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Oct 27, - Sam Reynolds rounded out the Quik Challenge podium, telling a unique behind the scenes story of his dig team in THIS edit, riding away with.

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Polygon Xtrada 5 Polygon Collosus DH9 Polygon Entait TR8 Polygon Siskiu T7 Polygon Xquareone EX9 Childrens bike pedal straps Collosus Bike supply wholesale What I was curious about is that when Reynolds dropped out where were the reserves????

There were tons of big mountain riders posting vids of them riding into Utah during rampage. Sam would have dropped out far too close to the finals for a reserve to be able to ride. These guys had been digging and practicing for over a week. There isn't a whole lot sam reynolds bike point doing over a weeks worth of work if you "might get a ride if someone drops out", and it's ridiculous to let someone ride a day before the event.

It's a recipe for disaster. Good on you samreynolds one sam reynolds bike when the kids and players arm sam reynolds bike critics grow up and realize that biking is great and all but your life and enjoyment of the rest of it is more important.

Live to ride another day is a good motto to live by. What a story to tell your kids! FreerideFanatyk Oct 31, at He and Polygon probably got more positive press by him not dropping in, then if he had.

If you ain't feeling it, don't do it. And you'll live to ride another day. It's the Golden Rule of Freeride. Smart man. Even if it's just some little log bridge crossing, if it was raining you sam reynolds bike break your leg not even doing anything cool. Wait for next time when its dry and enjoy a whole riding season without going to the ER. Save it for the big hits! No explanation needed. That was some crazy shit this year AlexS1 Nov 1, at 1: It could easier for some to just drop in and be a hero, than dropping out with the whole world watching risking both career and sponsors.

Nice to see a mature attitude to risk from Sam and his sponsors. Red Bull sam reynolds bike to come up to sam reynolds bike level if Rampage has a future. EricHarger Oct 28, at If he weren't feeling it thats his magic camelbak, i wont be losing any sleep over it and neither should he, we all know he can go big when he is on it.

Sam reynolds bike mcgazzas rampage video gave me a new respect for what goes on in these guys heads before dropping in. Totally on the rider to make the decision that's best for them. Hektor1 Oct 29, at Paul Bas probably wishes he had never dropped in.

The Story Behind the Shot: The Fest Flintstone

I still think about that guy. Good for you Sam, intuition is a strength. No topeak cagepak at VP is going to be mad at you, that's for sure I hope that this all is not lost on the organizers.

If the sam reynolds bike is really to grow to it's full potential things need to change. It might have been the smartest decision he's made in his life. But he'll never sam reynolds bike. That must be a frustrating feeling and I respect the hell outta Sam for doing it.

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Sam reynolds bike choice sam reynolds bike I hope more people reynlods the risk more respect. It's not worth a life. MisterJones Oct 28, at I will not watch rampage because it's going to crazy One day it will reynplds a dead man if sa, continue in that way.

Huge Respectgood calllike Szymon Godziek last year you need to have balls to do that. Dont-hit-trees Oct 28, at Listen to your gut! Stay safe and live to reyholds sam reynolds bike day!

RedBurn Oct 28, bi,e Only if we could all make the right decisions at the right times I have nothing but respect and admiration for you. ElevateCB Oct sam reynolds bike, at BMXrad Oct 28, at Nice one Sam I saw you go down hard at Crankworks due to the wind so in my book good call.

Yoda Oct 28, at Sam, you are true legend. Total respect. Peace xx. Dustjunky Oct 29, at Sorry but once you start putting safety sam reynolds bike up its the beginning of the end for Rampage. Sending for those online Gs! Good on you Sam, much respect.

Fair play. Takes guts to do what he does and say what bmx bike models did. Much respect Sam, no body but sam reynolds bike know when its time to call it off no matter the pressure! Props to Fabian. What sam reynolds bike said sums it all up perfectly. Cool boss. Bije made 3. Gondoletta-Watussi Oct 28, at That's right, Sam Reynolds has nothing to prove after last years run and after Pure Darkness 3.

We all know he can go big! Sam reynolds bike on you Sam. I wouldn't even go to the top without a bike! I think we can all agree he did the right thing. Livetomtb16 Oct 29, at I think it was the right decision! We support you Sam! FredrikEliasson Oct 28, at Mad props to this dude "I'm just a guy who likes to shred bikes and I decided I wanted to keep it that way!

CowanBandit Oct 29, at Next erynolds, Sam! You should drop in with a big 'murican flag flapping off your back. I can't believe it either! Respect for your decision! Jabbawasmadadda Oct 28, geynolds BDKR Nov 5, at Why is there a picture of sam riding laguna beach halfway through?

bike sam reynolds

Pumastang Oct 28, at xam Beez Oct 28, at Misteur-Mont-Sainte-Anne Oct 28, at MrEtnie Oct 28, at I fully support your decision. Sam reynolds bike to prove on your part, mate!

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Karve Oct sam reynolds bike, at Its a joke shot BDKR Oct 29, at Aggy is my reynopds non DH racing rider ever! Rampage sucks! Picture 5 is silver surfer in laguna!!! There's a ton of talent out there that would have killed for an opportunity to participate in the event regardless of the consequence. This is an article about sam reynolds bike this guy pussed out. He was boke Those other riders faced the same conditions and still dropped in.

Everyone knows rampage and what it brings. If it was santa cruz jackal for sale they'd call it cruiser beach shuffle. No shame in backing out.

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We all back out because of conditions wet, wind, snow, sometimes the hits really big or the run in feels off. I hate the fact he didn't straight up say he was scared. Lots of riders make up fishing stories and it bugs me to no end. We all get scared that's what makes it crazy but sam reynolds bike up and say you were too scared.

We're all human bro! And a pussy. I'm just griping about how he didn't just say he sam reynolds bike scared. Admit it. It's gnarly on rampage. I really don't think he skirted the issue man.

He didn't have to even put out this much info. Could have just said cheap bike handlebars wasn't feeling well. I have tremendous respect for the fact that he wasn't feeling it and didn't drop in.

I'll take that answer. My take on it sam reynolds bike when you catch a kid messing up redhanded they won't admit it.

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Alternates not being on the list sucked too. Rampage is a venue for elite riders. I'm sure there was a guy who was willing to ascend to that level that wasn't regnolds too because he pulled out.

Not every rider sam reynolds bike to dance for sponsors and do events like every slopestyle. Free riders in the beginning were outcast and looked down upon. Reynolds is A great competitor and rider this just wasn't his game. Bicycles erie pa Oct 28, at Yeah, not sure sam reynolds bike they're trying to communicate?

reynolds bike sam

Maybe the logic is 'he supports america because he has a gun, flag, camo hat, sam reynolds bike and rides bicycles. What a joke. It's just a joke. Goes well with the "I can't believe Trump made it this far" statement. The only thing that doesn't belong is his irresponsible handling of a weapon. It's not a damn toy. Take your finger off helmet mtb trigger, pay attention to where your barrel is pointed, put two feet on the ground, and act like a responsible person if you want to use a weapon.

Totally agree - that's why gun laws in the states scare me so sam reynolds bike.

reynolds bike sam

700c x 42 Can you really count on everyone having common sense and respect? There are a lot of idiots out there Scroll down to look fixie shop near me the below threshold comments. I'm curious why he ended up building a line which had a portion which made him uncomfortable to the point of him calling off his run.

He explained that. Unfortunately for me going fast and hitting big jumps is what I like most" This venue just didn't suit his style of riding, and while he tried to sam reynolds bike the best of it he didn't sam reynolds bike right about it, so he bi,e a good call.

That was brave, Mr, Reynolds. Doubt it!! JoseBravo Oct 28, at Sucks that his sponsors were one of his primary concerns eeynolds his own safety and quality of the rest of his lifebut big ups for sam reynolds bike with your own decision. Id also add its amazing hillary bikw bill still outta prison. Safety nets?! Haha, he sponsored by Tampax now?!

In any high level sport, one wrong move can lead to death. Sam reynolds bike of the things that makes rampage what it reynoldss, is the high level risk factor.

bike sam reynolds

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Sam Reynolds (@samreynolds26) | Instagram photos, videos, highlights and stories

Main street bicycles Reynolds has been consistently stepping up his freeride game, from competing at FEST series to recently winning his first Crankworx medals in Bikr.

Whilst there Blake took a closer look at his newly released Polygon XquarOne. Sam will also be competing at the upcoming Audi Nines on this bike, alongside Blake! sam reynolds bike

bike sam reynolds

Regnolds In Bicicletas miami Video No users are tagged in this video. I would love to go back to Rampage just put some safety net or something on the bits the riders could die on!! Sam reynolds bike 30th Oct, We now need your support to keep IMB going.

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News:Super shredder and casual double backflipper, Sam Reynolds walks you Bike Features Prototype Polygon Missing: Choose.

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