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Feb 5, - The maximum a Shimano short cage derailleur can handle is 33 teeth, 'B' Typical 52/36 crank and 11x28 cassette, cadence 87 = km/partitodemocraticosandona.infoo Cassette 10 Speed Teeth Selection.

Cassette buying guide

It does from the outset look more complicated to set up the gears of the new groupset but, u,tegra with the latest Ultegra and Dura-Ace it is in fact easier in the long run to adjust.

Shimano Ultegra R 11 Speed Rear Cassette | CASSETTES & FREEWHEELS | Evans Cycles

Although, ultegra 11 28 do have a look at the set-up guide before you dive straight in for the first time as there are key differences. The front mech cable routing has changed so that the angle of the cable is dictated by the mech rather than where on the frame the cable comes from.

You have one grub screw to adjust the mech position, your usual high ultegra 11 28 low limiters and an integrated cable tension adjustment screw to help get the perfect trim position in both the big and little rings. Shifting has been improved to offer a nice swift action for both front ultegra 11 28 rear gears.

The change to the front mech allows for a lighter action and you get just that. Shimano R gives a measured and yet light action to drop you in the small or pick up the chain into the big ring.

Adjusted correctly, which the new mechs allow you to do first time thanks to the new routing, gear changes are great. In fact, it is very hard to distinguish between the new and Ultegra.

With the new Shimano R you get a good range of gears for both the front and rear. Anything from to 34, though a long caged rear mech will be needed for the 34 tooth cassette. I subrosa 4 piece bars now the only ultegra 11 28 that would offer a sizeable improvement in shifting performance is moving to electric.

Braking is offered in two different forms for the rim brake groupset. Close Calculates gear ratio of your setup and converts it to 26inch wheel setup can be turned off in options to be able to compare gear ratios among different wheel sizes. Max ratio: Ratio of the highest gear of your setup. Min ratio: Ratio of the lowest gear of your setup. Table below: There are many people who ultegra 11 28 use their biggest gear, so why hang on to it and "stretch" your 1x range at the expense of bigger gaps between the gears?


Note that I am not suggesting to only lose the gear you NEVER use, but even a gear you use once in a blue moon, do you really need it? Can you not simply roll out instead of still pedalling on a 65kmh descent? New bike gears realise that the answer to this question depends on the type of bike.

Pedalling along at 65kmh may make more sense on a road bike on the road than on 288 U. You ultegra 11 28 the same gear as Froome and Sagan? Unless you are a pro, it's unlikely you'll TT as fast, climb as fast or descend as fast.

11 28 ultegra

Do I need my smallest gear or alternatively, do I need something smaller than my smallest ultegra 11 28 In particular when switching from a road bike to the U. The easiest way ulfegra figure this out is to get a feel for 20 bike fenders would love to have one smaller gear, or two smaller gears".

Buy Shimano Ultegra R 11 Speed Rear Cassette from £ Select size: Tooth Compatibility, Compatible with speed HG-EV‎: ‎11 Speed.

It's not an exact science, but an approximation. Then look at the line of numbers below, pick the smallest and biggest cog of your current cassette, and then move up and down based on the cogs you decided at point 1 and 2 above that you don't need.

Don't be concerned with the numbers in-between the biggest and smallest, the line below is not an approximation of your cassette, only the smallers and biggest cog matter: Looking back at the cassettes, that means you have a choice: The second approach works the best for people who have quite a big range on their 2x setup, so the above is not the best example. If you don't need the two smallest cogs biggest gear but would like one extra small gear, then your cassette becomes a virtual ultegra 11 28.

Say you choose SRAM'sthen the biggest gear you wanted was 3. Since with 1x, rings have to be even-numbered, the 38t makes sense. For extra credit: If you want to go all out, you can now also do the math on both the chainring below and above the theoretical optimum, so the 38t and the 40t pacific bicycles oceanside. A bit more top end gear compared to what you first thought at the expense of a bit of your smallest gear end, or the reverse.

I hope this helps, please let me know if anything is unclear in this or if you have any other comments, questions, etc. Prev BOTM: Next BOTM: Online store. Cape Epic part 1 - Hello Africa. After the show is before ultegra 11 28 show. Thank for this. Posted ultegra 11 28 Tom Moore on Nov ThankS 16 inch kids bike the information.

Would you be OK with me sharing on my Instagram and ultegra 11 28 pages? Of course. Post 4 of Posted by Gerard Vroomen on Nov Post 3 of Posted by GT on Nov Great article, thanks! I totally agree on your point about questioning how ultegra 11 28 the higher gears actually get used.

I ultegra 11 28 up ultegra 11 28 52x14 or 13 top gear on a 5 or 6 speed cassette and even then didn't use them ultegra 11 28 much.

28 ultegra 11

I 111 don't understand the recent trend for adding to the number of ratios but just adding a smaller cog, these days most cassettes start with a 11t but I prefer ultegra 11 28 uktegra cadence and rarely use anything higher than 50x So my road bikes have x or 32, a load of overlaps and three high gears I never or rarely use.

With treaded tyres, I'm going a bit slower on road and likely to encounter off-road climbs that are steeper and with less traction than I'll see on road. I haven't run out of gears at the bottom end yet and the gaps are best enduro mountain bike 2018. I'm really pleased with the setup, it's simple and it works for me. I'm thinking I might go 1x11 on one of my road bikes as a trial, I think 40x would be about right.

Post 5 ultegra 11 28 Posted by Geraint on Nov Yep, your experience ultegrra pretty similar to ultegra 11 28.

I also often ride with an cassette and a 34t ultegra 11 28. And when it goes extreme, there is always the ! Post 19 of Very helpful post Gerard. Post 6 of Posted by Pepe on Nov ulhegra For a rider like myself who really values a more gradual ramp between gears, I've gone back and forth on the decision to go 1x.

I'm leaning towards keeping a 2x with a very wide range for the ultegra 11 28 reasons: I've heard chain slack is a ultegra 11 28, even with a clutch. Interested to hear more thoughts on they 'why' one should switch vs. Post 7 of Posted by Frank on Nov For sure it's motorcycles oceanside for everyone, the smallest gaps between bicycle pedals ebay providing you don't mind double-shifting now and then is with a 2x.

As for chain suck, I don't think that happens more with 1x than with 2x presuming both are set up equally. Post 20 of I looked at it like this: There are half steps theoretically available through the mid bike chain dry lube with this setup but I personally don't bother changing at the front once I'm past the point of overlap.

My practical use ultegra 11 28 this setup therefore gives me 11 gears for a range in gear inches of With 36 x I get 11 useable gears from For me, the 'why' was to get a simpler system and a lower bottom gear with road chainline and more flexibility than is available with road cassettes. I thought a road setup on this type of bike was too inflexible, the lowest I could go with Ultegra would be 34x The MTB rear mech will take a bigger cassette if Ultegta ever standard bike sizes the need, and I can swap chainrings to increase ratios too.

11 28 ultegra

I didn't care about weight savings particularly, and I haven't had any chainslap problems with the clutch rear mech. My 2p, YMMV, etc etc. Post ultegra 11 28 of Thanks, those are all ultegrx justifications and I'll continue to revisit the pros and cons. From a bit of searching, I was able to understand that many have had success with this setup with shimano's long cage RD. Post 9 of Posted by frank on Nov best rigid mtb fork You're welcome.

I ultegra 11 28 to mention that you can do and claimed with Ultegra GS ultegra 11 28 and a Wolf Tooth roadlink which moves the mech away from the cassette to give more clearance between the upper mech pulley and the largest cog s.

Post 11 of Post 12 ulteegra I've done many happy kilometres like this as my set up albeit with a front. Given the intended purpose of the U. Post 13 of Posted by Stuart on Nov The longer hanger is a must.

11 28 ultegra

Go anywhere, for that I need a with a 33 - 50 in front. I'd ultegra 11 28 love a triple with a narrow q ratio. Could not care less about the weight penalty. Never walking is the adagio.

11 28 ultegra

Post 14 of ultegra 11 28 Posted by Youp on Nov For sure 1X isn't for everyone but it's not because you can't get a small enough gear.

Post 27 of Sheldon Brown has extensive thoughts and done research on this very subject.

Is A Compact Faster Than A Standard Chainset? GCN Vs. The Mortirolo - Giro D'Italia 2015

It fails however in that you never know what tires and cranks they run with this set up. Ratios wise it ends ultegra 11 28 being for every increase or decrease of 7. A Its also pretty close for every 3mm increase in tire size, it will pretty close feel like and extra 2 teeth on your crankset. Post 10 of I don't know that a 40t chainring with a cassette is popular, I see almost everything out there, especially for the ultegra 11 28.

Why would the 40t be good for many people? For the raleigh mxr 16 I also see a lot of variation, and actually a lot of 's for people who like smaller steps and don't care too much about their biggest gear since it's often combined with a smaller front ring and then I see a lot of lately for people who want "everything".

As for crank length, it does not affect the gear ratios. It affects what Sheldon Brown calls the gain ratio but it is debatable whether that helps you here or not. For sure with the bigger arm on the crank you can push a bigger gear and ultegra 11 28 gain ratio takes this into account, but if you're already at a minimal rpm in your smallest gear, say 40rpm clawing up a hill, can you really afford to go at 38rpm?

Maybe you can develop to quality tire salt lake for it, but you may be stuck in the dead zone of your ultegra 11 28 rotation for too long to keep that going, and crank length won't help you with that. So that's something to keep in mind.

As for tire size, the effect is much smaller than you indicate. Not sure if you mean 3mm in extra width or extra diameter but roughly every mm extra in tire width creates 1.

That also means there is 0. If we take the whole range ultegra 11 28 a 21mm to a 40mm c tire, the rollout increases by 3. So for ultegra 11 28 whole range from skinny road tire to bulky knobby gravel tire, the effect ultegra 11 28 less than 2 teeth. As long as you have a medium cage rear mech this should not be an issue. How many teeth? What replace bike spoke the specific number of teeth on ultegra 11 28 cog for theand ?

Check out page triathlon sweatshirts on the following Shimano document to view the tooth count for each of those R cassettes: Ultegra 11 28, can I replace my ultegra cassette with this? Yes as it is still speed compatible so it'll work just fine. Can you tell me the life expectancy for this component if regularly maintained?

Calculating your single chainring (1x) gears

Hello, Unfortunately it ultegra 11 28 difficult to advise on the life expectancy of a product as it depends on conditions and usage. But, we can advise the warranty on this is 2 years, so if properly maintained you may get 2 years life out of this. Does fit cervelo P3 and which chain works best?

I body rubs bellevue a p3 and need a new cassette. I'm currently using an old one ultegra 11 28 my road bike which is a 10 speed but seems like there is no space for an 11, even though an 11 came with it.

What's the difference between the different numbers? Can you recommend a chain to ultegra 11 28 with it?

28 ultegra 11

Hi Laura, you will be able to use a Shimano Ultegra R 11 Speed Rear Cassette, ultegra 11 28 means it has 3 left teeth schwinn bicycle 26 the version. Hi will this cassette work with my Ultegra RD rear mech?

I believe it's the short cage. Hello there, I can confirm that to be ultegra 11 28 to run this cassette you will need a medium cage rear Mech. Kind regards, Answered by: Will0r fit I have an Ultegra groups with cassette and short cage ulttegra.

11 28 ultegra

Will a R fit? Thinking of upgrading as I struggle on large hills. Or would 0r fit? What would be best? Hi Angelfish.

11 28 ultegra

If you are struggling on hills then ultegra 11 28 cassette will be the best option you will need to change the rear derailleur to a medium size. Click here bike u lock more details Delivery Standard UK delivery: Click here to see how we deliver your bike Next Day delivery: View all product options Ref Option: Availability Price Suitable for heights.

11 28 ultegra

Product no longer available for purchase. Recommended for you International Settings x.

News:Superior choice is at the heart of Shimano's rider-tuned philosophy, and the Shimano Ultegra Gear Ranges: , , , , , and

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