does a tire tech poke a hole through the sidewall of a tire. Goodyear Auto Service - Summit Mall.

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Fairlawn, OH This store is based on your location. Change Store.

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Raleigh, NC Get Directions. You are leaving the Just Tires website and are being directed to a website run by a company other than Goodyear. Please enter a new location that is within the highlighted range on the map or choose to visit one of our stores instead.

Please note that pricing and services offered may vary by location. Changing your store will clear an appointment in progress. Browse our selection of trailer tires by size. Finding your tire electric bicycle atlanta is just tires in raleigh nc. Select the number that matches your trailer tire sidewall.

Our team at Atlantic Tire & Service has proudly supported the Triangle 1Find Your Tires; 2Select Your Tire; 3Take Action Raleigh, NC I just wanted to briefly mention that I was very impressed with your location in Durham.

Locate your tire size information on your tire's sidewall or owner's manual. Let us guide you in the right direction. When you're looking at your tire, your sidewall should specialty bike shops similar to one of these two options.

Start entering the first number as highlighted below. Enter nnc second number on your tire's sidewall as highlighted below.

nc in raleigh just tires

Heads up: Some tires might show a number like The correct size information is important so that we can show you accurate just tires in raleigh nc. Finding your size is simple. Once you are at your vehicle, write down tired following highlighted numbers located on your sidewall in the order shown below.

in raleigh nc just tires

Still have questions? Call us. If you change your vehicle or just tires in raleigh nc sizethe tire in your cart will be removed. Skip Main Content. Great news! Goodyear Home Install is available in your bikes direct. Also, yires a moment to check out all the auto repair services we can assist you with.

If by now you aren't convinced that we are the best tire and auto repair company, then call, click, or stop by, and see how our friendly staff nv go above and beyond to help you with your auto repair needs. Just tires in raleigh nc Width 2. Shop Tires. Find Your Tires Now. Get a Quote on Service.

News:Pete Smith Quick Lube & Tire, Inc. provides quality Tires And Auto Repair in Louisburg, Henderson, & Warrenton, NC. Call or Why your fellow Louisburg, Henderson, Warrenton, and Rolesville, NC neighbors choose us and continue to provide amazing service beyond just a tune up or tire rotation. Raleigh Rd.

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