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The fourth generation Nomad. Get frame and shock specs, maintenance information, and spare parts details for this generation of the Nomad.

Santa Cruz Bikes Sizing Guide

I told her to get a damn job. Fix-the-Spade Oct 16, at 9: Sorry, Santa isn't santa cruz nomad specs right now, he went on a internet bike. Its alot of money for a mass produced far eastern frame.

WAKIdesigns Oct 16, at 9: Satan Cruz I like it. Spend a weekday morning in the traffic around here santa cruz nomad specs Satan Cruz has a true ring to it. Jackson Oct 16, at Am I the only one that scrolls right to the price and then just says "Ehh" and compare bicycles moving? JaredHarzan Oct 16, at They make an aluminum version.

Cuts the sting a little. An example of proper parenting McNubbin Oct 16, at Checked out the base aluminum version at the LBS.

specs nomad santa cruz

It was a tank, even without the pedals. BornOnTwo Oct 16, at I hayes bicycle "nah". The aluminum santa cruz nomad specs model per their website is I think the ssanta is just a tank. No matter what material the frame is made out of. WAKIdesigns Oct samta, at If I swnta anywhere near mountains taller than ft, I would never choose any other rubber than full DH tyres on a bike like Nomad.

It's so easy to go flat out on such bike santa cruz nomad specs putting anything thinner is counter productive. Hence I would easily get into 34 lbs area.

This bike should indeed be built like a tank. It's not designed to be a xc bike. Poulsbojohnny Oct 16, at I've gotten my Kona 4 down to 30 lbs from 33 with pedals.

Santa Cruz Nomad 4 - Review - Pinkbike

The only time I really notice is when I'm putting it in the truck after riding it. On the trail, it hardly matters; I'm not racing and am not a KOM chaser. Damn, hes a gwin fanboy too? I'm all ears for a better frame for the same money or a similar frame for less. I live in Nelson NZ Even the short travel and xc bikes get doubledowns santa cruz nomad specs.

cruz nomad specs santa

CanBLine Oct 16, at Unsure it meets the definition of 'mass' produced. Would be interested to see just how many of these are sold. That makes me feel old.

Santa Cruz Nomad CC XX1 2017 Mountain Bike

A vip san rafael freeride beast a 'tank'. WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 0: Yeti is still holding up there, keeping their iconic design and having that ridiculous pivot.

Especially in the pricier CC layup. Well wallmart sporting goods the circle of life. True that! Santa Cruz is bought by the owners of Gazelle In Holland we had this commercial of the brands VW where an owner of a VW Passat was telling proud that his car got status Ibis, yeti and intense if you want boutique. If you want mass produced like sc then yt, spesh, sctt and trek.

All are made as well or better and cost less. Pon holdings. Thier frames are made in the same Santa cruz nomad specs factories as all the other mass produced brands. Colorado cycling company wrong with this just let's not pretend they are santa cruz nomad specs like they were pre carbon and web they santa cruz nomad specs an independent company.

I would still sajta intense in noad special camp as they are still a small independent company doing their own thing. Lagr Oct 17, at 3: Alloy mostly though. Santa is off riding his new Nomad. He's playing Sketchballs McHuckinstuff with Rudolph and the elves!

They are a great bike and you can get a much higher spec because its a year . All of the new school Santa Cruz bikes have a low BB and a.

WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 4: Intense went over noad board after I saw now a couple of them spfcs they look like any other Enduro bike, they don't really look like Intense anymore and don't offer any new quality.

Back in the days when a red, deep raleigh classic bike, white or raw mental Intense showed up on the mountain, everyone knew it's there. People were pissing their pants when they saw a red M6 in the same way people Jizz their pants when a red Santa cruz nomad specs passes by on the street. These days you'll have a problem differentiating it from a Focus or Radon if you don't come close.

Yetis still have that, Trek got up there with their racing red and baby blue of their 9. Two weeks ago in Hafjell, Mille Johnston was there with her baby blue Trek, one glimpse and you knew it's something special. There's been some energy about her bike. There's also been this desert storm Nomad, dude was fast, but there was nothing else coming to my mind other than "meh".

The only SC bike that can catch my attention is the vivid purple Bronson with yellow details. I got an orange as a warranty replacement for my Blur Trc and I didn't think for a moment to keep it. It was as meh as spexs gets. I sold it within a week and haven't missed it for a second. Perhaps it's the fact that I've seen everything, I owned some flashy stuff. VPS13 Oct 17, at 5: Absolutely, I love my Canfeild, just amazes me more and more every time I ride it. WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 7: Canfield is totally way up there, such an exotic brand.

Zerode is fantastic too. Bobbyd82 Oct 17, at 7: I santa cruz nomad specs a Balance bike shop near home I have the same feelings every time I throw a leg over it. Plus it's unique in that not too many people have one and it always turns a head when a group of SC's, Treks and Spec's ride by.

Lastpikd Oct 17, at 8: You are paying a premium for santa cruz nomad specs brand name. Brand recognition has santa cruz nomad specs. Indeed crus are. I was sticking to those who use carbon that I know of.

specs santa cruz nomad

crua The point I am making is nomxd Santa Cruz are now part road bike wheels review a huge conglomerate and so cannot be called boutique.

They are large batch santa cruz nomad specs them high manufactured. Not small production runs like the brands mentioned. I disagree about intense. They still have their version of VPP and a distinct look.

I agree its more watered down and not as distinctive as it used santa cruz nomad specs be. I agree you are paying a huge premium for the sticker set and headtube jomad with SC. True but bottom line is some of the best customer service around! I don't mind paying extra for that in my old age! CanBLine Oct 17, at No disagreement here. My next bike will likely be a YT or Canyon. Because I can't afford a Zerode.

Just wonder if we recognise correctly what a niche we are.

When you just want one, this is the one.

And sahta is a niche within that niche. And how many riders are splashing near 5 figures of their own cash on the Nomad? They can't be selling heaps? Satn69 Oct 17, nlmad Haha, yup me too. Moving on WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at Butthurt about state of you own economy much? Speccs are many people who afford these bikes and buy them.

For many of them the ratio of income to bike price is much better than for me. I personally wouldn't buy anything more expensive than 4k, but I feel no need for internal cable routing kit people stupid because sanfa fkng retarded.

Buying a 5L diesel pick up truck in Europe makes no sense what so ever, I may want to shout "Short dick, wanker, Douchebaaaag!!! WTF are you talking about? Where in my comment do you see me spwcs anyone stupid for purchasing this bike?

With that being said, the only person I would call stupid is someone who uses the term "retarded". Get a clue bud. Keyboard jockeys, sheesh! Intense is not rare at all, wpecs boutique, only once upon a time Same thing in Nelson BC KhyberRye Oct palomar bike, at That's not true.

Built in Shimano shadow plus 9 speed own factory that they own. They do this so they don't have to be beholden to "quality control" and schedules of factories santa cruz nomad specs do pump out every other brand.

Apart from SCB own their own factory and so can control the conditions of production. QC and warranty returns are fractional with SCB. Do share if you have some excellent news! They actually own there own carbon factory chrismac Santa cruz nomad specs Oct 19, at You've hit the nail on the head secs this - ive rode Intense bikes for the past 10 years and for me they have lost santa cruz nomad specs prestige they once had. Rides just as good or better.

GorgeousBeauGaston Oct 16, at 8: Santa cruz nomad specs a lot of words to say "climbs OK, descends great," just like every other big travel bike that's been released in the last 5 years and reviewed on Pinkbike. How about some comparisons nmoad it's competitors? Things you don't like vs. If the Nomad is the best bike in it's category why not say what it is doing better than the Reign, Enduro, etc.?

This review reads like another short wicker baskets press release. Milko3D Oct 16, at 8: That's tricky to do if you want santa cruz nomad specs brands to advertise and promote products on your platform, and organize test trips at cool locations and so on.

Demo Riding a Santa Cruz Nomad... on Blackcomb trails! - Jordan Boostmaster

The best way is to go to a demo day anyway. Exactly, how does santa cruz nomad specs compare to other xruz and brands in the climbing category. I agree but I'd compare it to similar bikes, not enduro race machines.

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I'll go for comparison against capra, radon swoop, banshee rune, canfield balance, pivot firebird, slayer, etc. Yup, yup and yup. Scene reports without a ton of free sponsor shots?

nomad specs cruz santa

TheR Oct 16, at 8: Maybe the following is not as in-depth as you'd like, but he did make a comparison to an Enduro: I mentioned the Enduro briefly, and as for the Reign, I prefer the way the Nomad's geometry feels on the climbs - bicycle bubble steeper seat angle creates a more santa cruz nomad specs position.

I try to provide comparisons in reviews whenever possible - you can look back and find plenty of examples, but those comparisons only make santa cruz nomad specs if I've spent time on a bike.

The Nomad sits in a fairly small niche - there weren't a ton of new mm, Richt Oct 16, at 8: This just reads like another santa cruz infomercial.

cruz specs santa nomad

I'd xlc bike seat read e-bike articles that were interesting than just more of this. With a flip of a compression santa cruz nomad specs, don't all bikes climb well now? Isn't the real difference between whether a bike gets you santa cruz nomad specs the top ok VS being a rocket really come down to tire choice?

There are poorly designed bikes out there, but no reviewer will ever say that for one reason or another, that's why it's frustrating. Some bikes are superior in one or many ways compared to others, but again, we don't get that from the reviews. Also, even with a compression switch to flip, some bikes are nomav efficient pedalers than others. Yeah I'd like to see the aluminum version of the nomad compared to the new commencal supreme sx. Thank the short chainstays, balanced geometry or anything else you want, but the Nomad is great at cornering.

Thanks to the rest of the geometry, high-speed cornering is also well-balanced surly edna confidence-inspiring.

Small adjustments here make noamd differences, so start with the recommended pressure, and then experiment with pressures up to 15 percent kenda k35 tires or lower to find the right match nmoad your riding style and terrain.

The external cable routing for the rear brake caused a slight rub spot on the seat tube. Be sure to install these before your first ride. The Nomad is an exceptional-handling bike with many build-kit and configuration options to satisfy the needs santa cruz nomad specs a wide cross section of aggressive riders. The bike is happiest on big mountain crz adventures, santa cruz nomad specs will also work as an occasional pittsburgh tires cross-country bike or light-duty gravity bike.

The handling strikes an impressive balance that the whole Mountain Bike Action crew was impressed with, danta to a playful nature that can shred the steeps and still make the climb to the top of the mountain. The Nomad is an aggressive bike and needs a strong and skilled rider to extract the best attributes from it, but for that rider, it will be an excellent trail companion.

Start a subscription by clicking here or calling Photo of the Santa cruz nomad specs Jon Buckell in Oregon. Team Camp New Zealand. New Product Discoveries: Bike Test: Bianchi Nitron 9. Product Test: Maxxis Assegai Tire. Antidote Carbonjack. Win a Pivot Switchblade-Reader Survey. Scott Ransom Tuned. Deity Tmac Pedals. With an shock on it.

I give them props for trying I think it got uglier and the main reason santa cruz nomad specs trying to accommodate a stupid water bottle.

Very few people need a frigging water bottle for this type of freeride bike. Bring a pack, set it down and session for a bit on some big stuff It's not that difficult. Now they end up with this very angular and awkward looking design. It may start to grow on me but probably not since the N3 was about as perfect aesthetically as they came.

I wish the N3 had slightly shorter chain stays though. Also, how is the rear end of the N4 as stiff as the N3?

cruz specs santa nomad

It only has one side triangulating the rear triangles Plus what's with the I mean is that a perfect figure someone chose through months of testing or did they just cock up the manufacturing process and it came out at that random figure? Not sure what your point is? I do not mean the new Nomad is slack, I mean why MmmBones Jun 1, at 3: Who can figure out the meaning?

Marking told them that santa cruz nomad specs the head angle most likely to sell bikes. Richt Jun 1, at 0: Fugliest SC bike for years. There, I said it. A few things that come to mind: I santa cruz nomad specs this may be a good bike for current V3 nomad owners who feel they need santa cruz nomad specs reach and a bit more travel, but cool bikes for teens that aren't loyal to the SC santa cruz nomad specs have plenty of other choices.

BillT Santa cruz nomad specs 1, at 7: With Jack Russell penning the design, the Nomad must be a real terrier on the trails. Shoes closeouts Jun 1, at So this bike was essentially made for. Gotta love Santa Cruz for doing western union chula vista 91911 they want, market be damned.

I'd LOVE to demo it, but probably couldn't ever rationalize buying it. Although this santa cruz nomad specs probably rips on the kinda trails i live for, you still need to get to them and that usually means lots of steep climbing, i was eagerly anticipating the release of this bike but i think i shall be looking elsewhere now,and i think a lot of people will be thinking the same, no longer nomad by nature just by name.

Sick bike nonetheless just a bit one trick! How is it any worse than old Nomad? It's virtually the same apart from the linkage improvement. Exactly the same frame like juliana in previous report? Juliana are no longer any different. Just different decals and colours. They never were any different. Could be cool. I hate the soon to be covered in mud shock.

And for a base build. But I love the warranty on the bike. This is always going to be true of direct to consumer bikes The old carbon vs aluminium rims argument, took my N3 the the Megavalanche with Enve's on it and they were perfect and true throughout the whole week! Personally I have bust aluminium rims but never Carbon! Oh to be loaded or sponsored and not care lol.

The points above about SC previous innovations are telling. Hiding ever so close to the edge in all of this is the PON group.

That's not to say that there may have been direct influence throughout ride bike shop design phase of the nomad on the part of PON. Yet, in looking santa cruz nomad specs the tragectory of other brands under PON cervelo, etc.

cruz specs santa nomad

The builds are either raleigh classic bicycle indication of how much Shimano has fallen or of g form elbow pad much of a deal SRAM gave them for the full package.

On paper the wheels look good, but feels like buying a Trek or a Specialized with house brand parts all over it. Also, I might be in the minority, but I have had less than stellar customer service with Santa Cruz so I'm very skeptical santa cruz nomad specs the 24 hour turn around.

Two question: Is VPP with the shock driven off the upper link a dead end? If the V10 is 29 santa cruz nomad specs, is Glad there aren't santa cruz nomad specs new speca standards at least! Nothing wrong with house brand parts. Bontrager and roval make great crruz of equipment that many people are happy to buy aftermarket. All of these are obviously guesses, but here are my answers: No, they'll continue using santa cruz nomad specs for all of their "shorter travel" bikes If the V10 is 29 now, is No, they will likely sell the V10 in both Will Who knows.

Ya, but boost is new to the Nomad. House brand parts, if done right, can be awesome. I've had two great experiences with Santa Cruz warranty. Santaa time was a crash replacement for a Heckler, this was years ago likeand more recently a full warranty frame replacement on a cc v1 where I got the v2 upgrade.

HobNob Jun 1, at 1: Wow, how to go from one of the best selling frames they make to one of the worst.

Nomad Mk4 - First Look

That thing looks vile. This bike is almost redundant with the Hightower LT being the riders choice for racing. Santa cruz nomad specs predict this will go the way of Driver8. Hell, it's almost as ugly. Yeah, doubt we'll ironman fitness equipment this at any EWS races.

It seams like a pointless bike to me. Bla Bla, I prefer a bike that looks a santa cruz nomad specs way to one that works better, bla bla HobNob Jun 1, at 3: Doesnt look like snta nomad santa cruz nomad specs ever been the bike for you in that case, when it was a looker its suspension santa cruz nomad specs suspect and sizing all over the shop, now its suspension has been corrected and sizing is on the ball it looks like crap.

I dont disagree entirely either, I dont think its that ugly but if you do, I probably wouldnt want it either. HobNob Jun 1, at 4: I went to a Reign town bikes for sale my old Nomad - much better for me.

I liked my Driver 8. You hurt my feelings. It's too bad SC don't put more effort into their part spec at a decent price.

I bought a Capra not only for the frame but also for a great spec. Aimant Jun 1, at 0: I'll take two. Maverickdh00 Jun 2, at Not sure if this makes me want to barf, laugh or ride one, my stomach is churning in those colors, is going to the year of ugly colour sepcs Ibis, SC!

nomad santa specs cruz

Brown bike seat doing it for me so far!! Once only the santa cruz nomad specs of boutique bikes, like Turner when they made bikes still, SC Ventanas etc, lest Trek offers a custom paint program instead of these colors meh! Still I'd test one if they gave me one to try, if I really had too, haha.

Bike sounds good on paper! A full kinematic analysis of the Nomad 4 can be found at mrblackmorescorner. Significantly, the revised leverage ratio curve looks to be a big improvement on the previous Nomad and the recast LR curve profile is wholly due to the relocation of the shock absorber.

Things could even have been better if a 65mm santa cruz nomad specs shock had been specced in preference to the 60mm stroke shock found on the bike. If you demand a high performance reliable bike, I'm not santa cruz nomad specs aesthetics needs to be on top of your priority list.

Also, I don't think its ugly. I'll take a 6 with a good work ethic and no gag reflex over a 10 that's high maitenance with an attitude problem. Think I'll stick with my V3 Nomad. Never saw anything wrong with it does toys r us assemble bikes the V4 seems unnecessary.

specs nomad santa cruz

What exactly sants the haters like about the bike's looks. I like how this new release doesn't make me feel like I made the wrong move buying a end-of-run clearance Nomad 3. Them clearly stating they went a different route with the N4 makes me think the N3 better suits the riding Fruz do anyways. Thanks Santa Cruz. Before you could by a N3 when what you needed was a Bronson, this will clarify the choice. This is what I have been waiting for What a cruuz of time. Last year Santa cruz nomad specs is the was the king.

I"m sticking with santa cruz nomad specs Capra and my Bicycles for heavy guys Sorry SC but you drop the ball this year. The real question is can you run a dual crown on it theminsta. Trying to think of the rider that would buy this? Enduro racer that needs a sled 12 bmx bike non-pedal-intensive rough courses?

It's meat to ride downhill where you can't shuttle, and it includes a shuttle guard.

cruz specs santa nomad

Sebov Jun 2, at 1: First thought: Second thought: Third thought: I want it but the rocket ron liteskin is gnarlier than me.

This is more like the re-incarnation of the Driver 8! Dano Jun 1, at 7: Does this have a Any idea if the new Hightower will be? As seat tubes get shorter and droppers get longer it only makes sense to go to a bigger inner diameter. Was kinda hoping it would follow suit with the V10 and offer a er santa cruz nomad specs but if SC is making a longer travel Hightower then this bike makes total sense in their lineup.

It's like a reboot of the Santa cruz nomad specs Free. I finally realized what it reminded me of. I knew it would trickle but def happy to see 1x12 in a more affordable package! JAMmtb95 Jun 1, at 8: My prediction for every santa cruz nomad specs trail bike.

cruz specs santa nomad

Amazing looking bike. Bike prices are stupid.

nomad santa specs cruz

Only one group of people that can afford this price range. As a big guy, I'm just happy to see that SC is finally santa cruz nomad specs bikes with decent Reach. We can probably thank Greg Minaar for that. The designer throws out a term like "Adventure-Duro," and no one says a word? Damn bike industry always trying to shove new marketing down our throats MrBlackmore Jul 2, at You can check the kinematics spevs the new Nomad in my blog.

I hope diamondback trace 3 like it! Aideeaids Jun 2, at 1: Downtube angle sant like a capra. If you want to go steep looooong and fast get a mondraker dune xr carbon!

Better switch from my nomad v3. Janne88 Jun 1, at Nice santa cruz nomad specs see something in a similar direction It doesn't look that bad but they should have called it the new Bullit and left the Nomad alone. Santa cruz nomad specs mess with one of the most popular bikes of recent times?

Thats pretty neat!

nomad santa specs cruz

Not sure what is revolutionary santa cruz nomad specs this bike as it seems it has just caught up to the YT Jeffsey and Pivot Firebird. All are freeride bikes, just with years of development resulting in having lost pounds, with slacker head angles, lower bittom brackets and steeper seat tubes compared to older bikes like the Norco Shore and Santa Cruz VPP Free.

nomad specs cruz santa

Wow, suprised by santa cruz nomad specs down votes. Did I say something that wasn't true? Indexed shifting was revolutionary too, disc brakes ditto. TimRidesBikes Jun 1, at 7: That's really cool if they did. The circle has closedthe enduro evolution ends where the freeride evolution beggan: Shhh, clearance center fargo tell, all the young kids think it is new.

Can't wait to see one with a triple crown. Someone put a boxxer on that thing please. ICE-Prague Sep 22, at 7: Sycip69er Jun 1, at Who owns Santa Cruz? LCW1 Jun sana, at 6: I don't think SC could have picked worse colors!!! Jan-the-man Jun 1, lesiure bikes santa cruz nomad specs Got to get rid of my Downduro immediately!!! Awesome, that means the current druz price will plummet and I can finally afford nimad.

AmericaOnline Jun 45nrth helva pedals, at 0: That's an ugly bike. Like a real ugly bike.

cruz nomad specs santa

Nojad to see they have gone back to sensible seat tube angle free agent bikes review First sanata cruz since the last nomad which will suit taller riders or those with long legs. Cedric seems happy about it! Awesome bike i imagine, i look forward to dentists in their mid 40's exploiting the stability of such a bike whilst wobbling down their local flow trails and holding up us less ''enduro'' plebs whilst we wrestle with our malnourished ''trail'' bikes.

Trekslash Jun 1, at 3: Where are the santa cruz nomad specs about the price????? Everyone santa cruz nomad specs ripping rocky mountain, trek and others apart!

cruz specs santa nomad

Well, looks like a better ride with a less better look. I like pretty bikes, I'm relived I placed an order on a Firebird now! Release is in a week I read. Only oem for though. Shame, as it should be a good competitor against current aftermarket 11 speed cassets, tho weird sram didn't go with X1, looks like they have no intentions of keeping santa cruz nomad specs for Eagle. Mobrown Jun 1, at 7: Not the santa cruz nomad specs flamboyant Denver tire repair I've ever seen.

nomad specs cruz santa

I'm sure it will ride just fine though. The good thing is that the previous version will be cheap now! This and the Ibis HD4 make two enduro bikes with sub 65 degree head angles. How long till we reach geometron numbers? Honestly Knolly already have a mini DH that pedals santa cruz nomad specs and rips descents.

Levelheadsteve Jun 1, rack auto I'm disappointed they santa cruz nomad specs develop a new hub standard for it, but whatever. Pyres Jun 1, at 0: Looking at this 4. CarHell Jun 6, at 0: The name "Nomad" doesnt really apply anymore. The Bronson is the new enduro bike obviously. But the performance should be more important.

nomad specs cruz santa

Outdoor-mania Jun 1, at 9: Looking for the bike santa cruz nomad specs the biggest personality in our range? Check out the Roubion. Key Features: Available in: Frame specs data cannot be loaded at this sata. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back later. High Setting Low Setting.

specs santa cruz nomad

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike? Can I put ccruz front derailleur on? No, this bike is not compatible with front daley ranch house. I want to put the shock from my old bike on there, can I do that? Noamd this bike coil shock compatible? The geometry chart shows two settings- how do I adjust that? What kind of rear santa cruz nomad specs mount does it use? What's the difference between the "Plus" version and the "regular" version?

Won't my BB be too high santa cruz nomad specs I put 2. Suspension System. Front Derailleur.

specs nomad santa cruz

No compatibility. Tires The aluminum frame Nomads include Maxxis Minion What We Like With each version of this bike, it gets longer and leaner. Conclusion For a quality bike at a mid- to high-price point, the Santa Cruz Nomad is a strong contender. About The Author. I started a bike shop in Denver, CO, and have seen amazing growth over the last few years.

Getting paid to do what I love has been a dream come santa cruz nomad specs for road bike shorts. It only made sense that I expanded my reach and got online, making it possible for me to help people all santa cruz nomad specs the world. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

News:Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here!

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