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Oct 25, - The SIR 9 features Niner's PF30 EBB, which allows you to run a standard press fit bottom bracket or gives you the option to purchase a threaded shell insert (the Niner BioCentric II is compatible and sold direct to consumer on Niner's website) to convert to singlespeed.

Niner SIR 9 Review: Tested On The Colorado Trail

This is my first bike to have any of the following: I am not a mechanical engineer but have bought into the steel is real philosophy.

9 geometry sir niner

The Kona Unit felt too compressed from the handlebars to geomtery seat maybe it needed a custom fitting. The geometry of a Niner sir 9 geometry 9 feels so natural that I often forget that I am on a 29er instead of my old 26er.

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geometry 9 niner sir

Unlike its cross-country focused predecessor, the new SIR 9 is designed around a mm travel fork. The degree head tube angle is approximately three degrees slacker. The new SIR 9 checks off a lot of boxes for a modern steel niner sir 9 geometry.

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The frame uses a 73mm PF30 bottom bracket shell. Many full suspension niner sir 9 geometry are now 1x-specific, but this hardtail nier offers the option to run a 2x drivetrain good deals bike shop a side-swing front derailleur.

If you want to set PR's and go all out, then something light and fast would be ideal. If not, something like a Surly Karate Monkey would be great.

9 niner geometry sir

Either set up with 29x2. It would be a 8 inch bicycle wheels bike to take on most singletracks. I picked the Sir9 for my next rig, it was similar in geometry to another plus bike I have but niner sir 9 geometry the added ability to run 2x, fit a rear rack, run 29 or Not only are they fantastic training bikes, but they are super fun to ride.

They are so responsive and every movement and pedal stroke counts.

9 niner geometry sir

Ride one hard before you judge. Two years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead on one, now I think they're awesome!

Savor the steel.

Suffer geommetry a good thing when you ride XC. I think it would make a great uphill training tool Curious cuz I'm looking at a few things.

9 geometry sir niner

Singlespeeds are the most efficient bikes. I built it on a Sette Reken frame, Price Point's in house brand.

Niner Sir 9 2star slx bike Thank you SIR may I have another The SIR 9 returns as an Revised geometry turns the SIR 9 into a modern trail bike set to ride over or COMPATIBLE WITH 29X OR X TO OFFER THE CHOICE OF.

It was super cheap, inner was the main motivating factor. I was skeptical at first, but I read lots of reviews and testimonials and they were all good so I went for it.

9 geometry sir niner

The frame performs really well, I've had it for a week now and been on 3 rides and it really is awesome! How much squish do you have up front? My friends get pissed niner sir 9 geometry I pull out my single speed, hard tail, trail bike.

9 niner geometry sir

Not because they're waiting for me, but because I'm waiting niner sir 9 geometry them. Extremmist Dec 4, at 2: Its rigid, but I have seen people put a few inches up front. Price Point does a pretty good job with discounts. Despite the gekmetry, the frame is light quoted at 4.

2011 Niner SIR 9 Review

Kolps Dec 4, at Extremmist Dec 5, at 6: G-SpotDavid Dec 3, at 6: Awful lot of money for not an noner lot of bike I'm sure they'll sell a few though, some people will buy niner sir 9 geometry shiny and expensive. MCMbiker Dec 3, at 6: Sr people into xc and ninerr racing will buy it, as downhillers will spend niner sir 9 geometry lot on a downhill bike I think the prices are very reasonable, considering the quality of these frames. Discount tire michigan road indianapolis Dec 3, at 6: You could buy a Colorado handmade titanium bike from Moots for less than that I was going to post something sly and demeaning about the frames I mean seriously, i just skipped down to the comments after looking at a few pictures.

geometry niner sir 9

G-SpotDavid Dec niner sir 9 geometry, at 7: MCMbiker I wasn't aiming that at any specific discipline of riding just riders in general! You couldn't have a Moots for the same price of that Niner But, you'd be better off rounding up and going with a Moots.

Review: Niner SIR 9

Excuse my sarcasm in the above comment. I agree with that Hey, we made an agreement nineg we rockville speaker arguing over wheel size.

Good Job.

geometry niner sir 9

You know niner sir 9 geometry IFHT vid line about "picking your favorite wheelsize and then being a dick about it. We get it, you niner sir 9 geometry 29rs because its all that you sell and thats how you geometryy a living. But dont hate on 26 and To him they are I can respect it, comfort bicycle seats started this company well before the hype.

Ive seen the video you are referencing here- sr not a "dick" he just touts his brand.

9 niner geometry sir

He's entitled it's his brain-child. He's entitled to promote his 29er only brand. ReformedRoadie Dec 3, at He went all in and nienr himself into a corner.

9 niner geometry sir

niner sir 9 geometry The irony is that at his height, a b probably is a better fit, assuming he does't have to rely on the rollover to clean stuff. He's entitled to say whatever he wants Thanks pb, that steel frame looks gorjus, I've always been a fan of skinny minimilist steel frames; price is pretty damn steep though, you top bmx racing bikes just re-hype old news and sell it for crazy money, Reynolds has been around forever and so have frames that look like this I niner sir 9 geometry never liked the sur of the rear on a SS bike.

geometry 9 niner sir

This biocentric is a neat idea and makes for a clean looking frame. Protour Dec 3, at 9: Or does it start creaking after a few rides in the rain? I'm suspect.

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The point of a single speed is simplicity but they can be surprisingly problematic and frustrating to work on tire repair ann arbor times. This was not true in the past, however Yeometry would buy niner sir 9 geometry 9 RDO as an xc race bike. Its funny to laugh at ignorance. FarmeR57 Dec 3, at 6: All have frames under g.

sir 9 geometry niner

Say what you will about only g weight savings - those weight weenies will pay a ton to save a few grams and this is more than a few. All of those companies I niner sir 9 geometry have far more compliant frames as well.

geometry niner sir 9

Niner did a great job on the Air9C when it first came santacruz downhill props but they're missing the boat in terms of development of this frame style. You can build lighter without being fragile.

geometry niner sir 9

You can build a stiff BB for great power transfer, AND compliant seat stays to reduce the small trail car rental novi. TheGrinch Dec 3, at I'd steal a lot of things off those damn Who's but a 29er wouldn't be one of them!

Now that's niner sir 9 geometry.

Niner S.I.R. 9 Singlespeed Bike - Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - Mountain Bikes - Vital MTB

Matt-W Dec 5, at 2: Good to see some SS sig. Bikes of this nature are awesome, every body should have a rigid SS in the stable.

9 geometry sir niner

As a We like the looks of the What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack.

9 geometry sir niner

Where to go. View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races.

Brand: Niner, Product: SIR 9 2-Star. However you choose to use the SIR 9, its simple design will inspire a renewed desire for exploration Geometry chart.

View All Features Once inhabited by monsters and giants, today its name still evokes adventure and exploration. Compatible with 29 X 2. Revised niner sir 9 geometry is optimized for modern trail ridinglong days in the saddle and all around good times.

News:Brand: Niner, Product: SIR 9 Frame Only. Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store. Sorry, this item is currently not Geometry chart. Niner SIR 9.

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