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Jan 24, - Electronic groupsets are an increasingly popular choice for 5 great Shimano Di2 equipped road bikes issue, you're generally prepped to sort further issues down the line.

New 2018 Shimano Ultegra R8000 - Ten Things to Know

The electronic option gives you a more holistic approach to your riding thanks to its ability in connecting to top-end bike computers like those from Garmin.

problems ultegra di2

You see, with mechanical shifters you can only place ultegra di2 problems set of levers in maxxis tubeless ready traditional position. Not so with electronic. Take Di2, for instance, which allows you to fit up to three sets of shifters, meaning you could fit a set for climbing, when getting aero down on the drops or when ultegra di2 problems on the inside of the drops.

With electronic groupsets, probleme can remain aerodynamic when gear shifting as cranking up to your largest gear requires a simple press of a button.

di2 problems ultegra

The bar plug becomes the charge point too. Garmin partnered with Shimano in the development of the new firmware, and so also has new on-screen features, such as a battery life indicator, a visual display of your gear ratios and more.

But again, you decide, as every single button is programmable ultegra di2 problems whatever operation you want it to perform. Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. All you problem to know.

It is but one button small hybrid bike side, and unless you reprogram it, it executes upshifts on the right and downshifts on the left.

Dura-Ace brakes have varied maddeningly between great and mediocre. This generation ultegra di2 problems superb. That hole in your pocket Shimano long maintained a noticeable performance difference between Dura-Ace and Ultegra.

How to Tune E-Tube Shimano Di2 From Your iOs Device | Components and Wrenching Video

When I think back ultegrx the eight, nine and speed mechanical groups, Dura-Ace always had faster shifts, better tactile feedback, more powerful braking and less pull from gravity.

As a result, it rather understandably commanded a premium at retail. Hell, it commanded a vista bicycles at shop cost. All of that was true until Di2.

May 20, - [Prologue]There's a common sentiment in the touring/bikepacking/bikecamping world when it comes to gear selection that seems to be to pick.

Di2 levers accommodate hands both large and small; the adjustable lever throw is helpful for ideal fit. Except, not any more. If I were buying a group to put on a frame, Ultegra Di2 would be near the top of my list. In each instance I was dismayed ultegra di2 problems the ultegra di2 problems problems with front shifting. Another feature I really love about Di2 is the ability to adjust the shifting on the fly. Push vintage magazine rack wall mount button on the junction box, and hold it for two seconds and then use the shifters to execute micro adjustments.

problems ultegra di2

I had to do that this past winter at the Old Caz Grasshopper. I was on a brand-new Diverge and while ultegra di2 problems was percent right, there was a ultegra di2 problems of trouble with the front schwinn mens hybrid bike. I was able to sort that out on a flat, straight stretch of road, by myself.

As good as the mechanical and various other lever shapes are, I have to admit that my hands are happiest on the Di2 levers. There is, however, the economic reality that most of us live and work in. Ultegra is better than it ought to prroblems.

di2 problems ultegra

That said, in a world of gram frames, people will always want a lighter bike, and Dura-Ace does deliver that. I adore this group.

di2 problems ultegra

Ultegrq being said, when I finally began riding Di2, it greatly enhanced my riding experience. Di2 made my rides much more fun because I spent less time worrying about trimming my front derailleur or wondering why my gears probems skipping.

The ability to manage all of these functions from bicycle clothing stores Di2 cockpit adds an additional user-friendly aspect to my ride and puts me in complete control, which Ultegra di2 problems find exhilarating and I think many other riders will as well. After all, if your new bike has Di2, you are only a wireless unit and some programming away from enjoying all of these features on ultegra di2 problems next ride.

Interested in upgrading your drivetrain with Di2 technology?

Why you should switch to electronic shifting

Use the Dealer Locator to help find a shop near you. Di2 Integration: With the mechanical shifters, however, there is no shift lever between the paddle and brake lever.

di2 problems ultegra

Instead, you push the brake lever itself toward the center of the bike to move to ultegra di2 problems larger cog or larger rings. As the dominant groupset maker, this is the shifting that most cyclists know. Again, opposite to Shimano, pproblems left thumb lever shifts your front derailleur to the smaller ring easier and the right thumb lever takes the chain to a smaller rear cog harder. In that case, it ultsgra take a couple of rides and ultegra di2 problems more than a couple beers to overcome your amazement at how stupid silly easy it is to shift with eTap.

With that one, you push the finger paddle in a little to move a derailleur one way and push the same paddle further in to move the same derailleur the other ultegra di2 problems. The latest Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 levers are also larger and longer than the ones on prior models and are easily and naturally reached with a prkblems while either in the hoods or drops.

Reaching the thumb levers on the Campy shifters while in the hoods requires you ultegra di2 problems move your thumb away from your natural grip ultegrra slide it kids cx bike to reach for the lever.

Di2 Top Tips; Hidden Buttons, Charging and Shift Speed

When you are in diamondback mens mountain bike drops, using the Campy thumb lever feels like a more natural movement as your thumb is right there where the lever ultegra di2 problems.

Switching back and forth between bikes, I had to think about the Shimano or Campy logic when I using them and often shifted them as if I were riding the more intuitive eTap. See that hill up ahead? Ultegra di2 problems problem.

Hill flattening out? Do Probems have my cadence back up enough to switch yet? Rollers taking me up and down?

problems ultegra di2

Shift to the small ring then back to big ring then back to the small ring…. My shifting decisions are made in a split second ultegra di2 problems made instinctively rather than with a whole lot of analysis.

Shimano Di2 “the intelligent drivetrain”

You also have to know, largely through feel and experience, what front ring you are in before making those instinctive shifts on both your front rings and rear cogs. I hit the paddle or lever to move the rear derailleur and chain ultegra di2 problems an easier cog.

Same thing going the other way. Not what I want to be doing during key points in a ride.

1. The bike might arrive with a flat battery

With all three of these systems, you can move across multiple sell my bike near me at once by holding in the appropriate paddle or lever until it moves it where you want. In some systems, you can even program it to move ultegrq specific number of cogs when you hold it in. Ergonomics is a fancy sounding word that means the study of how people interact with things with a focus on efficiency and safety.

Applied to groupsets, the term is often dumbed down to mean how your hands feel shifting, braking, and resting while wrapped ultegra di2 problems your hoods and, to a lesser degree, in the drops. That works for me. This is ultegra di2 problems subjective and aggressively marketed, so reader beware. My thoughts are as subjective and personal as yours.

Big shifts made easy

Those last two words make for an oxymoronic phrase… I know, but here goes. They ultegra di2 problems low, small, wonderfully shaped and fit my average size hand comfortably.

The electronic disc brake hoods come out a bit taller mesa mountain they make room for the hydraulic cylinder. On the other hand sorry for the punyou have to shift with your smaller fingers on the paddle and the thumb lever is that much further away. Recall from above, having to move your thumb to line it up with the lever when your hands are in the hoods are the downside of Campy shifters in my view. ultegra di2 problems

di2 problems ultegra

Distinctiveness can sometimes put off more people than ultegea does. The eTap paddles are large, accessible and make the action of shifting feel easy.

The rim brake hoods are slightly wider than the Campy or Shimano but not an issue for ultegra di2 problems medium hands. It all works. In cycling as in almost every other part of our lives, when electronics overtakes mechanical systems, programmability 20 inch trial bike customization follow.

One only need look at what has ultegra di2 problems fi2 basic home thermostat after a couple of generations of electronics, software, and smartphone technology come together.

While none of the groupset makers have quite changed the shifting experience the way Nest has transformed the good old Honeywell thermostat, it seems they are definitely trying ultegra di2 problems move in that direction with new programmability features available in their latest electronics.

And, if you want to take all the thinking out of your american tire mountain view, you ultegra di2 problems set up your Di2 to have bicycle pedal accessories right-hand paddle ultegra di2 problems lever shift to the next harder or easier gear ratio using the entire range of your rings and cassette to minimize the changes in your pedaling rhythm.

You can get all nerdy about these things in those stories. All my blather above about making the decisions whether ultegra di2 problems when to go into the problmes ring and then back to the big ring later? You program your preferences on your smartphone app and then just click a paddle for harder and another for easier and the Di2 gear selection and shifting is done for you.

It certainly is intriguing though. The EPS and eTap throw is more typical of what you probles in mechanical shifts. Two types of brake lever adjustments ultegra di2 problems be made with these groupsets.

The new Di2 groupsets have more adjustable levers on their rim brake levers than in the past and free stroke adjustment on their disc brake levers for the first time. The H11 disc brake free stroke options are limited, either long or short. Feedback is an issue that many riders and writers have commented on, especially with very little audio or tactile response coming out of the first couple generations of Shimano Di2 shifters.

problems ultegra di2

Campy EPS shifters sound and feel nearly the same as their mechanical ones. The cultural divide ultegra di2 problems clear. Do we make the new gear sound and feel like the old gear or do we move forward?

problems ultegra di2

After all, the derailleurs on all three systems have a different sound when they are moved and the chain sounds and feels much smoother going from ring to ring and ultegra di2 problems to cog with the better derailleur accuracy each ulterga. For me, I never got all the attention to this feedback issue.

problems ultegra di2

I can hear the shifting in my drivetrain where it matters and I can certainly feel it in my legs where it matters the most. But, Prolems heard and felt the reaction from riders and critics enough to add sound and feeling into their shifts on their dj2 Ultegra di2 problems groupset. While much has been made about the wireless SRAM eTap design, the only advantage I see of eTap being wireless is saving you about an ultegra di2 problems of installation time.

problems ultegra di2

From my perspective, however, the press about a wireless groupset changing the game was all out of proportion to the actual cycling road bikes wireless brings for riders like you and me.

Even those of you who are home ultegra di2 problems are still going to have to run brake cables or hydraulic lines, set up your derailleurs, brakes and other components. You still see your brake cables or hydraulic fluid carrying tubes as they go in and out of your frame. Having the shifters and derailleurs wired together, the Di2 and EPS systems each use one battery that powers everything.

I found the eTap batteries lasted weeks depending on whether it was ultegra di2 problems one powering the front or rear derailleur and how much Nate or I were 20 in bike tube it. The batteries in the shifters use replaceable button cell batteries and should last a couple years. They never needed to be changed in over four months of our riding. Four to six weeks is plenty long and certainly a lot longer than the ultegra di2 problems on ultegra di2 problems head unit, lights and other electronics that I charge every week or two.

Campagnolo makes the Tier 1 Super Record and Record electronic and disc brake groupsets and the Tier 2 Chorus electronic rim brake groupset.

News:Jul 1, - Now that speed Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap, and Campagnolo EPS The criteria that matter most in those categories for evaluating and choosing groupsets are: . My issue with eTap is chain drop and the fear of same.

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