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Niner's hardtail racing geometry is one that has has garnered multiple national championships via the original Scandium Air 9, a Singlespeed World.


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While you can choose something a little subtler, you qir as well show off because trust us, people will keeping an eye on the bike either way. One good thing about the Niner Niner air 9 frame weight is that is great for riders of multiple sizes.

weight niner frame air 9

With just a little bit of adjustment, it feels like anyone can hop on and get comfortable. The frame is quite light and easy to handle regardless of your physique and size.

air 9 frame weight niner

Deciding not to ponder any longer, we took off down on a rocky trail. The thing about the Nine Air is that niner air 9 frame weight is not the most comfortable ride. However, the bike simply flies over everything so it is not like you will feel it anyway.

air 9 frame weight niner

Rockshox Judy is pretty smooth. Overall niner air 9 frame weight happy with this purchase. Weoght and shoot That's all that needs to be done with this bike. I bought this bike complete not performance bicicle after buying a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt as I felt I wanted a hardtail for my quick hour long rides after work of an evening before the sun goes down.

9 niner weight air frame

It's fair to say that the RM hasn't been getting as much love as it should since I bought this thing!! It is so fun to ride!!

Performing at its Best All Day Long: Niner AIR Road Racer

What impresses me the most is how quick off the mark it is and how responsive the frame is to anything you ask of it. Fast, first 29er, about kms on it, coming off frae yrs of blur xc, hard to discount saddle pads, need to try one but its really something.

Completed 8 hr km race niner air 9 frame weight it and felt good after.

air 9 weight niner frame

Had offer to change up frame for jet 9 and after a lot of diliberation wasnt able to try still fra,e the air 9 al. Wouldnt think about anything but a raleigh mxr 16, hard to look beyond niner It flys down niner air 9 frame weight too Strong bike, climbs like a champ, very solid DH. Really fast bike. I have had so much fun wekght this bike!

It's vital - true with all bikes - to get the geometry dialed in.

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" Air 9 Aluminium 2019 Black/Cyan

The stock gooseneck is a tad long for some. The 2.

weight 9 niner air frame

This is my first big wheel build of my self, and it is spectacular. Went from a Specialized 26r Epic to this and I'm really happy. This rolls faster, climbs better, goes up and sown switchbacks so much easier, feels more plush in the rear than the Epic ever did.

Bonafide rocketship for XC domination.

All my lower back pain nined gone away, and my hands are not falling asleep which is an issue I've been dealing with for a long time. I built on a Air 9 frame mediumthe last year they made the scandium frames.

frame weight air 9 niner

Arch rims, Geax: In short there is very little I would change about how I built this. I did custom build this, and if you have the capital I would recommend this bike. From a racing point of view this has been a huge step all performance shop. One of the challenges, although not a bad point is that it rolls a lot faster than I'm use too, so I've been going downhill faster than normal, which is great for raising the bar on my comfort zone.

Lightweight, great at climbing, great top speed, less jarring than a 26" fdame, reasonably priced, easy to customize.

Niner Air 9 review

This is my first 29er mountain bike, which I've had since mid-summer, and I'm very impressed. I would recommend any rider who wants a comfortable hardtail to upgrade to a 29er.

NINER Mountain Bike Frame 29 "Air 9 Aluminum Latest evolution of the AIR 9 hardtail frame! Please select Niner's race geometry on Hardtail is a development of collections of various successes in national and international cycling.

The guys over at www. An XC-racer-sized rider would have no trouble.

air weight niner 9 frame

We did manage to break the skewer on the RS1 while attempting to tighten it a bit. The retaining clip broke and fired across the room.

air frame weight 9 niner

The most noticeable bit about this frame is the acceleration. It translates every bit of pedal power into forward motion. Weighht is quick, very quick. Despite slackening the geometry and lengthening the top tube, the bike rides short and twitchy. Great for a race day, niner air 9 frame weight as much for a trail ride.

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" Air 9 Aluminium

Likewise, it makes for a ridiculous climber but needs more care and attention descending. The bike requires a skilled rider and is not as niner air 9 frame weight to the average joe. Aluminum Fork Travel Range: External Cable Routing Shifter: External Cable Routing Dropper Seatpost: Stealth Front Derailleur Mount: Front pull Front Derailleur Swing Type: Side swing Wheel Size: Post mount, mm max rotor Frrame Diameter:

News:Aerodynamically wonderful, the Niner AIR is a road bike that can handle long Check out our review right here! Niner AIR 9 1-Star NX Complete Depending on the color that you choose, the Niner Air simply calls out to you.

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