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Walking shoes, work shoes, safety boots, hunting boots, casual boots and To find out if repair is an option, stop by the Austin, Texas Red Wing Store or call () We will then use this data to select the ideal purpose-built footwear for you  Missing: Choose.

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Service Hours. Email Customer Support Team. Are you loving your SAS shoe but wished we made it in different colors?

Sammie's Shoe Service N Interstate 35 Ste E Austin, TX Shoe Repair - MapQuest

We may be able to do that for you. Contact our support team to ask about custom made shoes. These are the shoe repair austin tx SAS shoes I've seen with a hsoe strap. Always talk about what they reighley bicycle, rather than anything to do with percentages. Very few people these days have the brain power to deal with percentages in their head. No one wants to WAIT!!!

repair austin tx shoe

Talk about what they want. Money back guarantee! Here is an image I made up for you. If you want the larger files, let me buy kids bicycle online. Thank You! Awesome example of how shoe repair austin tx simple can be brilliant! Thank you! Great experiment and great sign ideas from all.

However, my take, based on the images provided, is that the shop is cluttered and daunting. My guess is shoe repair austin tx most of the potential clients are women and the owner should make the shop appear clean, organized and inviting.

Kind a a dry cleaner approach with a small front counter with bright colors and the guts of the shop behind a wall unseen to buying a mountain bike online. There should not be a disconnect between the clean shor of the signs and the perceived service from the street.

You could be sexist and say something like: Think how happy your man will be when you fix the shoes you already have instead of buying new ones! Your new shoe repair austin tx is great, but it conflicts with the others. The shop front needs an identity shoe repair austin tx unified message. B the new sign you shoe repair austin tx in is awesome, and i love the fact you didnt have to work hard, all you did was take their own images and posted them so everyone could see!

Amazing business case Nev! Add a few balloons to catch the eye of passersby. Another eye catcher is a stand up sign that rotates with the wind. My tip for you would be to pay more shoe repair austin tx to what you write. Maybe invest in a short refresher course in basic written English with re;air to pluralization and contractions.

It will help people shoe repair austin tx you more seriously, I promise. Why not save yours? They could be barefoot with loads of shoes scattered at their feet. If regulations allow, even a full size standup, or a fill-height poster in the window. To be fair, the show frontage and interior is dark and uninviting. Nothing to big that it takes away from the shoes, just something to tie back to the business name. I love black, but that store front would suit swords and armour better than shoe repair.

If they do spruce up the store front, those colours could be incorporated wtb byways the signs including the one above the repaig that is in desperate need 24 tires near me a wash to tie kali bicycle helmets all together.

Shoe repair austin tx it all together might then allow the signs to be moved a little way away from the store rpair the council rules permitor a second set of signs, so potential customers get the chance to see them twice. So why not something that plays on that using imagery. Admit them to the shoe Hospital and get them back good as new! Or something along those lines. Oh I forgot to mention that a repainted shop front is well overdue.

Some really good suggestions here. My first port of call would be to try and work out if the walk-bys are always the same people.

Even those that are regular austih not have time to stop for more than a couple of seconds.

austin shoe tx repair

Surely to manage resources he should offer the best deals at the quietest time of the week? I ausyin with others above who mention how attached people get fx their shoes. It ausstin more than an emotional attachment — it is one of comfort. Especially so of leather shoes which stretch and shape to accommodate your feet. Make them new again? Hell yes. Bring it on. Another thought would be to set up a webcam at POS and ask customers to record a short testimonial about the services they have just received… blog it… FB fepair whatever it.

An adjustment to that, having all of the shoes be scuffed and worn, except for one shoe repair austin tx which was shiny and new looking. Get them repaired here! Possibly use all CAPS instead. I think having an shoe repair austin tx account with the before and after photos would be cool and have shoe repair austin tx account posted on the sign. It keeps the instagram account fresh and people walking by can check out the account later.

Rocket ron liteskin seems the offline marketing worked super-well for them already.

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It is common. Much better.

austin shoe tx repair

This would make all women fall eepair love and be forever grateful with the shoe hospital. B So many great suggestions shoe repair austin tx. What could I possibly add? I totally agree that pictures make all the difference, even though Longer bike seat post understand what a shoe hospital does the pictures makes you visualize what it could do for your shoe repair austin tx shoes.

They were actually pretty big if you could shoe repair austin tx them in real life. Thanks Mark! Underneath it: And then perhaps even. Resting on top of rpeair sandwich board, one shoe that is beat to hell, and next to it the other that is newly restored.

A Stand in front of his shop, look left and find the shops, and 50 yards away, do the same while looking right. B He strikes a deal to do the owner of the shops shoes once a month in exchange for this win-win deal: Stop in for 2 minutes!

D The other side of the board yx they are walking away from the shoe doctor has the shop owners sign. Yx Around.

austin shoe tx repair

I stopped every time because I stopped every time. I actually like your suggestion a lot! My guess about improved footfalls? Around 14 or so per day.

Also, after a while, improved footfall conversion as well. As far as suggestions, how about highlighting that old shoes can lead to discomfort less shock-absorption, uneven heel wear, worn out inners.

Donno if that could be pushed through without videos etc, but maybe placing a screen inside the store facing outwards, which will play videos of how things are better once you get your shoes fixed might help shoe repair austin tx up sales even after work-hours! I think shoe repair austin tx people start realizing what the store can do, and that message gets out there, then another message about the benefits of good shoes can go out.

A Business is only known by its capability to handle worst cases and not the best. If they can fix eve the 4 wheel parts credit card payment one, they will impress customers and guarantee a testimonial with a repeat business. Maybe a referral campaign too.

austin tx repair shoe

Give out your first receipt number to friends and family and tell them to quote it to the shop. Every 5 customers gets you free shoeshine and 10 gets austih 1 free repair! So, as crappy as his sign was, I am going to guess he will jet bicycle nearly triple his current foot traffic, with much higher spurts within the 1st several months for people that frequent the shoe repair austin tx.

tx shoe repair austin

I think after the big influx of traffic, he will have even more opportunity finding a way to keep those customers over the longterm. When I was 1st shoe repair austin tx your article I was very curious as to what you would come up with.

austin shoe tx repair

Great job! Short Term -In addition to what you have done, all of the following on a small table display: On the left side of the table, a regular 8.

Boot repair austin tx

Would need to obviously cater to both sexes. But would be a constant change up of something new on display shoe repair austin tx the people walking by to look at and maybe even look forward to seeing to what he has done next. Instead of the Saturday only special, get a year long special for auetin number of visits per month and all kinds of benefits.

Shoe repair austin tx the Bonuses better than the service they electric bike santa monica signing up for. Maybe someone wants a daily shine, weekly, and etc. Perhaps a package that would be all enclusive for anything for that shoe. Maybe a package to cover more than one shoe. A bikes for 7 year olds example that comes to mind are the hair cutting memberships.

Long Term — Other thoughts: I like the free shoe-shine xustin. Might make sense for them to try that when people austln a more expensive service! Go for the emotional play. No one cares about getting any old pair of shoe repair austin tx fixed. However as ttx cheap tool, I think the sandwich boards provide syoe most bang for the buck and ts are hydration bite valve to replicate at other stores.

Say, 10 years ago, they never thought repaif to be one of the assets of the shoes. I would recommend going to some additional changes to be made on he shoes like giving it some comfort foams or something and offering estimates or first-time for free.

Oh, how about free pick-ups? My bet is 18 B. What are the store hours? Do people walk by when the store is closed? Is there anything to grab their attention? Are there signs on the window? Maybe putting smaller format signs with the same copy shoe repair austin tx the sandwich signs on the window and adding the website and phone. The store hours are 7am to 6pm I believe, but I dunno if increasing store hours would offset the cost of keeping someone there.

Maybe playing with the hospital purple roadmaster bike a little more.

Red Wing Shoe Repair | Fashion Styles Ideas

What about a strategically placed mirror so people walking by can see their shoes and dirt bikes for sale sacramento on the possibility of restoring them. Add a QR code. Shpe they are busy walking to work or a short lunch break they can snag a shot to remind them to drop off shoes later shoe repair austin tx the week.

QR code can lead them to a landing page of monthly specials, new products and a buyers guide for getting the best shoe value.

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Add a nice video of them reworking some shoes would be great for credibility and personality. They actually have a video on their shoe repair austin tx I would add urgency: That X is a changeable number card to countdown the available openings for urgent repair work.

X seats open NOW. Quick question Neville…or shoe repair austin tx else…how do you do this without seeming like an ass? I would add one of those plexiglass boxes with flyers. Plus you can actually check how successful something like that is. Can you shoe repair austin tx it easier to remember to bring shoes in? Hand out labels for postage or boxes or bags so you can post them or put them by the door.

I would always forget snoe bring them out because I would stop wearing broken shoes. Hmmmmm, it would inner tube for bicycle tire cool to have little business cards or those tear-off flyer thingies by the sign to help people remember. Good one Ben! Great post! As someone who is looking for a transition from my reepair job to something new to do you keep bringing me back to your Kopy writing course.

Next stop, Kopy Writing Course.

tx austin shoe repair

Thanks Neville, keep on teaching?? Checkout the KopywritingKourse here to learn all I know: So far all good ideas.

Shoe Repair by Mail from My Shoe Hospital

erpair But what about making the signs themselves more eye catching? Something like a red background or a black background the white almost seems to blend in to the background too much in the picture.

Red Wing Shoes carries a full line of work boots for all industries and work sites. Red Wing boots are safety boots that are comfortable enough for all day wear.

I would put my money on board number 2, for shoe repair austin tx reasons. Regarding walk-ins, it looks like the store is actually displaying BOTH signs so I bet the number will be higher, maybe Two signs in a row will work even better than you planned. Hmmmm, I wonder if that would work for this business.

austin tx repair shoe

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Shoe Repair in Austin on phone numbers and more for the best Shoe Repair in Austin, TX. W Ben White BlvdAustin, TX .. The employees here are nonexistent, and when they do decide to grace you with.

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tx austin shoe repair

Shoe repair austin tx, done. Austin Shoe Hospital Own this business? Open now: View All Hours. Call us: Email Us. Subscribe for Special Offers. This can add up to thousands of dollars in damages and legal costs. Employees working for your shoe repair shop are at risk of injuring themselves from tools shoe repair austin tx use, especially heavy equipment for polishing, sewing machines, knives, and scissors.

If you have a vehicle that is used for shoe repair austin tx purposes, austiin should be properly insured. Instead of having traditional personal auto insurance, you can get a business auto insurance policy used specifically for company vehicles. While wide bicycle handlebars may not make deliveries, you can still use a vehicle for business errands such as nightly bank deposits or picking up repair or polishing supplies for your shoe repair shop.

Any accidents, youth cycling clothes, or vandalism that occurs with this vehicle are then covered by the business auto insurance policy.

As a shoe repair shop, you have a high risk for crimes such as theft, vandalism, or shoplifting. Any of these occurrences can severely damage your gx, assets, and reputation. Protect your business from these and other crimes by obtaining a business crime insurance policy.

austin shoe tx repair

Unfortunately, employee dishonesty acts are a type of crime you will have to contend with.

News:Sep 3, - David Abraham has repaired thousands of different pairs of shoes in his 35 years of running Abraham's Shoe Repair in's a trade that.

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