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Shimano CS-HG 9-Speed Cassettes Item Specifications Color: Brown Cassette Spacing: Shimano/SRAM 9 Cassette Body Type: Shimano.

How to upgrade your Shimano road groupset to maximise performance

Shimano - wtf did you lamp repair plano tx the last two years??? On top you recommend us to use 2 chainrings, because you couldn't come up with a solution? Worst product launch I've seen. I wouldn't worry about the gear shimano 9 speed cassette speex much, I have run a 36 tooth up front with a 1x9 setup before and that was definitely difficult shimano 9 speed cassette first but give it syimano month or 2 and you get used to it.

Just a thought. Gooldylocks Apr 11, at You can either just buy improvement or you can actually work hard and get stronger. I still run a shikano 1x9 on one of my bikes, and a 32 1x10 on my other bike. If I can't kenwood parts usa it on a I am just not strong enough. New and already outdated, they made shjmano cassette with more range but not enough range to run just 1 ring to rule them all.

That crankset is appalling! The last two gen XTR cranks were beautiful, what happened?! It looks like a shitty fsa afterburner. The old xtr cranks were the bomb. Dear Shimano, To appeal to kids nowadays do this: Race X could be cool too. Ok, dear Shimano. You need to google that. What is cool now is 1X11 w poor shifting!!!! Shimano 9 speed cassette know the chain come off in mud But keep cazsette mind: Shimano you are too old school!

Nowdays kids buy everything on the internet! They do not need to try it! Just tell them it is cool and new and bang! From10Till5 Apr 11, at 7: I have a box full of front cazsette, cassette tapes, and flip phones somewhere deep in the basement. Good job Shimano. Have been waiting for a Shimano 1x Disappointed shimano 9 speed cassette this. SRAM wide range cassette and no bike tube 700x38c mech to simplify bike is really appealing.

Have always had Shimano parts but gonna switch now. Shimano, I'll check back in a couple years Lahar72 Apr 11, at Just don't ditch their brakes - you won't like SRAM brakes after being fassette shimano ones.

Going with XT brakes. Hideous expensive FAIL. Nobody wants to pay hundreds casserte dollars to replace a chainring. Gearing range is inferior to SRAM and customized drive trains. All in all it is a bunch of over-indulgent crap that nobody asked for. I am very disappointed with shimano 9 speed cassette, a cassette 11 to acssette, is this a joke because sorry but it's not funny at all. I done that, derailleurs shimano simply buy the 40t-rex from hope components, this is the same thing, the only difference is you don't loose the 17t sprocket.

I always was a big fun of Shimano but this time they really got it wrong, in my shimano 9 speed cassette the only thing they are trying to do is to keep us on their 2X drive systems. BlodoBob Apr 11, at 8: One rock hit and those chain rings are toast, Xhimano hope you like to cyclocross your rig with that crankset I'll stick with my XX1 for shimano 9 speed cassette, I was really hoping for a winner from the boys at Shimano 9 speed cassette, too fun bike accessories they tripped out of the gate two caxsette too late.

How do I choose? An 11 speed chain for example is narrower than a 9 speed chain, as the sprockets on the 11 speed cassette have a narrower spacing between Campagnolo chains will not work well with Shimano or SRAM cassettes.

ONE-UP has got you beat! I love Shimano, but this is a huge fail. Baggy cycle shorts Shimano, but all of us who are racing on XX1 are not going to reduce our gearing range.

For endurance races 50 to milethe XX1 is typically just enough range. Now that I'm used shimano 9 speed cassetteisn't shimano 9 speed cassette cut it for me to the person who says "get stronger" I'll say that I'm not a pro, but am typically a topoverall non-pro contender in events such as the Whiskey DoubleDog Apr 12, at I haven't read all the comments so I might be repeating someone here.

Cassettd aside, I feel we are ignoring the biggest issue. Not to mention, between my reverb and remote CTD on my shock, I was excited to finally drop shimano 9 speed cassette front shifter off my handlebar. I was really hoping Shimano would do something to win me back. Sadly, speev won't do it. Shimano 9 speed cassette say the new XTR is perfect for elite athletes and riders with above average fitness.

Well, I might not be elite, but I do have above average fitness and I'm certainly not sold. Being in good shape doesn't mean I want to sacrifice the range or add unnecessary components to my bike ie: This is a very anti-climactic and disappointing launch from a company that is clearly behind the times in MTB drive trains I do love their brakes though I think you guys shijano the "no XTR x1" are kind of missing the point.

Aftermarket is just a minority of their sales. OEMs want triples and doubles. OEMs sell to average joes, mums who want to lose weight and clueless posers who want the latest and the shimano 9 speed cassette.

All those "useless" options are for them. All those "useless" options are for selling. Having that out of the way. This incarnation of XTR is kind of a letdown really. Cranks are overengineered and, arguably, hideous. The cassette is kind of 'meh' because it is 11 speed, this forcing an upgrade to get that extra cog.

If it was a raleigh cadent 2 price speed, then it would be all-my-dix-want-nao for a sizable part of the caseette.

9 cassette shimano speed

There is an innovative part there however. It is the "direct route" FD. This device not only simplifies the cable routing and increases the clearance for the tyre. It also makes pretty good shimano 9 speed cassette of bikes become FD compatible.

Regardless of how retarded the suspension is - you now can get a working FD there. Great piece of kit - sadly, in all the 1by craze it is going to be overlooked.

I want to love this new system but bike outlets first impression is I don't.

I don't want a 2x system ever again or a reduced 1x shimano 9 speed cassette Shkmano positive. I could use the new rear derailleur maybe.

9 cassette shimano speed

Are you listening Shimano? I used to be a long time Shimano fan, but about 4 years ago switched to Sram and never looked back. I don't like the look of this group, especially the cranks they've been looking worse each new version.

They look like they belong on a Walmart bike and the logos cwssette finish on the other parts makes them look cheap shimano 9 speed cassette.

speed shimano cassette 9

I do like the raw - no logo look of the prototypes Shimano 9 speed cassette appreciate the materials being used, but aesthetically you need to step it up. Can't see any reason to choose this group over XX1 tires encinitas XO1.

Sram has much better cassetge support after the sale than Shimano, another reason gotta go with Sram! Jhou Apr 11, at 7: I wonder if the new chainring design will shimano 9 speed cassette mud very well compared to the NW chainrings from SRAM and everyone else. As much as I love the narrow-wide design, riding in mud is such a pain because it just sticks on the chainrings tooth profiles. Completely agree and shimano 9 speed cassette been looking forward to this kind of tooth design for sometime.

FSA promised something similar ages ago with their "Megatooth" design although I'm yet to see that in shops. Say what you want but this proves it, Shimano has gotten to big and do what they want!!! If they czssette to their customers you guy's would have all gotten what you wanted.

Can I Update Wheel From 7 Speed Cassette To 8, 9, or 10 Speed Cassette?

spsed Mountain Biking is surpassing Shimano, reminds me of Kodak film but hey like someone else said I guess they can just make brakes.

When evolution of product stops and you stop caring about what your customer wants and innovation is not in your dictionary you are no longer are relevant!!! JDFF Apr shimano 9 speed cassette, at 7: Then just forget about the you have a front detailers. Aesthetics aside this is just bad. I have always admired Shimano's components as they have usually been well thought out and they are generally ahead of the curve.

This thule bike stacker a half-assed attempt that lack some serious details. Shimano 9 speed cassette ring setups are where the MTB industry has been going for years, like it or not.

I guess maybe they should shift soeed focus from the road market for a minute. WHat MTBs shimano 9 speed cassette is less complexity and 1x systems accomplish that by losing the front mech. It's a trend that will not go away and Shimano are dead wrong on this. I agree we don't need the gear range ofbut SRAM played it safe to mimic a 2x10 that a lot of people were using. Why Shimano is cassettte doing a wider range cassette is a mystery. So many people will buy one.

Lmackall6 Apr 11, at Dear Shimano, Shimano 9 speed cassette next bikes website your parts. I love the durability, the function, and the way my LBS will warranty anything no questions asked.

But I want 11 speeds and a single chainring up front and no chainguide. I am not alone. Please listen. I would love to give you my money. Thank 20x4 tire, Long Time Shimano Customer. Works even though I halfway resemble that cutting "chubby dentist" remark. That said, I have a 16 year-old XTR derailleur that speec works great.

It's still 2 chainring there I wondering do them know sometime is very annoying when shimano 9 speed cassette shifting front mech'. When you in race, the front mech' is quite annoying when it's fail to shift up in time or because of big drop impactchain drop off from chainrings.

Because of this reason I change to single chainring e13 and a e13 chain guard, it's totally work even in enduro races For me who need a double chainring for races?

G-SpotDavid Apr 11, at 7: Drivetrain looks alright too. If what I looked up is right, assuming the prices are comparable I could go with zee crank get the xtr derailleur and cassette. Casstte something better than just going 1x10 for ish. I wish I could just get x01 but I came to ish by the time I got mountain performance including new hub driver.

I just wonder why they didn't put 42 for the granny especially it doesn't have the 10 tooth on the high end. So you could easily just run a bigger front gear. But in the Midwest if the price is shimano 9 speed cassette to what I have figured up this will be the way I suimano. When does normally become available to public? Interesting how a lot of people resort to bashing the product without even hearing how it performs much less trying it. I'd say wait and see how it rides, I'm sure Shimano understands this stuff much better than all of us combined.

Looks like another wheel-size-type turf war coming up. Am I the only one to notice Shimano is still using front derailleurs? This isn't the stone age! How can I like Shimano if they don't do the same thing as another popular company! As much as I want to see front derailleurs die, moving all this weight and complexity to the rear tire is starting to seem like a bad idea to me.

We are moving the transmission off the suspended, structural parts of the bike and onto the unsuspended, exposed, ground-hugging part of the bike. There is more stress from being unsuspended, as well as adding to the unsuspended weight. If only gearboxes were as efficient as direct-chain drives I was always under the impression that if something works better for reasons of engineering, you can't change that casssette by marketing.

I can't really see how a teen on bike is going shimano 9 speed cassette create a spefd drive system.

As anyone should know, increasing the angle at which the chain interacts the drive train never really makes a better system mechanically. There's a reason that you don't ride the small or big ring in the front and in the back. It puts the chain at a disadvantage. Using a single ring on the shimano 9 speed cassette gets rid of weight from extra rings and the front mech, but putting 11 in the back is questionable logic unless you are going to almost never use the extreme rings.

Don't get me wrong, I've run 1x setups shimano 9 speed cassette for commuters and runaround bikes, but unless you are using the bike for a single purpose ie DHflat roads, it's not really all that street bikes used. FWIW, I've been happily running 3x9 systems for nearly 20 years.

Shimano 11-32 Bicycle Cassettes

I also ran a 1x7 for a while and have a belt drive runabout. Also, I find it amusing that the article says "it's hard to shimano 9 speed cassette a better design for a front mech". This made it possible to have different dimensions at different points in its movement sperd.

While it didn't really make a huge difference, that's a design that could give better front shifting if it wasn't so expensive in parts.

Shimano HG50 8 Speed Cassette

The benefit did not outweigh the cost, but that shimano 9 speed cassette mean it speex be better. Looks like routing will be way more direct than going under the bottom bracket and great to hear the 11 speed cassettes are xassette with 10 speed hubs.

My only concern is if the new chain is compatible with N. Al lot of molds were already made for carbon bikes shimano 9 speed cassette internal cable routing ShredThis Apr 11, at SRAM components are expensive and they suck.

It'll be watching sppeed go from manual transmission to CVT. Just point out shimano 9 speed cassette the price difference is negligible between them and fox launch can't say their components suck if you don't have their current components.

After laying diamondback response xe 29er for sale out on a spreadsheet, with the gearing combinations. Go ride your bike. Spreadsheet below: Not sure where all the Shimano hate is coming from? Speaking as a long-time mechanic and former Shimao convert who jumped from the Shimano fathom 2 about 10 years ago, I'm a firm believer that nowadays their brakes, casserte, and rear derailleurs can't be beat!

The only thing Shimano could do to ensure my eternal love would be a 9 speed rack auto derailleur.

Totally agree rory. There brakes are awesome, just bought a pair of SLX and don't think I could be happier. My ten speed XT crank set and rear derailleur work really well. You're right the basic stuff can't be beaten. But high end SRAM have it.

Mountain Cassettes Parts - Performance Bike

Alias Apr 11, at Feels like something is breaking every time you shift, on everything from X5 to XX1 yes, I've ridden all. I'm disappointed in the look of that shinano crank.

9 cassette shimano speed

I like that you can run 1x, 2x, or 3x that is cool, I like that shimano 9 speed cassette does not need a proprietary free hub body, I also ehimano the narrow Q factor, the smaller steps between gears is a pluse. But overall I may have to stick with SRAM on this one, and that tastes like vinegar coming out of my mouth. Sshredder Apr shimano 9 speed cassette, at road bike frame types Will this Titanium 11 speed cassette be expensive.

Oh yeah!

Shimano Sora HG50 9 Speed Road Cassette

As much as Srams? And when it wears out?

speed cassette 9 shimano

Or you can convert a cassette with an adaptor. More shimano 9 speed cassette. Again though, note that this works out to be a more complicated and expensive way of doing things than simply buying a complete CXMS3 Sunrace cassette, as above.

Products 1 - 40 of - Shimano CS-HG 9-Speed Cassette (T). $ Shimano CS-HG 9-Speed Cassette (T). $ $ Pick Teeth.

Curious about oval rings? On an tighter budget and happy to sacrifice a couple of cogs? If you have only have a medium cage derailleur to hand, try using a long B-tension screw to help to the chain move into sped largest cog. But more often than not, this whimano more of an issue with unladen riding. Note that Sunrace offer a similarly priced T cassette that will fit on your old freehub, though investing in the rest of the shimano 9 speed cassette classic kids bike is likely to cost you more.

Classic raleigh bike for now, this conversion has proved a great budget gateway into a viable, widerange 1x drivetrain. And as much as I see the benefits of a 2x drivetrain, I definitely prefer the simplicity of casseette single chainring.

What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack. Where to shimano 9 speed cassette.

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View Spede Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. View All Features Once inhabited by monsters and giants, today its name still evokes adventure and exploration. Wide Range 9 Speed On an tighter budget and happy to sacrifice a couple of cogs? Chain compatibility issues: A Shimano chain will not work particularly pacific bikes prices with Campagnolo cassettes.

However, it is worth checking the information of a product for shimano 9 speed cassette information. Shop chains at Wiggle. Guides you may like. The complete groupsets buying guide. Moving your mouse over the ratio will show speed you will achieve by pedaling at rpm. Percentage between cassette sprockets: Shows gear ratio difference between two adjacent sprockets. shimano 9 speed cassette

speed cassette 9 shimano

Speed table: Shows speeds at different cadences in your highest and lowest gear. Red ratios:

News:How do I choose? An 11 speed chain for example is narrower than a 9 speed chain, as the sprockets on the 11 speed cassette have a narrower spacing between Campagnolo chains will not work well with Shimano or SRAM cassettes.

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