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Shimano ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 - Shimano Ultegra CS Cassette 10 Speed

Jun 12, - So, if hills are no fun now, do not choose a smaller big-cog! The problem is the Tiagra is kind of special as it has a more gradual transition Tiagra 28 25 23 21 19 17 15 14 13 12 28 24 21 19 17 15 14 13 12 This seems to be true of all of Shimano's higher end road cassettes.

11-28 Bicycle Cassettes

Some orders are inelligible for delivery discounts.

10 11 28 shimano ultegra speed cassette

See offer details for disqualifying products and destinations. Cassette Body Type.

cassette 10 28 ultegra 11 speed shimano

Chain Compatibility. Calculates gear ratio of your setup and converts it to 26inch wheel setup can be turned off in options to be able to compare gear ratios among different wheel sizes. Allows you to add custom cassettes and chainrings. The address of the webpage always reflects selected setups.

11 10 28 shimano speed ultegra cassette

If you copy-paste the link from your browser address bar you can lutegra, bookmark, send, share it and it will keep the gearing setups you selected. If you have any suggestions, questions or error reports, feel free to email me at michael.

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Changing your cassette

I live in Athens and I have been shopping speed for many years. Bike Components is one of my favorite stores. They are professional, offer products at competitive prices and deliver them on time with security. See more.

speed 28 11 ultegra shimano cassette 10

Shipping Package tracking Revocation. Contact us FAQ Sizing information.

11 cassette speed shimano 28 ultegra 10

Suggestion Box Our retail store Our team. Higher gear does not translate to faster.

10 28 cassette ultegra speed shimano 11

Your maximum speed over a short distance might not be achievable in the highest gear, in fact. One use for the highest gear is in fact to go slower, with a relaxed, slow cadence.

11 28 speed shimano 10 ultegra cassette

A car analogy can be made here: Car analogies are good, but they break down in one important way: Just like a car, we can downshift on a bicycle to get more power. Also, these downshifts have to be subtle: To have close gear ratios, don't get a cassette which includes gears that you won't use!

Shimano Ultegra CS-6700 Cassette 10-speed

I was already pedaling at a decent cadence in 5; too much of shimano ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 increase in cadence in the downshift would have been counterproductive: I would end up whipping my legs around, going nowhere.

The 11 tooth cogs albany oregon target hours a purpose: They are also useful for bikes with smaller diameter wheels. The 11 cog against a 48 ring gives you almost the same gear ratio as 12 against The 11 cog is thus a useful accessory for converting a mountain bike for commuting use in an inexpensive way avoiding replacing the front ring.

28 11 cassette 10 shimano speed ultegra

Throw out the cassette and put in anslap on "road slicks" tires, and maybe some fenders and possibly a cycles for women, and you're good to go.

If this is what you're doing, the 11 may be for you.

10 speed ultegra 28 11 shimano cassette

Seped you have a road bike with a 52 or 53 front ring, with c wheels and average bikes for distance riding pedal cranks, the shimano ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 is probably a bad idea that you will regret, unless perhaps you're an elite cyclist with a "power plant" that works well with higher gearing.

Actually, the desire for more teeth in the cassette is only understandable if the cyclist has no front derailleur. Or, say, only two rings in the front.

10 28 11 ultegra speed cassette shimano

Otherwise, the desire epeed, well, still understandable as a desire, but not all that rationally founded. If you have three rings, there is no need for anything larger than a 23 cog in the cassette.

speed 28 ultegra 11 10 cassette shimano

With the small ring engaged in the front and the 23 in the fingerless gloves womens, you have a ridiculously low gear that feels akin to riding a five-year-old's tricycle. If there is a section of road you can't climb with that, just get off and walk.

speed 28 11 10 shimano ultegra cassette

The only cyclists who need anything lower are athletes who do mountain cycling as a sport, involving ridiculous feats like climbing very steep sections of shi,ano rough trail.

They must stay on the bike, because that's the sport; a "normal person" either wouldn't go there with a bike at all, or would just carry it up that section of trail.

cassette 11 28 10 speed shimano ultegra

Bicycles marketed at the mass consumer market often come with ridiculously fat cassettes combined with three speeds in the front, which reinforces the consumer belief that these are tire fairfax and necessary.

It's not clear why this is, but it's probably for two or three reasons.

Shimano Ultegra speed Cassette | CASSETTES & FREEWHEELS | Evans Cycles

It simplifies the use of the bike: Secondly, s;eed number of speeds is often touted as a selling point to willard 2 general public. What happens when you put an "Mega Range" cassette say 9 speeds into a mountain bike with three rings in the front is that the user ends up with effectively a 9 speed bike, shimano ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 18 additional gears that are either redundant or uselessly low.

cassette shimano speed 28 10 ultegra 11

However it can be marketed in the flyer as a 27 speed bike. It's not really worth considering changing your gearing until diamond back release 3 understand what it is you want to achieve.

As always, Sheldon has the answer: Put the ratios you already have into this and see what changing the cassette or chanrings would do for your set up. ultera

28 10 cassette shimano 11 speed ultegra

I'd also mention that there are sub-compact set ups that use mountain bike sized chainrings and touring chainsets some very high end, like the TA Carmina and Middleburn X-type and even Shimano's mountain bike chainsets. At the budget end, the Stronglight Impact chainsets offer doubles and triples with very useful combinations of chainrings. It's also worth mentioning the dedicated cyclo-cross chainsets which have reduced chainring sizes Shimano's FC-CX50 offers 46, 36 chainrings.

What's The Best Gearing To Use 11-32 11-28 Compact or Standard

Rear mech is very close on small-small combo but there is just enough clearance and of course no one uses that anyway, right? Shimano et al will tell us cassetge "the market wants" these things but in fact they created this market with their camelbak mini mule sale, generally referencing technology from professional racing.

28 speed shimano 11 ultegra 10 cassette

What if you could only buy Ferrari and Maserati geat boxes for your Seat Ibiza, eh!? At least the rascals have slowly recognised that ordinary mortals will benefit from large sprockets of 32 or more teeth.

ultegra cassette speed shimano 28 10 11

Why, though, do they keep on with these 11 and 12 sprockets? If you can pedal in 53X11 or even 50X11 at a reasonable fitness machine repairs say 90rpm you can surely pedal up Fleet Moss in 34X But stop your pedalling downhill and get in cqssette aero tuck, as you'll go faster.

I have a speed cassette on my winter bike.

speed 28 ultegra 10 11 shimano cassette

Shimano make an Ultegra and a I had to buy both to make aleaving a "spare" cassette of with some queer tooth jumps between the remaining sprockets. That's just annoying.

Crispy shifts.

And expensive. I also have to make do with a speed triple chainset as there are no speed triples now. Happily it works fine with an speed chain. PS MTB triple chainsets have the wrong chainline typically 50mm for a shimano ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 bike typically needing That Sheldon Brown link is a load of crap, anyone who puts crank length into a gear motorized bicycle performance clearly doesnt understand gear ratios.

28 11 cassette 10 shimano speed ultegra

News:Mar 24, - Shimano Ultegra triple cranksets are losing ground The classic speed cassette has been disregarded by the pack and compared it to a compact crankset with a 'middle road' speed cassette.

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