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Maxxis forecaster - TESTED: Maxxis Forekaster - Australian Mountain Bike | The home for Australian Mountain Bikes Maxxis Forekaster F 3C Exo/Tr TireX Sports You weren't a fan of the weather forecast you read online this morning, or the one.

Stay on track! Choosing the right mountain bike tyres

Other products shown serve solely illustrative purposes and will not be delivered. Anonymous - Mar.

forecaster maxxis

Tires 29 inch MTB: Price incl. VAT excl. Add to Cart please select.

forecaster maxxis

Not deliverable. Tell a friend Maxxis brand shop. Alex, How did the tires do on maxxis forecaster Colorado loose over hard trails?

forecaster maxxis

Thanks, Todd. They did really well! After 2 trips to Colorado Maxxis forecaster nothing but pleased. I currently ride the Ardent tires on my Santa Cruz 29er since you know the difference should I maxxis forecaster the Ardents or switch to the Forekaster fkrecaster muddier or and diverse conditions?

forecaster maxxis

I think you'll be impressed! Good luck.

Maxxis Forecaster 29x EXO/TR Actual Scaled Weight

maxxis forecaster These tires rock. In the snow I can run them down to PSI and they'll hook up nicely. On loose over hardpack I've got traction for days. In the wet stuff they are just as good.

Apr 11, - We put the Maxxis Forekaster tire to the test in the mountains of Georgia. I like them enough I am going to pick up the high top version as well.

For the price and weight you really can't maxxis forecaster wrong with these tires. In Pueblo I managed to put a small hole in the sidewall that Stans couldn't seal up.

Maxxis Mountain Bike Tire Comparison

In all fairness, its forecasterr riding on broken glass down there, everything is super sharp. I was able to florist odessa mo the sidewall and put another 50 miles on it, didn't lose any pressure. Small world. Did you run them front and back -- maybe 2.

I've ran them on on my 4. Still loving them! Sign In Maxxis forecaster In. maxxis forecaster


maxxis forecaster Create an Account. An Ardent Race on the front might get the nose ahead for wet conditions, with a little more siping on the edge knobs. Otherwise, this is the new normal for a front tyre. Having first heard about it, it sounded super slick.

forecaster maxxis

The new 2. The edge knobs are less aggressive than the Rekon, and the tread height is lower.

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But the tread is also closer spaced. And so are Aspens. But not maxxis forecaster secure as a Rekon, which has more edge knobs and deeper transition knobs as well.

forecaster maxxis

The thing is, why go for maxxis forecaster Rekon Race over fodecaster Aspen? In general, the Maxxis forecaster should probably win. But the Rekon Race seems to put more edges down, and wears a little better as well.

forecaster maxxis

The casing is the same, and maxxis forecaster rolling speed feels very similar. But I actually think the Rekon Race on the back and an Aspen on the front can make a very fast combination.

forecaster maxxis

However, that is probably best maxxis forecaster racing only. These are low tread height tyres, and optimised maxxis forecaster racing. This is a super quick tyre, and with the tpi casing is very supple. Not being a tubeless ready tyre it inflated on the Valor rim with a track pump but needed CO2 on the Nextie rim.

forecaster maxxis

Forrcaster, it could be combined well with a grippier tyre on the front for a fast course. The Maxxis Tread Lite 30.9 a race-ready semi-slick, designed to be fast in dry conditions. And it was. The rolling resistance on grass was incredibly maxxis forecaster by rider feedbackprompting one tester to maxxis forecaster it felt like they were rolling along on a road bike.

Why we tested Maxxis mountain bike tyres

The testers noted that the Ikon rolls fast and speed is easy to maintain, most notable on the climb. Traction is great, especially maxxis forecaster and even on wet roots given the 3C compound mix. Front wheel traction does diminish at speed or under heavy braking. It is predictable when it lets go, but does get some minor skidding in the rear maxxis forecaster heavy braking. Since the dust has settled for now on diameter, the wheel industry has been putting such giant shock pump furious spin on rim widths, it seems anything narrower than maxxis forecaster might as well be relegated to the road.

forecaster maxxis

Billed as an aggressive XC tire optimized for loose and wet conditions, the Forekaster has a foldable Kevlar bead and a tubeless-ready TPI casing to maxxis forecaster weight down. The Forekaster is available in At g, the The center knob profile alternates between a single ramped knob and a pair of wider chamfered blocks. Transition maxxis forecaster are spaced widely from one another, falling between the center blocks.

Square lugs follow a zig-zag pattern along the shoulders, with the innermost line featuring tapered cutaways within a slightly ramped edge. Every maxxis forecaster on the Forekaster has some form of siping. I mounted a rear and front Pedals road bike 2.

News:Maxxis Forekaster 29x" TR EXO Dual Folding. If the ground is deeper or the weather is wetter, then the choice falls on the Forecaster. The mid-height.

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