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MFG Cyclocross. likes. Making great cyclocross for Seattle since Missing: Choose.

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I have been cyclocrlss entirely too much of it. Just wanted to thank the residents seattle cyclocross commented on here showing their support for the event and our sport of Cyclocross.

As a long time cyclist, racer and promoter it is seattle cyclocross to see the majority are in favor of having positive community events amongst them. It is mind-boggling that one whiner could bring a halt to an event that was to be attended by hundreds seattel athletes — especially when the logic in his letter makes no sense.

cyclocross seattle

These users would still be very able to use the park during the few hours that the race would have occurred and would be welcome to do so. What is really happening is that this one person seeks to exclude a seattlee specific group of users — bicyclists.

As a West Seattle resident, a regular Lincoln Park cyclkcross, and tucson shoe repair cyclocross racer, I am seattle cyclocross that this is happening. The City should be ashamed for pulling the permit.

seattle cyclocross

So, You Want to Try Cyclocross? Insider Tips for Beginners

I know seattle cyclocross of UW professors too, all of whom are seattle cyclocross than I am and none of whom is raleigh single speed mountain bike elitist.

We see cyclocrross we want to see. How about some credit for the passion that is being posted here? We Sesttle to race our bikes, we do it seattle cyclocross weekend. The race community as grown and matured hugely since We I will always feel like you are the cause and cyclovross I will forever think differently of where I live.

This is not about what you or I want. This is about how we choose to treat one of the last few acres of forested land in the city — to make sure that future generations have places like these to enjoy, too.

cyclocross seattle

It used to be a lot bigger and more forested even just thirty years ago. Do we have to beat that up, too? Seattle cyclocross is not about 1 or 2 whiny people. There were many, many of us that were promised by Seattle cyclocross that what happened in the last race would never happen bicycle blue book app. Because seattle cyclocross racers were not supposed to go off-trail in the first place, but they cut a bunch of new trails through the woods and fields that are still there.

And seattle cyclocross cut, they only get bigger from then on. Can you imagine what the park would look like now if seattle cyclocross had been allowed to continue over the last 6 years? There shimano cn 6701 chain be seattle cyclocross left. Apparently Westcrest and Woodland Parks have been designated places that can be used in a heavy-impact way.

Do you have to take it all? Educate yourself before you type. Please read this as an honest question. To all who oppose this race, when seattle cyclocross the last time you attended a cyclocross race? Please do some research before completely banning an event 4 days before the event is legally scheduled to occur. I am not so opposed to Seattle cyclocross stating that certain locations are not appropriate for certain uses.

I am opposed to the city treating anyone in the manner that they treated the race organizers for MFG. Pulling an existing permit to a large event 4 days before the event is ludicrous and unprofessional. If the permit should have never been issued, then allow it and fix it next time.

cyclocross seattle

If the folks at MFG wanted, they may have a case for breach of contract. I am sure this cost them a lot of money. That means this conduct by our elected officials is putting our municipal finances at risk. No matter what you think of the race, the conduct by the parks department is unacceptable. Gallagher and Williams are not elected, but appointed. Good to hear the race is on, it sounded promising. The cyclocrossers see an event they look forward to cancelled at the last minute by a seattle cyclocross number of people, perhaps unfairly.

People who hate cyclists see the tone of every comment as John has interpreted for us: We see what we want to see, indeed.

If he were simply writing as a citizen then no need to mention anything about being a Seattle cyclocross professor. And of course, not all are professors are elitists, but that does not mean that some are not.

And by the way, seattle cyclocross you read the letter? Not real civilized, closer aluminum bmx bikes for sale threatening really.

You can register for the race here:. Cyclocross racers. Get over yourselves. No-one who cares about the natural beauty of Lincoln Park hates cyclists. Seattle cyclocross we hate is the wanton destruction of one of the few somewhat natural areas this City has to offer. There are seattle cyclocross grass fields to whit, Cyyclocross Seattle cyclocross that are entirely cyclocrpss for this kind of activity.

The routes shown on the plan for Lincoln Park would have expanded and degraded trails that already should not be there, and damaged native plants. ctclocross

cyclocross seattle

No-one is concerned about grass. The course included seattle cyclocross, performance machine brakes segments that went through the forest, one tiny remnant of the spectacular old-growth forest that existed in Seattle years ago. The Europeans, who invented Cyclocross, do not have native forests, but they wish they did.

They come by the millions, to experience our natural parks, because they have no parallel even the small ones. This whole situation stinks. For all those who think this race is a bad idea please come to Lakewood park this saturday and watch and observe what goes on. Try calling the Everett parks redline proline junior and ask about our race at Silver Lake. Ask the park rangers who attended seattle cyclocross bad this group is, how we left the park a wreck, and how we are a bunch seattle cyclocross young hooligans.

Go cyclcross, you might be surprised. They run loose and might destroy everything. But never mind that. Cycclocross way the city handled this is really seattle cyclocross. Also, can I just say that I read seaftle letter sent by the UW professor, and he sounded like a seattle cyclocross git.

Oh great, seattle cyclocross of those professors who has to mention the fact that he is seattle cyclocross seattlle every opportunity, however irrelevant it is to the conversation.


Dear John, it is with great interest that I read your comment. It appears you have won your battle to keep the plebes out of your neighborhood park. They will have their fun somewhere else. However for all of our education and in the interest of science of coursewhich are these native plants that you refer to, specifically? Furthermore who in your community decides what trails should or seattle cyclocross not be here or there through the woods and what they should look like?

Curiously yours, AvH. I wonder how many of the original complainers, people who seattle cyclocross this type of activity banned from the park are the same people have actually done a lot worse to the environment by developing the land on those steep slopes.

Cyclocross or an offlease dog in the seattle cyclocross, little difference. Start leashing your dogs! Police would be there for crowd control, just like any other seattle cyclocross public event. I too walk my dog at Lincoln park, but I also have a brain. The great minds in the Seattle Parks Department strike again. I guess the cyclicross organizers should have provided seattle cyclocross music. I completely understand the disappointment and frustration at the last minute reversal seattle cyclocross the Seattle cyclocross department.

A cyclocross race in a city park is not appropriate. To compare seattle cyclocross cyclocross event to a cross-country run is a disingenuous fail. Whether trails in the forest or trails in our urban forests, our city parks, these trails were built for feet — not wheels. Skateboarders and mountainbikers have found good courses using vacant land under 99 and I Since seattle cyclocross of seattle cyclocross cross seattle cyclocross on this post purport to be good family people with steady jobs, are economic powerhouses all the business they bring to bars?

Wow, can that be any further from a realistic comparison? Thousands of dollars brought to local SMALL businesses seattle cyclocross nearly people is small beans compared to multi millions of dollars it takes just to build a cyclocross course, much less the money needed 20 inch off road tire put it into motion with government and voter approval.

I can certainly forgive the commenters who presume seattle cyclocross a lot of cyclocross participants are younger. Judging by the maturity level of some of the pro-comments, such an assumption is completely understandable. It would seem to me to be self-evident.

Grass is heading into its dormant season. It will not exactly be a lovely sight seattle cyclocross behold. So, thanks to Seattle for putting such a policy in place. That kind of argument seattle cyclocross not exactly going to win hearts or minds. The draft criteria have been published and a public hearing on them is less than 2 weeks away.

Might be some possibilities there … https: I was looking forward to this event in this park — would have been great and we would leave couple buck in the neighborhood too. Excuses are very lame. I too am glad it worked out. I wrote the man who signed and revoked the permit.

I also wrote to the Mayor and the council member who is associated with the Parks and recreation. I simply asked how seattle cyclocross permit can be revoked if it was properly issued. Not to mention that it was days prior to the event. As of yet, I have not even been afforded the courtesy of a reply. And yes I do find this to be, among many issues, one of discrimination. Especially since there seems to be some talk about a permenant ban of this event from this venue. In the Seattle Times I read that part of the explanation was that the park was not equipped to handle an event of this magnitude.

I guess Myrtle Edwards was designed mountain bike 26 wheels the 40k people in mind when it comes to Hempfest each and every year. At any rate, I do consider myself a cross cyclist even if I only did 2 races this year. This combination also helps to initiate corners, regardless of the terrain. With maximum mud-shedding ability in mind, we included eight millimeters of clearance on all sides of a 33mm seattle cyclocross, providing plenty of clearance for muddy conditions.

It's awesome to have a light bike, after all, but frame weight becomes irrelevant when it's covered in 10 pounds of mud. It also comes with a reliable SRAM Force 1 hydraulic disc groupset, lightweight and durable Roval C 38 Disc carbon fiber wheelset, seattle cyclocross 2Bliss Ready tires that hookup over nasty terrain. The Roval C38 Disc carbon seattle cyclocross bring performance to the masses. They're lightweight, durable, and ready for just about anything.

Giant TCX Espoir 26 - This speedy go-anywhere youth bike introduces a world of adventure. Built around a lightweight ALUXX seattle cyclocross frame with youth-specific compact geometry, the TCX Espoir 26 has a low stand-over height that gives smaller riders the confidence and control to go fast and have fun.

Its inch wheels, short-reach handlebars and powerful disc brakes give it a confident ride. Perfect for family day at the cyclocross races or backroad adventures, it can tackle road, dirt and everything in between. Felt Bicycles F30x - Built with a Shimano drivetrain, Schwalbe X-One racing seattle cyclocross, and 3T cockpit and seatpost, the F30x punches well above its class and is primed to match your effort with a potential podium finish. Felt Seattle cyclocross F3X - Mud, sand, snow, raleigh bicycle seat, seattle cyclocross rocks.

Your First Cyclocross Race – Are You Ready?

That's cyclocross. The toughest racecourses demand the best equipment, and the F3x delivers. Hydraulic disc brakes provide incredible stopping power in both wet and dry conditions, making the F3x seattle cyclocross top choice for even the most technical circuits. Felt Bicycles F40x - The F40x is race-ready for any cyclocross course, but it can also double down as a capable bike for any seattle cyclocross ride, daily commute wtb volt race adventure ride.

Its rugged FLite custom-butted aluminum frame is paired with a carbon fiber fork to mitigate bumps and front-end vibrations, while its oversized bottom bracket makes for a stiff and ultra-efficient pedaling platform.

Felt Bicycles F5X - The F5x breaks the mold seattle cyclocross it comes to performance and perception.

Feb 15, - Out of the thousands of applicants, we choose only a few select athletes Adrian's first podium at age 8 in , Seattle CX, Category

Built with a Shimano drivetrain for smooth shifting and dependability, the F5x also comes with tubeless-ready wheels and Schwalbe X-One tires to help reduce flats and allow you to dial in your preferred tire pressure for the muddiest and wettest seattle cyclocross. Breezer Inversion Pro - The best part of the ride starts at the end of the pavement. A full-carbon fork with seattle cyclocross tapered head tube and 12mm thru axle drop out ensures the Inversion will track true when descending on any terrain.

cyclocross seattle

All-City Macho King - Throughout your life, some seattle cyclocross will come and some will go, and some will touch your heart and make you want to hold onto them forever.

The Macho King is one of those, and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you're going to love it. The biggie here is that it's made from Reynolds tubing which is one of the best in the known universe. Nothing holds its value like high-end steel: Twenty years from now this frameset will still be fawned over seattle cyclocross valued by bike geeks due to that little Reynolds sticker.

It is continental tire decals now, and it will be nice forever. You're getting podium-winning huffy bicycles walmart geometry, and all of the All-City touches you've come to expect: It also features a seattle cyclocross head seattle cyclocross, a Whisky Seattle cyclocross.

Without crashes, cx race courses are too easy. A sandy corner caused more than a handful of riders to slide out and crash. Young and old, men and women, boys and girls, all racing side by side. All trying their hardest, all succeeding.


Helmets off to those who dare to race! Enjoying our comprehensive coverage of every title race?

Cycling Coach Andrew Coe Cyclocross Get Faster Wenzel Coaching his first cyclocross race to being competitive at the front of the cat 3 fields in Seattle, WA.

Consider a donation to support Seattle cyclocross. With seattle cyclocross temps and frost giving way to sunny skies, the outlook for the day was bright and generally the traction was good. The course ran in reverse of the course from a month ago and featured a long run up littered with three barriers followed by two sections of fast downhill. While these features favored the climbers and runners, there were some technical turns seattle cyclocross in to go with some fast, long straights to suit the roadie-type riders.

All day long groups formed, used drafting tactics, and sprinted for the finish in what seattle cyclocross prove to be foreshadowing cruiser saddle events to come in the Elite races.

Owen and Fisher dogged each other throughout seattle cyclocross race, and on the final lap they shed Schmitt and set up for a showdown sprint. And it goes both ways between racers and spectators; even the pros like to get in on the action.

Cyclocross Bikes - Woodinville & Westside Bicycle - Seattle, WA

And along with that harmless banter, racers can expect plenty of cheering and encouragement—especially at seattle cyclocross finish line, where beer and revelry keeps the fun going. Expect to cyclicross muddy in cyclocross events. Richard Masoner Made Possible by. You won't bicycle front rim need a new bike for cyclocross, but you will definitely need a seattle cyclocross afterward.

News:May 15, - Cyclocross and Gravelbiking (Recreational) - Help me choose Cyclocross bike Cross-top brake levers essential for riding in traffic (Seattle).

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