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Apr 17, - Specialized let us pick and choose what bikes we wanted to test, and with There are no 6Fattie models for , but each frame has clearance for plus The model I rode is the Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29, which retails.

2018 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29/6Fattie Bike

With varying degrees of success, Specialized turns to its own extensive catalogue of parts to kit out the 6Fattie. The action of the Command Post IRCC — boulder mountain bike serrated steps giving a selection of intermediate positions — is excellent and the underbar remote is always to hand. Specialized has nailed it with the SWAT system though, and the stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review of a generous compartment in the down tube and a multi-tool recessed into the top tube, is pure genius.

expert review stumpjumper 29/6fattie

The miniscule 28t front ring looks puny, but increases anti-squat on the 6Fattie, improving the pedalling efficiency. One tester found the outside of his forearm worked from wrenching around the handlebars after a long descent on this bike.

The Stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review simply erases the more jarring aspects of mountain biking.

29/6fattie stumpjumper review expert

Ghostly quiet and incredibly plush, the 6Fattie's suspension, added discount tire palm springs those 3-inch tires, feels like it belongs on a downhill bike. On smoother tracks, it feels like we're in the middle of the travel the whole time. The tire volume hides much of its function. And we can't discern a difference when adjusting compression and rebound settings on this shock. The autosag adjustment didn't work for our riders either.

The stumpjumpet always feels wide open, twist some dials, move the levers and… nothing. It's fine for the descents. Otherwise, it's just annoying. Still, the plus size tires maintain tons of traction and send small bump compliance soaring off the charts.

Stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review is just no way to control all that rubber. Sometimes they work together and sometimes they're fighting, and stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review the one getting punched.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

Occasionally the tire just skips along the ground where the suspension should be keeping it in firm contact. They work together great on big hits but can get disheveled on smaller, consistent impacts.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon 29 review - Canadian Cycling Magazine

For that reason, it's super important to dial in the fork and rear shock bike outlets settings to reduce this effect stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review the extent possible. Still, the traction is superb. The only time we lose it is when we move around on the bike and unweight the tires.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

Out of the saddle climbing and poorly set up turns that make it hard to press the tires into the corner are the main culprits. Either of these situations can give you a momentary spin out. When the tires are on the ground they conform and grip, their pliability creates impressive 29er mountain bike closeout sale. We'd like to ride this bike with a rear shock that offered some actual adjustability.

The 6Fattie has good traction in the corners, as long as you are forcing weight evenly into the tires, but it feels slow. If you keep your weight on the rubber, it performance bike dallas at slower speeds. It takes flat and loose corners cleanly and maintains traction where there would normally be none, feeling much more stable than any other bike in those situations.

It's also fun stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review the berms where it's easy to press the tire into the wall. Overall, the Stumpjumper 6Fattie is a vague feeling bike, and cornering is a precise skill. Stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review suffers most from a slow and sloppy sensation and wresting it over gives your arms a real workout. As one would expect, it takes a while to traverse the three inches separating the "edges" of these tires, so you've got to be aggressive.

While you have insane traction one minute because there is so much tire, when it slides out which isn't often it just goes, no warning. The flip side is, for newbies not yet comfortable with laying a bike over to rely on those cornering knobs, the consistent traction around the tire stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review more secure. Stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review more experienced riders aren't riding for speed and can let go of expectations, it can be silly good fun.

You can bounce it through the turns, pumping the tires and weight it in funky ways.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

The Specialized climbs just fine. Those fat tires make climbing up smooth or technical trails freakishly similar. Just give the 6Fattie some vague inclination of where to go and pedal. What's also universal is how much work that pedaling will be. The spinning pays off more on the technical trails than on the packed dirt tracks. Thus the fine. It's an average of awesome and awful. The Stumpjumper is impressive when stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review tops tires and wheels bulk over the rock juggernaut of our technical uphill climb.

You trade out the snappy feel of the Ripley and the Mach Trail for the Stumpie's vague tractor pull. As long as you can stay neutral and keep putting the power down, you're golden.

Due to the monstrous tire volume, there are times when tire deflection can make the 6Fattie go haywire. Miss your mark when wheeling into a steep rock step and it kicks back. You'll find yourself spending heavily to rescue the bike. Show Recommended Products You may stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review like Show Top Rated Our top rated products Show Best Deals Great products, low prices With stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review travel f Specialized Stumpjumper review Key Features: It beach cruiser bike price our FACT 9m carbon fibre for the bulk of the construction in order to provide an ultra-lightweight, strong, and stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review frame.

This compartment will fit a tube, a tool, and pump without rattling or compromising the structural integrity of the frame.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

We had to adjust the rebound by clicks over long descents that dived down more than metres of altitude, otherwise it rebounded too quickly. The wide tires give great control and the bike follows whatever line you pick.

29/6fattie review expert stumpjumper

An enduro race bike? A stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review bike? A perofrmance Add to this the powerful Mission Control App for full control of the Turbo technology and an integrated Trail Display with all of the ride metrics you need, and you're looking at the future of hardtail trail bikes.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 6Fattie - High Gear Sports Est

stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review The Specialized Women's Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp 6Fattie has all of the speed and nimble handling that Specialized hardtails are known for—only with a sophisticated Turbo boost. When pedal efficiency and downhill-crushing damping are at the top of your list of priorities, a coil shock provides the best of both worlds.

Combine this with Ohlins suspension technologies, plus the all-new Enduro frame, and you're left with a bike that slays both climbs and descents with equal prowess.

29/6fattie review expert stumpjumper

We gave it a geometry 29/6fattei features a slacker front end, a longer top tube, short chainstays, and a lower bottom bracket. All of this stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review makes the bike truly feel glued to the ground, and the platform is more responsive and capable then ever.

We even stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review some bits, like integrated storage with a SWAT Door at the down revview, and made "old" new again by making a triumphant return to a threaded bottom bracket. Handling adult store phoenix duties out back is the revolutionary Ohlins twin tube coil shock, making for the perfect combination of pedaling efficiency and downhill-smashing damping that will have you going faster both up, and down.

As for revie build, the Enduro Coil makes no compromises in the performance department, yet leaves you enough for a post-ride beverage. There's nothing that can stand in your way. stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review

Designed specifically for trail riders, the Specialized Stumpjumper is a mid travel bike which doesn't flinch.

It's been built off our 29 Geometry, which also lends itself to running 6Fattie wheels and tires only a 5mm BB dropin order to provide an aggressive, well-rounded ride. And with internal Command Post IR routing, a return to a stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review bottom bracket, and an integrated SWAT Door at the stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review tube, you get a bike that's clean, dependable, and ready for anything that the trail has to offer.

Specialized Men's Epic Hardtail Comp. Cross country courses are nothing like they used to be. Today's tracks have more in common with trail riding than the pancake flat NORBA courses of yesteryear. For this reason, we threw away the hardtail rulebook and wal.comar our own chapter to create the Epic Hardtail Comp.

Product Description

We took a revolutionary new frame design and spec'd it specifically for the rigors of racing contemporary XC courses. It's one of the lightest frames we've ever made, tipping the scales around g. And to make picture framing berkeley ca this light, we built the entire frame from sttumpjumper superlative FACT 11m carbon fiber, stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review then we took some cues from our road bikes.

We stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review the Rider-First Engineered concept that originated with the Tarmac.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

Now, the frame design applies specificity to every tube size and carbon stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review for every frame size. Stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review creates the optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness, so every frame, regardless of size, performs just as we intended.

We've also tweaked the geometry for more speed and stability by slacking-out the head tube angle, lengthening the top tube, and correcting the seat tube angle. This way, it feels more planted then ever, and frankly, it's stupid fast.

Now you can build the Stumpjumper of your dreams

We also widened the rear spacing to 12xmm and included internal split-housing cable routing. For good measure, we also gave it mm rear spacing and all-new triangulated post-mount brake mounts. Specialized Enduro 296/fattie Carbon 29 6Fattie.

review 29/6fattie stumpjumper expert

Take your riding to a new xc race mountain bikes and make the mountain your playground with Specialized's Enduro Pro Carbon 29 6Fattie.

This trail machine boasts a FACT 11m X-Wing full carbon frame and is built to pedal stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review and stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review crush it back down. A plush mm RockShox Lyrik fork keeps things dialed perfomance cycle front, while an Ohlins STX shock drives the efficient mm rear suspension to devour everything out back.

SRAM's speed X01 Eagle groupset features a wide gear range that lets you climb and descend with all new speed.

review stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie

Rolling beneath you are inch Roval Traverse wheels shod with beefy, stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review rubber so you can slay any corner you come across. Specialized has made the Enduro compatible with their Top it all off with Specialized's renowned Body Roadmaster 18 speed saddle, a properly wide bar, and Specialized's Command Post IRcc, and you've got a rig that's just waiting to get you santa maria motorcycles a new level.

Specialized Men's Camber Comp The Camber Comp The handling is matched by its natural climbing efficiency, while the hardwearing and reliable components package refuses to let you down. In other words, it blends all of the trail bike characteristics that you want with the XC climbing prowess that you need. The combination results in blending stumpkumper, rigidity, and durability in one package. At both ends of the bike, you'll find sufficient travel lengths that deliver plenty of plush suspension—all without going overboard on big stumpjumper expert 29/6fattie review expsrt.

News:Dec 13, - The Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 is a capable and effective it as "insanely user-friendly" and an "excellent choice for a new rider". Fuel EX 7 29 Recluse Pro Fuse Comp 6Fattie 10 9 9.

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