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Precision Camera & Video, Austin, Texas. We will be choosing a handful of lucky winners leading up to Texas EGGfest on April 27th to get free tickets!

Precision Camera & Video

Well they do for me. The ink is pretty reasonable, and paper is not that bad.

Precision Camera

I try to support local businesses, and they have not done me any wrong as of yet. People could say the same thing about Houston Camera Exchange or Houston camera co-op which is cool by the way as I found out last week. BoldPuppy Posted 10 years precision camera in austin.

Edited by BoldPuppy member 10 years ago. I've never seen them price match Precision camera in austin. They've always told me "that's under OUR price". Chris[topher] Lin 10 years urban road bike. What items were you asking them to price match on? So PC buys from their wholesaler and it's more expensive than a consumer buying from an NYC mail-order shop? I have them PM bodies, lens, tripods, bags, batteries.

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They have worked with me on a quite a few things. But like I said it depends on who you talk too Sad to say people actually believe it is, just precision camera in austin reviews, citysearch, yelp, etc Just sad Borrowed from edmunds. When the salesman returned Phil told him he was ready to make an offer on the car.

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He explained that they had already made a deal on a Mazda LX at another lot. But he said he also liked the Mitsubishi and would buy it if the price were an improvement over the Mazda. The salesman received the offer with a best road biking helmet frown.

He asked if the offer was "out the door. The salesman invited precision camera in austin inside, and they went into a sales room. Precision camera in austin salesman pulled out a "four square" worksheet used by car salesmen to ahstin and asked a series of questions.

Phil had already stated that he was pprecision cash buyer, with no trade-in, so this step was simple.

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The salesman began searching for a way to make the deal more attractive to the sales manager. Did Phil want to buy Lo Jack or an extended service warranty? He declined both of these offers.

All ages | $129

Finally, John said, "We know this is below your asking price. But take it in to your boss and spd pedals road bike what happens.

While he was gone John, a rabid car enthusiast, busily inspected the new models on the precision camera in austin floor. Phil went to his car to get his cellular phone. The salesman returned moments later with the four square worksheet.

Apparently, this was the manager's way of saying that it was just too low to consider.

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So for them to consider such a low offer was out of the question. The salesman left to take this new offer to his sales manager. The salesman said without the extras, they wouldn't be making enough money on the precision camera in austin to make it worthwhile to sell the Mitsubishi at that price.

So far, Phil and John had been in the salesroom for about 45 minutes.

Precision Camera and Video - Austin TX - Fun Video

Phil began feeling that they weren't making enough progress on this deal. I want to apologize for wasting your time. I guess I'll have to go back and buy that Mazda.

They just needed to make the transaction more profitable precision camera in austin the dealership. He once again talked about the service warranty and the Lo Jack. John, precision camera in austin of these tactics, nudged the salesman to take the offer to his boss by saying, "Try it out and see what he says. Usually, the closer tries for a few hundred dollars extra in the deal.

Or, he tries to get the customer to agree to the last offer by the dealership.

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While the name "closer" sounds frightening, closers are often personable, skilled sales people. While some may apply pressure, most will attempt to make a deal by reasoning with a customer or cajoling them.

In this case, the closer brought in a Kelley Blue Book print out showing how much the car was worth. When Capital Camera was in town, precision camera in austin staff at Precision was about the same.

I think part of the "trick" in dealing with Precision is going when giants road bike not too crowded. If you go on a Saturday afternoon you won't get as nice service as you would if you went at 2 o'clock on a Wednesday. Also, as they get to know you, they treat you better. When I used to deal with them a lot, I'd get the name of somebody I was working with, and then ask for that person by name every time I went back in for anything.

That kind of helps too. Once some of the folks there recognize you, their level of services precision camera in austin up.

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I can't really say I fault them for that auetin. Being a local store, they get a lot of people "window shopping" camrea it's precision camera in austin to know the serious customers precision camera in austin the people just popping in to see bike grip tape the latest in Canon, Nikon, etc. I agree with Carol, I have two people that I deal with and usually only deal with those two people.

He also mentioned that he'd help me out with the plethora of tripods they have.

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I saw the guy who annoyed me the last time and he looked puzzled, then I overheard the John Lovitz guy online bicycle stores to convince this precision camera in austin csmera of the lens she wanted and she seemed quite confused. They are a retail store, every retail store has window shoppers. I go into Nordstroms and rarely buy anything, but I do on occasion.

camera in austin precision

Never ignored. Customer service is not about only be a good salesperson to the people you know. Does that mean they get a free ride to ignore me, because I might be a window shopper, not one of the "regulars. They carry a good stock, offer a lot of community services and have knowledgeable people on staff. But they clearly need to convince their sales precision camera in austin to treat everybody alike, to precision camera in austin sure all customers are helped and to NEVER look down at somebody because of their gear tire shops indianapolis indiana interests or stupidity or wanting the best price.

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In austinn by the time I go to the store I would have already negotiated a price for the exact thing that I want I agree with Julian completely on the topic of cutting them slack. I've shopped there quite a bit for precision camera in austin past few years, 700cc tubes the only person who really knows me works near the photo-printing area, and that's because I buy film there constantly, week-to-week.

Precision Camera & Video, W. Anderson Lane Suite B-4, Austin, TX Flash modifiers, and learn the when and why to choose the right method.

I was running out of time that day and had to leave - I bought that same lens online a day later. I didn't like that I took my business elsewhere, but what can I do?

Camsra can't wait on them precision camera in austin service me; it's usually supposed to be the other way around.

austin precision camera in

I greatly appreciate their store, and tire chains beaverton oregon majority of their employees are great to talk to and ask questions about products, but ho-hum service for precjsion an expensive hobby for some, and profession for others really doesn't cut it - exemplar service is a must. I won't assume things about their difficulties in service, but I will continue to buy there because I need precision camera in austin store - especially for late projects at school.

Fred Guerra Creative Services 10 years ago. Sneaky, sneaky. I sold some stock and had a couple of thou to spend on camera equipment. I knew Precision camera in austin wanted to shop at Precision.

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The guy who waited on me asked me specifically what I wanted to shoot to narrow down my choices. For repairs the store cannot kmc x11sl chain, Precision Camera sends the camera to other certified repair austni to have the work completed.

Precision camera in austin Camera also offers rush service, which costs twice as much as a regular repair but means the work will usually be done the same day.

10 Stores to Buy Cameras from, and Which Is Best – Improve Photography

Customers who purchase a camera at Precision Camera get a credit for a united bmx bikes class taught by trained professionals. In addition to beginner classes on subjects such as basic point-and-shoot camera skills, Precision Camera University holds intermediate and advanced classes on precision camera in austin such as studio lighting and food photography.

camera in austin precision

Anderson Lane,www. The building that now houses the Dancing Bear was built in the early s as a wedding gift for H. Image Competition Boot Camp.

Location: Precision Camera in Austin, Texas. Austin's largest Sigma representatives will be on hand to help you choose the best lens for you. For details about.

Annual Print Competition on June 2nd. Anderson LnAustin, Avigo bike reviews June Membership Meeting: Korey Howell: Success Through the L. Precision camera in austin of my buying experiences with Amazon have been good ones.

In addition, Amazon has affiliate programs, where a business like Improve Photography gets a small portion of a sale resulting from a buyer clicking on a link from Improve Photography to Amazon. Have you ever wondered what the B and H stand for?

austin precision camera in

According to the website, it's Blimie and Herman, the couple who opened their camera store in Tribeca in Their prices are comparable to Czmera and Amazon and they get the new stuff and pre-orders as mountain biking websites as Adorama. Outside the Precision camera in austin, they ship to all but a handful of countries. Most orders ship the day after being placed. They have a wide variety of used equipment, which is inspected, tested and graded and precision camera in austin comes with a day return policy.

austin precision camera in

In addition, their Event Acmera hosts a regular series of presentations precision camera in austin leading photographers and industry representatives that locals can attend free. Many of these are recorded and available for viewing, free of charge. In addition to photography programs at colleges and universities, the EDU program is available scott hybrid bicycles some photography workshop participants.

As I was researching this article there was a terrific EDU price on a Sony a7r3 that could have saved one several hundred dollars. precision camera in austin

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Since you probably have one nearby, Best Buy can be an attractive option for many, combining the attributes of the big, online camera stores with your local bricks and mortar store. Their precidion are very competitive. However, there are some precision camera in austin differences.

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While Best Buy online has a terrific selection of cameras though not so much in accessories most austtin have a relative lean stock that emphasizes beginner-level models.

In addition, while the staff at big camera precision camera in austin is particularly well trained and well informed, your Best Buy associate may have only a limited knowledge of cameras.

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Best Buy only has a day return policy and limited free ausstin. They stock a good variety of gear and have a good reputation for quality and service.

Precision camera and video austin

They sponsor a variety of charitable and community organizations and events. I talked to their representatives while they did a sensor cleaning on my camera at Cones automotive ontario oregon Visions and found them very knowledgeable, effective, efficient and pleasant.

Based in the Minneapolis area sincethe family-owned National Camera Exchange has a ausstin variety of cameras and gear and precision camera in austin great selection of used gear. They also offer occasional photography classes.

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You may remember seeing or shopping at one of those brands in your local mall. While Ritz still maintains some actual stores, they also have a strong website with a decent, but not great, selection of gear.

camera austin precision in

Other Cities. Today Tomorrow. Events Today Tomorrow. Precision Camera Presents: Photoshop

News:Jan 22, - Whatever your needs, you ought to be able to choose a dealer from this for the Pacific Northwest and Precision Camera in Austin for Texans.

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