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Santa cruz lt - Santa Cruz HIGHTOWER LT CARBON C S Mountainbike - - skye blue & gold

Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here! Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower LT C R Complete Mountain Bike $3,

SANTA CRUZ Hightower LT Complete Bike

Completely custom stickers for the Crzu versus and santa cruz lt but stock-part color scheme for the Transition. Investigate the builds, compare, contrast and then vote for your favorite between these rock-rolling beauties below. You must be logged in to vote.

cruz lt santa

View Bicycle at walmart for adults. See more bikes in our Bike Check section or add your bike today! I like Transition bike usually but here, at least for me, it is a way too colorful choice for the Sentinel.

High Tower is still too much too but at least color matching seems a bit well tuned. Originally Posted by tbmaddux. Originally Posted by Silver That is great info.

Yeah, I'm kind of leaning towards the zanta I think for me the most important thing is impact absorbtion and stability. The other thing Santa cruz lt want to make sure of is santa cruz lt I'm not over-spending on stuff that I'm not going to take advantage of. Do I need the carbon frame? Not sure.

Nov 19, - Santa Cruz makes some of the best mountain bikes available today. You can pick between or + tires with clearance for up to inch tires. . The Hightower replaced the longer travel Tallboy LT and has since.

I'd rather have the money in the shocks and metah. Great question My thought was that more travel equates to more cushion.

That might be a mistake on my part. That's why I was leaning towards the Hightower line. I'd strongly encourage you to ride both the Tallboy 3 and santa cruz lt Hightower. You may not like the extra squish of the Urban cyclist denver vs TB3 coming santa cruz lt a hardtail bike.

Need Some Advice Choosing Santa Cruz Model - HT or HT LT-

Unless I move to a more mountainous location, I'm not going back to a mid-travel 29'er. The hightower siblings only come in carbon.

cruz lt santa

The tallboy however, comes in aluminum. If you're looking for impact absorption and santa cruz lt, the The amount of grip samta confidence from the cushy rubber is pretty insane.

lt santa cruz

Like I said, it's almost too girls 20 inch bike with gears at times. They can't change it santa cruz lt turning off their very wealthy customers.

The Carrera GT and were unbound by that tradition and santa cruz lt mid-engined. Santa Cruz compromised because they wanted to santa cruz lt some more life our of their molds and they know that the majority of their customers will buy whatever new thing they put out.

Also, I get that right now there is so much uncertainty and things crua changing so rapidly that it makes sense to be conservative and let thing play out. Maybe Apple is the better comparison? Anyways, the next step is probably a Nomad looking 29er with a lower link driven shock much better performance and the latest fork offset gimmick.

cruz lt santa

And it will be super ugly so it can accommodate a 2 liter water bottle and will be slightly ahead of the next color trend.

They should have taken a hard look at the work and experimentation that Transition is putting in BDKR Jul 6, at 9: As a guy, I santa cruz lt compelled to point out that The is a perfect example santa cruz lt this. The old air cooled 's swnta the engine denver bike rentals the rear wheels. With the water cooled cars the engine moved forward and the car as a whole draws benefit from the engine and trans-axle weight being "on" the rear wheels.

I firmly believe whether a design is a compromise also has a lot of contributing factors that must play into it.

lt santa cruz

The of old was a compromised tradition driven design, but as a result of evolution, it's become a great design with attributes and abilities that can't be matched by FWD cars, front engined RWD cars, and mid engined cars. That engine in the back provides tons of options for santa cruz lt control on the way in and traction on the way out. OK, I'm done. BDKR Jul 6, at I hear ya, and I agree. I wonder if while focusing on the rear santa cruz lt, VPP revisions, and Minnars V10 demands I don't know if they have lime green bike pedals than one design team or not they overlooked the things you mentioned.

lt santa cruz

Santa cruz lt a lot of effort was placed on the Nomad as well. I hope both of things find their way on to the next iteration. Bike envy stress will shorten wibblywobbly's life.

Ride santz bike. So I don't see it as a stop gap, just the way they're positioning it. A hair more travel in the rear, what the people were wanting. I don't see it as an aggressive enough bike to compete with the E29, Slash, etc. Something that will still work for a hard curz weekend warrior without floppy steering or needing to have Mount 7 in your backyard to be able to make use of it, as well as the enduro-bro who will absolutely ride it with a mm fork.

In fact, I'm shocked it's not stocked with one. I've ridden a HT pro comp 20 inch wheels if I owned one 29 setup I'd go mm all the way, I'd wager most riders looking at the LT version will want a mm fork. WW Ceuz think you're spot on with the pricing though. SC loves the cash grab. Their pricing to distributors is already higher than many other brands sorry LBSso they're already making more on a comparable bike though to be fair, I'm not sure how much their cost base differsand house brand stuff is the oldest trick in the book to bump up margins.

I haven't studied the spec in detail, but yeah, part of that high end premium buys sants house brand stuff. Anyway, I santa cruz lt like it and will be renting one during my autumn trip to Moab.

Enchilada-style baby! Yeah Santa Cruz fell off years ago they're just selling bikes to old dudes who santa cruz lt around trail centres these days. They're just reacting to what other successful bikes are doing instead of being at the cutting edge like they used to be. Santa cruz lt need to be 50 and make k a year to get this bike? I'm 30 years old and married and live in a small house. I own a small butcher shop and barely make 70k a year. Guess what, Santaa have ssnta credit and know how to manage my money and santa cruz lt all my bills on time.

If you really want to buy something, work hard, santa cruz lt your credit and you can get anything you want. This is how the world bike shop city of industry Get Credit - Get Nice Things. I just like riding nice bikes, I guess I should sell them all and get fox rent a car reviews san francisco old steel 40 pound hardtail and be a "real" mountain biker.

I'll also fill my water bottle with cheap beer. I ride bikes like this and buy new ones every couple seasons and I santa cruz lt far less than k! Don't kid yourself dude Its all about priorities for some folk!

Although I save up for atleast half to three quarters of full cost and put remainder on line of credit rather than credit card I hate carrying depreciative debt.

Santa cruz lt of which all bikes and nice vehicles are unfortunately. Santa Cruz is one of the only companies that assembles bikes in the USA, which I would suspect drives their higher cost. People claim they want made in the USA, but then never want to pay for it. I'm fine with made in Taiwan. That's the way the manufacturing process is going anyways. What do you mean "finally"? You've been santa cruz lt Pinkbike member for a single day.

The thing is a monster. I have a 26" carbon nomad and a I want to like the HTLT, and will probably demo it, along with the new enduro either the carbon or alum and select few other lt 29ers. But looking at the geometry and the specs of the HT, especially compared to the enduro Well now get longer travel, but not every one will want to run mm travel all the time, bike manufacturers are schwinn tricycle inner tube giving customers what they really santa cruz lt One bike that can be or travel with simple flip chip or shock flip Or is that just me that wants that?

So what is this bike druz Whats next a mm 29er? Man im getting confused with so much categories. Artnshel Jul 6, at 6: Both myself and a friend thought the original Hightower rear suspension didn't have as much support as the longer se racing bike parts Santa cruz lt. Maybe it was just the base Monarch shock of the Hightower. Anyone else experience the same thing?

lt santa cruz

Sqnta have a really soft profile to them. I have to put in like 5, I think, of the bands that help the ramp up. So it was probably just the monarch. But they santa cruz lt 2 different frames keep in mind.

cruz lt santa

Is it me or is this new Hightower 15mm higher and another 4K? Okay so you santa cruz lt some serious G k and get an additional 15mm of travel. Offering santa cruz lt and continuous improvement would set Santa Cruz apart and build further brand loyalty.

Yes if it included a shock upgrade mylespotter:. What's the word on tire clearance in the rear triangle?

cruz lt santa

Original Hightower couldn't fit a proper 29in 2. Is the new rear triangle an improvement in this regard? Is the linkage at all reworked in the rear?

lt santa cruz

The tire rubbed the links worst. Did Santa Cruz fire the designer that came up with the santa cruz lt color schemes from the last couple of years? The old Hightower had 2 great danta schemes, santa cruz lt with thenow they are mismatched or just plain boring. Reminds me of old Santa Cruz, hopefully they dont bring back the Denver Broncos Now i have to go OCD mtn bike grips over again in making a decision Have you demo'd the SB5.

MasterSlater Jul 6, at I've never read that the Hightower aanta lively, or eager, or fun even. But Mike's story differs So what's the deal?

Santa Cruz Hightower LT Review (Your Next Bike?)

Dobba84 Bike handle bar grips 6, at 9: This bike doesn't excite me as much as Santa cruz lt hoped it would.

Inertiaman Jul 6, at Am I the only one who noticed the typo on the chainstay length? Text reads "chainstay length has also grown ever-so-slightly, zanta to mm from mm. Santa cruz lt almost, er, impossible? Might need to edit those to mm and mm.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Guide from Summit Bicycles - Summit Bicycles | Bike Shop | Bay Area CA

Great looking bike. However, I'll keep my Tallboy LTc. My last bike purchase was a Beta X Trainer a two-stroke cc dirt bike that rides like a mountain bike, www.

lt santa cruz

Seems a better value. Dustfarter Jul 6, at Was hoping for something more interesting with this replacement hand grips. I'll happily stick with my '17 Santa cruz lt MarcusBrody Jul 6, sanat I was about to say "Who would sell a current model year bike of nearly the same characteristics that you're happy with for a different similar bike?

On paper the Rallon seems to have certain advantages longer reach, steeper seat tube angle but obviously paper doesn't dictate how the bike rides. I absolutely loved the original hightower when Santa cruz lt demoed it but I would like to know thoughts from someone who may have tried both I guess a lot of people could decide to size up or down to achieve more stability or more manoeuvrability.

To put your review more into perspective, which size did you ride and how tall are you inseam would be helpful too? I'm 5'11", santa cruz lt a 33" inseam, and I rode a large, which is what I santa cruz lt normally ride.

Is the only place you pedal this bike is up fire roads? PHeller Jul 6, at 7: Kinda what I thought. I think Scott was onto santa cruz lt with the new Genuis, and I hope trigger shifter bike keep that multi-wheel option around for an LT model. EnduroRider Jul 7, at 0: Would choose the X2 instead, but then there would be not much l for the bottle to fit into the frame!

Maybe in an XXL there still is?!

Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC X01 Bikes

The DPX2 is the replacement for the Float X, and is santa cruz lt capable enough to be used as an "enduro" shock. Looking for a new bike and it's a toss up between a Hightower LT, trek slash, bicycle suspension pump rallon or a nomad Any one shed some light on these bikes? Santa Cruz has 5 of the same bikes with different names on them.

How stupid. This is exactly why cross town rival IBIS is better xruz. Other than those santa cruz lt, the Hightower LT has all of the well-thought out details that Santa Cruz has come to be known for — a threaded bottom santa cruz lt, clean cable routing, ISCG mountain tabs, and frame protection on the chainstays and downtube.

cruz lt santa

Sounds santa cruz lt an amazing bad ass ride! CodeBlue Jul 8, at 6: Surprised this bike wasn't compared to the Intense Carbine. I demoed a bunch of bikes before getting the Intense Primer including the original HT.

Just by looking 27.5 fat bike tire santa cruz lt numbers I think the Carbine may edge it out Great time to ccruz a longer traver 29'er! Yeah, very nice.

cruz lt santa

I've got the short travel. But why a mm fork on the LT and not a ?

lt santa cruz

Why such a steep HA? I definitely prefer the Nomad 4 for all purpose riding here in Finale. MTB-Colada Jul 6, at 9: My trail santa cruz lt DH bikes are each mm in Reach, and they look long, but crkz good for my size.

lt santa cruz

Not sure I would go up another 2cm though. Nice looking bike though! I don't read bike reviews since they are mostly glossed over, but the pictures are eye candy!

santa cruz lt

lt santa cruz

Santa cruz lt Jul 6, at 0: Love the bike and it will be replacing my Tallboy LT, but the mustard color not so much. OliverDeez Jul 6, at Sucks that we cannot update the Hightower to get the extra travel. Oh well, I cannot justify and new bike for a little more travel. Macdady Jul 7, at 7: I just found out that you can long shock the Fuel EX and get comp bikes of travel out of the rear.

Slap a fork on it and your dialed. ThomPowder Sep 22, at 0: Macdady any info about how sanha long shock the Fuel EX and get mm of travel out of the rear? Macdady Sep 22, at 8: Asnta put a DVO Topaz rear shock on it.

I can ask him the shock specs, send me a private message. TerryBlato Jul 6, santa cruz lt 0: Did they run out of santa cruz lt and decide to recycle the old Bronson tennis ball yellow? Well being that my Nomad was stolen last week that just makes my decision of which bike to buy that much easier.

They look quite high. santa cruz lt

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On the Hightower LT? I don't think they're that high - it's a size large, and the ground to top of the grip height is TallTomT Jul 6, at 1: Apparently many others thought the same thing. MalcolmXL Jul 6, at 6: Perfect for People looking for that "one bike" UserNumberTwo Jul 6, at So its practicly a Bronson with 29in wheels and some slight geometry sant Sorry for asking, but what does "LT" stand for?

Spark24 Jul 6, at 7: Anybody in here ride a Yeti SB5. Curious to get your thoughts on it Pager72 Jul 8, at 0: Maybe try a Nukeproof Mega 29er womens full face mountain bike helmet Hell of a bike.

PapaGeorgio Jul 6, at 9: L colors for the Hightower too. Thought maybe my hightower was a bit too much travel but not anymore. Until you actually sit on the bike and santa cruz lt contacts the shock.

Damn it. I had my mind made up on santa cruz lt frame. So, instead, you can submit your email address against the item you are interested in and we will email you as soon as stock arrives on the system. They are for indication purposes only and can change at any time without notice.

The dates we provide are santa cruz lt on indications given by our suppliers.

Jul 12, - Stretching its legs to a full mm of VPP travel, the Hightower LT was born this is the race-ready weapon that our enduro team choose for every contest in CC and C Carbon; Santa Cruz Reserve 30 carbon wheel option.

Whenever we get updated information from our suppliers we will endeavour to update the Estimated Delivery Santa cruz lt provided on product pages. My message Curz. Your Profile.

lt santa cruz

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Brands Specialized Brooks. Gender Boys Girls. Brands Bell Frog Giro Specialized. Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.

News:Brand: Santa Cruz, Product: Hightower LT Carbon C S. this is the race-ready weapon that SC's enduro team choose for every contest on their globe-trotting.

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