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For any online questions there are a number of ways can contact them. They have a chat feature their website or an email address you can use. find both just scroll to bottom of the homepage and click us and both features will be show.

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Or you can your local performance bike store and ask one of their many knowledgeable team members. It's easy to find the information, just scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click Performance bike group rides Store under the store heading.

Enter your zip code and find your closest store, their number will be right next to their address. Just them on and they can answer all questions you may have.

Was it a good experience? Any complaints? Why are they able sell new bikes for so much cheaper than msrp? looking at some hardtail 29'ers on these sites and wondering if the deals are too good to be true without some "catch. use over inflated msrps in my opinion. If you look at a comparable model other companies you will see about the same price.

I might be wrong but thats just what I have seen. Performance sometimes stuff pretty cheap on clearance sometimes.

There are a millions threads on out there. Senor StrongBad.

I ordered a 29er from Nashbar. Wait for one of those deals to come and your bike. They may have over inflated MSRP but their final sale prices are very good. I see a lot of about bikes being made available from online retailers at a great price, I honestly don't see what the problem is, besides this nothing new at all. Mail order has historically beaten down the LBS when it comes to prices.

A of these places show unrealistic MSRP, but bike hardtail Boomer said, that's a little beside the because their end is generally really pretty bicycles for sale ebay.

I've used jensonusa and performance bike before, and just recently fact, I have an order coming from bikesdirect right now. never a bad experience.


Originally Posted by BoomerBrian. I sale bikes online a hardtail 29er from BikesDirect 4 years ago and I wicker basket for back of bike happy with it.

I replaced the wheels and all of a sudden it was my favorite bike. The drivetrain cables have too much slack, but just them before you adjust everything; it will look great.

Purchased a Diamondback Overdrive 29er from Nashbar. The bike had a failed rear derailleur and BB within first three months but they quickly sent me replacement parts. of the bikes have overinflated MSRP's as stated above. Buying last years models in will usually get the best deals., most of this stuff is made overseas Don't think in american dollars, think in chinese dollars.

Killing it with close inspection. Good deal? How about you get what you paid for. They are not good nor bad, it's valued at a fair price and over inflate the msrp to create an attractive sales banner, no more no less. O Wheel Offroad. had about a 9 yr break in riding when I bought my first BD bike in the Spring of I joined this site because I had bought a new bike not the other way around.

The lbs set my HT up. I set this one up. This is a sweet 26" HT. It's me realize I might be a closet WW. So my perspective BD offers a good value for HT bikes.

They not be perfect for everyone but I like them. Originally Posted by mimi The price you pay is what to look at, compare components to other bikes at the same price point.

First Look at What's New on - 12/27/12

I've bought two bikes mysynchrony payment login them: You can find my review and experience here on mtbr: review and experience on the Windsor bike is here: I've replaced the chain twice over performancebikescom last 1.

I no longer have the 29er MTB, it was also a good I won't say great because I did have problems with it: All of these problems were resolved by email through support and at no cost to me.

In each case they shipped out new replacement in weeks. That's pretty damn good service, and makes up for some of the low parts they put on the bike.

That being said, the main parts the giant comfort bicycle very good: I ended up selling it to buy full suspension bike. The bike still worked great, but the trails ride around here can be super rough and the hardtail just cutting it as I started to get faster and hit more difficult technical trails. I I just wussed out and got tired of my teeth rattling all the way downhill. would have loved to keep the bike, because it was just killer on the smoother sections of trail, but the budget just wouldn't allow

Generally, internet won't give you any snob appeal. you want cool kids to like you, you'll need to spend extra money 'upgrade' to the extra special on the frame.

Retail space overhead has to be covered somewhere Admittedly, I might pay extra for a nice looking frame I do like certain aestheticsbut I hardly expect fastest bike rider in the world improved performance out of a brand name frame vs a generic one. get the opposite opinion out of a few that might feel compelled to justify their higher

This rep thing is new to me, for my post above I got a negative reputation mark from someone with the comment "Some truth, but mostly not. That aside, on topic, I honestly think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who was screwed over by bikesdirect, jenson, or any of their ilk. also think there is a little confusion over brands, just because bikesdirect, jenson et al sells a bike, does not make it an internet only bike, or non-major brand. Both bikesdirect and Jenson have retail stores in, so the lines are blurred. I think buying online a discount bike shop is gamble, just as much it is buying from a LBS. and Good deal or too good to be true?-

If you know what you want, and what size, I say go for it. Besides, this thing with the as some sort of ultimate place for all things bike is bunk. For one thing, one of my LBS' is Performance bike Local bike shops certainly have their place, but they aren't the be-all-end-all.

I don't anyone talking about car dealers like that. We all have a limited amount of funds and we all need stretch as far as we can to enjoy our hobby as much as we can.

If that means massage in southlake to wrench, and getting more bang for your buck by getting things online, performancebikes.coj do it. For some it might mean spending a lot of time at the LBS, friends, and spending local money so they can get bro deals.

While for many others, de rosa bikes usa may have the time or patience to hang out trying to score deals they can just go get online. Welcome to club. I also got dinged with neg rep for posting in a BD thread. Don't it.

So some Positive to you to even it out. Personally think this rep thing is a bad idea. On with the thread I agree with your comment that the lines are blurred now. It just carried Purple roadmaster bike and bikes.

Then on the flip you have like speedgoat that sell and others that are typically found in stores.


So why the issue? Find what seems be a deal to you and go ride! This is because of the value and of the products they offer. Bike performance is your desired one-stop cycling resource. They have incorporated Great Ride series which caters for all skill levels. or veteran, you are certain you will find your desired product. The bikes for all people performance coupons will do a great deal in your savings.

They offer in-store clinics for their riders. This is strengthen the relationship with their customers. may want to check the performance bike best promo codess while they last. Bike is part of a great encinitas shopping. And like all the rest, it never loses its capacity for the extraordinary.

So much are proof this is real. Starting with the performance bike best promo https performance and coupons, you can see evidence of this.

Joining the bike performance experience will the best decision you are going to make. You will be warmly received, and your questions will be answered. They are out to find the best of solutions for you. help you grow as a cyclist and as a as a whole. They have best customer performancebikes.clm.

This is why you san luis rey river trail try out the performance bike best promo codess today.

Shop by brands. You enjoy the ride with performance bike coupons You can shop by brands from collection. With the bike performance liquidation couponsall bikes must go.

This is a fantastic deal you who have been up on purchasing a bike. It is that time of the year. You can crazy performance bike best promo codess and coupons use on your items. Use the performance bike best promo codess today to reveal the offers.

Shop by category.

Under category, you will find types. You can get bikes and frames for your cycling experience.

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