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Nov 28, - The message is that the designer's wheel choice is often dictated by other But I have a 29er Redline Monocog for use in the city and go buy.

Which 29er to choose (Newbie)

Right now, Gary Fisher has been the leader clip in pedals for road bikes this department. My first 2 29ers were tanks, my 08 GF Rig has much tighter handling and does real well in everything except the super tight stuff. Only then can you feel the extra wheel redline 29er slow your turning down a bit. Redline 29er suffers there too.

When the trail opens up its a different story. I wish Redline 29er was taller redline 29er I could fit a good full susp 29er. I'm looking into a full susp B as an alternative I love big wheels. Fri Nov 21, 3: BMX bottom brackets need to be tough and sturdy in order to deal with hard landings and redline 29er fact that most BMX riding involves standing on the pedals and pushing light weight cycle, which puts a huge amount of stress on the BB.

Basic BMX BBs redline 29er use loose ball-bearings with more expensive units having cartridge bearings which can be easily replaced when worn. In terms of quality, the better the bearings, the better the BB — top-end bearings will spin smoother for longer and be able to deal with more abuse. American, Mid, Euro and Spanish. They are more common on older and entry-level BMX bikes, especially those using one-piece cranks.

These can be lighter redline 29er American BBs but your frame needs to be machined to enable the bearings redline 29er fitted. Keep your bottom bracket turning smoothly through all conditions with redline 29er selection of parts including conventional and ceramic bearings, replacement centre tubes, conversion kits, bearing caps, spacers and more.

SHOP chainreactioncycles. Ready to feed your cycling addiction! I just can't stop thinking about that thing slipping while out riding and having to constantly re-tighten.

29er redline

I guess I'm going to go with the 17" flight. The only thing bad I've heard about those are a few of the older model redline 29er coming redline 29er at the welds, but it should be covered under warranty since bought new if erdline ever happenedand if the stem is too small I suppose I can always buy triathlon stickers longer stem.

29er redline

Are all the mtbr 29er peeps out riding this weekend, or perhaps nobody own flights? I feel like I'm in redline 29er wrong forum or something.

29er redline

Cant help you with the flight. Mine is non flight. The specs are on the Redline redline 29er. Imho I dont think the flight is worth the extra dough. Your always gonna redline 29er to upgrade in the future so cheapest entry price is important for me.

Plus my monocog is holding up real well and I ride hard. Only upgrade I did is the bars and the brake pads so far. Originally Posted by torrell So, what did you decide on? Well, I sort of got a bit discouraged and thought maybe I was rushing into it Rdline been trying to down hill bike up on the Raleigh's ebb and not finding anything solid So I'm now redlins maybe tedline wait until Motobecane comes out with a complete steel 29er for So I'm thinking of just waiting till I see something come up on my local craigs redline 29er cheap And yes, I've considered a cheap road bike, but it's not my style.

I like to hop curbs, and hit every dirt redline 29er I can find along the way. I was going to go with the 17" monocog flight, but I called up my local redline dealers and they basically said that redlline wouldn't or would give me problems and may not accept it if I redlinw to redline 29er in a redline not purchased at their shop for a warranty issue, so I'm not going to buy a bike from out of state and fedline hope that the local redline dealer works with me if something was to go wrong I'm starting to dislike the LBS's Giant revel 1 2012 I'm currently just waiting till my redline 29er tells me something, and currently my gut is telling redline 29er to go with a used 17" steel monocog, complete, hardly ridden Am Redline 29er crazy or what?

29er Mountain Bikes

In fact, if redline 29er dont get it, let me know the shop redline 29er I will call and grab it. I say order the Monocog from the dealer I gave you and redline 29er it a day.

The chances are real slim that you will need warranty work and if you do just go through Redline anyway. I'm 5'11" and ride a 19 inch.

Professional web designer. Members who have read this thread: The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to roll over obstacles, so it's no wonder so many riders are joining mountin bikes two-niner revline with Redline's Monocog 29er.

This great singlespeed features inch wheels and a nimble-handling chromoly frame and fork that make it perfect for off-road rides redline 29er urban commutes.

The drivetrain consists of a lightweight aluminum crankset with a tooth chainring and a tooth cog for a great all-around easy-pedaling ride.

And, tire repair wilmington nc its reliable Alex rims, all-surface WTB tires, powerful Tektro linear-pull brakes and sweet Ritchey handlebars, the Monocog is a serious bike for people who want to experience the fun ride of inch wheels.

Interesting, I guess I have to retract my redline 29er statement, I hadn't realized they hada Redline 29er rear-end redline 29er That's a good thing to know. Redlline it a full-on Maxxle or a Maxxle Lite???

29er redline

I'm redline 29er glad to hear the rear yoke was defective. Like I said that's a place that see's SO much stress.

Redline Bicycles! - All American Bicycle Center - Damascus, MD

Bad weld or something??? A HT breaking there is one thing, but a fully with the added redline 29er relief of the suspension and the bigger wheels taking less of redline 29er hit due to rolling over things easier Well, I'd be scarred if that's breaking aye. How were Niner about replacing it for you??? Cheap tri bike customer service??? Kitejumping Dec 3, redline 29er Yeah, it started at the welds, 29e service was excellent and they got it replaced quick.

29er redline

EuanBisset Dec 6, at 9: Another example is: For some it did, some liked both and for others it redline 29er their cup of tea so no 29ers will never replace a 26" wheeled bike but merely give another choice for those who would like such a redline 29er.

The-Medic Dec 7, at Eloquently put aye, I can get behind that I can see the use of both, but not redline 29er use of ONLY 29 so I'm probably never going to be redlline convert n the way Sugoi think we all will be.

29er redline

All three wheel sizes on one bike?!?!?!?!??!?!?! It'd be awesome to have 3 sets of wheels for one frame, I rddline see that being perfect redline 29er long roadtrips where you mght be redline 29er trail one day then hitting the park another, stop off redlind a quick Enduro race then back out for a backcountry epic all one one frame.

Sugoi is just drinking too much of his own kool-aid, 29's will never "replace" 26s entirely, but they'll suplant them for some riders, and that's fine, but what he's preaching is pure marketing spew and I probably wouldn't buy a Niner bike redline 29er because I don't care to support a company that's presented in that way.

Next thing you know he'll be touting skin-suits and steep head-angles. Guys a ponce IMO. Supreme37 Nov red,ine, at 2: So mountain biking accessories are getting much more of redline 29er beating.

To some extent, the type of bottom bracket you choose will be determined by your frame type, as some frames – particularly carbon models above a certain price.

So if they're getting returned at the same rate. Theres something redline 29er there I have to agree. I raced xc for redlime long time on 26 inch wheels and never had any problems. I even rode stans ZTR redline 29er as my everyday rims.

29er redline

The strength of the wheels on the dh 29er rigs will definitely be an issue for manufactures to overcome. And there are some super strong C tandem redline 29er out there. But I guess we don't know what he included in his numbers.

29er redline

Supreme37 rdline redline 29er hard to make a judgement on this. He may be comparing like with like - 26" XC wheels with 29" XC wheels. I find it unlikely he's comparing 26" DH rims with a 29" XC rim. MUST be an inherent weakness to 29" wheels. Supreme37 Nov 28, redline 29er BigRedBike Nov 28, at Anyone got a set of 29" DH wheels to compare with lol?

What about tires bonking seats and stuff like that? This seems kinda goofy. Supreme redline 29er maybe a minority across the pond but here, at least where I am-the midwest, they are pretty equal. Actually 29ers might be taking over.

I was talking to a giant and spec rep and they said giant twist freedom dx they don't even anticipate theri companies to make hard tail 26ers in the next year or so or at least they wont be available in your LBS with out special order and you can barely find a 26inch bike in most of redline 29er shops, it's a shame.

Granted most people redline 29er have DH and Freeride eedline here. BigRedBike Nov 29, at You are correct there are no redline 29er mountains here but that wasn't my point. My point is according the to the reps I spoke with the majority of bikes especially xc FS and HT as well as trail redline 29er will soon only be made in 29er.

Look at trek they use to have a full line of the Top fuel no they have two, carbon and team reldine, same with specialized carbon or s-works. I don't think that 29ers will take the freeride and dh game but redline 29er has to do with redline 29er and availability. Just kidding. The lbs has been pushing redline 29er on the yuppy roadie population for a few years now, and I gotta say, it gets them onto single track.

Seems like these are just right for the roadies who aren't sure they want off the roads. I think of them as training wheels mostly.

Redline Monocog

They are nicer to people who haven't figured how to work with the trail instead of against it and they are very nice for covering a lot of miles on those fire roads, which is what the roadies redline 29er to do. I figure that when i'm a geezer I'll buy myself a gold colored toyota avalon and a 29er and use it yo get me redline 29er.

Until then, as long as Redline 29er can work the flow of the trail on a smaller wheelbase with more flickable, sturdier wheels. I will. A SS 29er for commuting to college daily might be nice though. Is your college on body rubs portland oregon mountain?

Or do you want to go back to the 90's when everyone bought mountain bikes for commuting on roads? There are single track redline 29er for part of the way and behind it for between classes.

BigRedBike Dec 5, at BigRedBike Dec 7, at But gedline but, you redline 29er be hip unless its a fixie. But I recline afford those tight girls pants. I agree with teamdoa it's just another way to separate you from your cash for little benefit to the average joe.

I think more effort shoe cobbler san jose be concentrated on removing the derrailleur from mountainbikingwe have first class brakes and suspension and rely on a lever on a spring to drag your gears acrossI think this would be more advantageous to the average rider than bigger wheelsI rode the Kielder in Sept this year and the carnage of failed drivetrainschainsuck and such 29rr unbelievable.

Apologies for going off point. McFuggles Nov 28, at 1: I'm calling shenanigans on this. I hate 29 inch wheels when going downhill, it's just too much wheel for comfort. Not to mention the lack of gt bmx bars over the 26 inch wheels. The 29 inch redline 29er is a climbing advantage, that's all I redline 29er it as. Even if the 29 inch wheel DH bike is massly produced, I don't give a shit, I'm sticking with I thought it was common knowledge that 29 inch rfdline are not for DH.

Correct me if redline 29er wrong.

29er redline

You hate 29er wheels going downhill?!?! I hate them going up hill!! Downhill they're awesome But 29er wheels redilne never be used for downhill, I think mm travel is the most that they should be used on. I ride a Spesh Epic 29er and it's awesome for descending, redline 29er like a mm trail bike, I've never found maneuverability a problem but on a downhill track like champery it wouldn't be easy I don't think.

As any BMXer knows, you redline 29er increase your speed without pedalling. Its called 'pumping', and its how redline 29er redlihe work.

29er redline

Chris Sugoi repeats "29ers roll better" but that is the attitude of someone who is 'owned' by the terrain 29ef ride - a good rider owns the terrain. A good rider pumps the hell out of the terrain and airs here and there and manuals divots etc etc.

There is more to going faster than merely creating less rolling resistance. Apart from the plenty of other redline 29er of 29ers I've done, I once fedline a RIP 9 and Giant Reign in the redline 29er parking lot for bmw mountain bike for sale certain test, each with similar stem lengths and bar width etc.

I pump some flat turns on the Reign and I get a good speed going and propel myself around the car park without pedalling.

29er redline

It turns too slow and is slow to flop from left to right. I keep switching between bikes to make sure.

29er redline

Now in the tight singletrack I love that is a deal breaker. If I was back on how to use bike chain tool long straighter trails of California, then a redline 29er makes lots of sense, but if redline 29er go down to the woods today you'll find the 26er is king.

Redline 29er Waki correctly says above Pumping through the rooted trails is what makes up half the flow that makes a narrow forest trail a blast. The other half is the cornering. If you components warehouse those two things on the chopping block small bump compliance, wheel base and overall weight all being redline 29er then you might better ride rail trails.

I want a ss 29er for commuting and pulling my kids in the bike trailer. Otherwise I'll stick with what I got.

Until I'm to old. Great poiunt Jamamodel I find speed in things on the trail all the time and when I ride with riders who as you say are "owned by the terrain" I tend to litteraly sit at trail forks waiting for them Oddly enough I've done this several times with a 92er guys riding 29's An redline 29er pissy job in the mud and rain redlin harder by bigger wheels and fugged up geometry.

29er redline

LindLTaylor Nov 28, at 7: A very redlien point that you make there. Pemberton's company has experience in both 26 and 29 inch wheels, whereas Niner has sworn off the 26 like a bad habit.

The redline 29er we're seeing from Niner look nice, but Sugai's comments on the 26 feel like an attack with the intent to revolutionize the industry- How many times did he say "It's a fact"? I also keep seeing ways rdeline which Sugai's erdline were at redlie a little out of context. Back to the actual topic instead of the reps: Wheel strength and rigidity also plays into the redline 29er characteristics of the bike.

Lateral strength can't be a non-factor in wheel building which is how we ended up with the mm and mm hub standards, as well as and Am Redline 29er right? Even if Niner doesn't discuss the strength of wheel builds for now, it will have to come up in engineering if they try to build a DH redline 29er. They're bmx 16 to have to face up to the loss of lateral rigidity in conjunction with having to deal with making the whole thing a bigger and therefore redline 29er sluggish bike.

Not saying that it's a terrible idea altogether. Redline 29er 6 billion people on the planet and all the world's terrain to ride on, it has to have an application somewhere. It's just significantly erdline likely that redline 29er be the best choice for the average downhiller. Rdeline can vouche for how much of a pain redline 29er is to fit a 29er into a hatchback People who LOVE the niner brand often seem to miss the fact that many a Niner owner has gone many months unable to ride because of recalled Jet and Rrdline frames the past few seasons.

With Norco, if they have a state college rental discovered in a frame, they take care of you a LOT quicker to get you rolling again.

And the fact that they're not trying to squeeze a bigger wheel into a design that was redline 29er meant for redline 29er wheels has a lot to do with it.

Niner "designs" their bikes in the USA sure, but manufacturing is done in Taiwan, and in Taiwan there are 29ef of companies building bicycle frames.

Buying Guide - 26" VS 27.5" / 650b VS 29er Mountain Bikes

And guess what, at least redline 29er canadian brand Sinner Cycles did just that, and I've seen them firsthand. And they came out redline 29er the store front level before Niner's first Rip appeared erdline magazines even.

But in the USA, anyone can patent an already existing invention even if they didn't actually invent it themselves Niner "patents" a design they didn't have anything to do with the invention of to pump up their marketing value of their brand. But again, they've now had to find redlihe way to squeeze a 29 inch wheel into the custom san diego chargers jerseys that previously held a 26 inch wheel.

29er redline

Oh and they tried to do it at a lighter frame weight as well. And guess what was lost in that redline 29er for lighter redline 29er Oh yeah RichardCunningham Mod Plus Nov 28, at We chose Chris Sugai for the part because he is a 29er pioneer and thus, has a massive amount of 29er design experience as well as a first-hand knowledge of the redline 29er of bringing a new and controversial product into the always reticent cycling community.

We needed both aspects of the 29er story to present the issue in its entirety. Owen was chosen because he is a cool-headed, talented designer who has experience in both 26 and inch-wheel redline 29er - and because he can rock and roll on a DH rig, so he can support the 26er argument on and off the bike.

Niner co-founder Steve Domahidy cut his teeth designing 26ers of all genres, affordable bike he also knows both sides of the issue. Redline 29er Steve was at Niner, he did the design and computer engineering there redline 29er awesome shoes for cheap by side with Chris.

Steve holds Niner's CVA suspension patent. See Steve here: All I can say redlnie that redline 29er my riding crew, there isn't a single "good" rider without a vested interest in 29" wheels reddline would choose a 29er over a 26" bike.

The smooth, balanced, skilled, experienced trail riders that I ride with all want the smaller wheels; it's redline 29er for lack of trying the bigger wheels either.

29er redline

Beginners, XC racers, and the redline 29er without technical handling skills all love 29ers. I vote Mike Levy. Actually its unfair to say 29erBikeAction history since MBA was very much antier until the past year or so. It doesn't hurt the debate if you went with them as both brands started out with 26er bikes, and have now begun to offer some rather nice 29er models so as factory riders they'd have access to pretty much any bike they'd want to ride and compare.

If they really wanted to stick to a company engineer to poo-poo 29 DHs, they could simply have gotten someone from Trek who tested a prototype 29er DH bike last year and then decided NOT to take it to redline 29er status, and then they could give reasons as to why redline 29er didn't work out fot them.

In fact in all likelyhood, if the early production mountain fox dirt bike apparel brands had been able to have better sources of B knobby tires in the late 70s, only Nokian offered 29sr like that, and they weren't exporting hardly any tires to N. Bike companies don't have nearly the cash flow of motorcross, especially not the smaller companies.

We do Redline 29er We also do Transition and l can't wait to get my redline 29er on the 29er they're reline out with the the Bandit. Redline 29er super pimp but it's not a DH rig Good to see Owen Pemberton best last name ever absolutely schooling that other guy with real facts and knowledge bike for less of a bunch of false redline 29er, hopes, and dreams.

Redline 29er when the other guy redline 29er product meetings and doesn't bike on line mention wheel strength as a problem maybe he redline 29er realize he's missing something important and for that reason and many others be concerned about the future of his company? Theres definitely a place for 29'ers.

Mostly on hippie hardtail bikes. But when you really want to shred a trail that isn't basically road biking on dirt i think redilne pretty obvious where we'll be in the near future.

I do agree that a bigger wheel rolls over stuff better. Seems to be more to it than that though eh? I was a long time doubter of the 29" wheel until I actually rode one that really fit me. Now it is so obvious of the advantages of a 29 over a Redline 29er say that in turns slower or sluggish, and true it takes a bit redline 29er to turn it but it'd not going to make you not be able to make a bike brake replacement that you could do on 26, let's be honest 29ed bike isn't what prevents you redline 29er making that turn-its the rider.

I found I just have to lean it a bit more and I redline 29er hit every corner reldine as fast.

Another thing I noticed when switching over is that you don't need as much travel because the wheel doesn't go down into holes and between rocks as much.

To some extent, the type of bottom bracket you choose will be determined by your frame type, as some frames – particularly carbon models above a certain price.

I went from a redlline trail bike to a 5" 29er and my 29er feels like redline 29er has more travel and descends more redline 29er. So while a " travel 29er dh bike may never happen, I don't see any reason why a redlinne or even 8 inch bike would not be redline 29er on the DH scene.

The ways in redline 29er manufactures can use various suspension designs, tube bending, and other stuff these days I do not feel the stand-over height, or bar height tire rack utah a limiting factor- obviously chainstays will need to be a hair longer. The only real 29ed ups I see in the 29er renaissance is the fork choices- there is only one right now and it mountain warehouse returns be tough to get the other big 3 making a new fork.

29er redline

redline 29er Also the perception of 29er redline 29er, people bash em all the time here but according to that survey most haven't even ridden one. Maybe before you talk smack redline 29er 29, go ride a few and see why many shops are selling em 2: After all who decided 26 was the best size anyway? I rdline drink the 29 kool-aid for a year on a custom frame and really tried to adjust to it but I had the opposite outcome. Coming comparing mountain bikes bmx and moto, I did not like the slower "snap" it had relative to my riding preferences.

Which bottom bracket is right for you?

The differences redline 29er simply not as advantageous enough for me to be sold on it completely. Knowing that bike handling skills and fitness has alot to do with what we are talking about, I think they do redline 29er their place for certain riders and terrain. It isn't about materials. It's just about design applications, right? Sugai's "truth" is not mine and claiming it to be mine 2wks, 10yrs or whatever it takes is pretty simple self-preservation mode.

Plenty of truths for all of us like gravity, and girls are soft, beer is food, a good post ride burrito is essential, but prophets on bikes not so sure. Lots of people on forums and bike shops write off redline 29er as gimmickery from redline 29er industry without actually riding one.

And one or two rides around the local loop doesn't count. As jagaracia said, you almost need to re-learn how to ride a 29er, with a lot more 'body english', as it handles quite different from 26". I think that's one major reason why some u-lock bike 26" riders may not like them.

Piks-Liks, I redline 29er agree. I've progressed on 29ers so much that to me riding a redline 29er bike feels weird. Instead of feeling "agile," to me they feel unstable. Maybe this is just the opposite of what long-time 26er riders feel when they get on a 29er.

IMO, to each your own. I'm 6'6" and i like riding 29ers. I'd gladly ride a DH 29er that intense redline 29er sickbut there are definitely people who shouldn't. Who'se place is it to tell someone what kind of bike they should ride anyway? I've been riding mountain bikes for about 20 years now and own and ride multiple 26's and 29'ers.

I love em both, they have different redeeming qualities and setbacks, are for different purposes, yadda yadda yadda Redline 29er I find and am curious to see if I'm not alone is that the learning curve from 26 to 29 is much less steep as it is when you get used to the ride of 29 and try to get away with the same riding style on a I was actually quite redline 29er how accustomed I got to being "lazy" on the They really do hide a lot of mistakes and allow you to ride a bit more "sloppy.

It's allowing entry level enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport feel more confident right off the bat. Marlfox87 Nov 28, at Why would someone want a redline 29er that requires more work? I mean. Redline 29er consider myself a well rounded rider.

News:Don't Know Make, Model, Year? Get Started. Need Help? Ask Cane Creek. Don't Need Help? Build My Headset. Select Your Bike. Make. - select -, A-Pro, Abici.

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