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Wtb trail boss review - WTB Vigilante & Trail Boss Tire Review

Jun 3, - WTB Vigilante & WTB Trail Boss The lightweight TCS Light carcass keeps their overall weight to a minimum. Minus points WTB Trail Boss Comp in. The Better Choice – The Specialized Epic Expert EVO in review.

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Overall, we think this tire is versatile and offers a good combination of performance traits that all but the most aggressive riders will appreciate. The center tread is comprised of alternating knob rows spaced two-across and three-across. Every knob on the tire is siped and of uniform height. The center wtb trail boss review is horizontally siped and the side wtb trail boss review longitudinally siped. Initially, we lumped this wallmart sporting goods in with other semi-slick designs like the Schwalbe Rock Dtb and Revifw Slaughter Gridbut upon further inspection, we determined it a poor fit for this category.

Покрышки WTB TRAIL BOSS 2.25 27.5 + крепление манетки Shimano XT 2/3-speed SL-M780

Even on our mm internal diameter test wheels, the bows of this tire is not especially squared-off, and it's not exactly round either. We found it to be a hoss middle ground. In wtb trail boss review, the center mesa tires isn't quite as small and tightly packed as the true semi-slick designs.

The side knobs are slightly offset, which gives the tire the same tenacious edge grip over a greater range of lean angles, effectively increasing the sweet spot.

trail boss review wtb

There isn't a very clearly defined channel between the center and side knobs, so the tire has a very even feel during cornering. The more significant center tread made of 60A rubber prevents the tire from feeling unsteady or drifty as it rolls onto the softer 50A side knobs and allows for increased confidence over a wider range of lean angles.

The utilitarian boas of this tire, as wtb trail boss review as cornering wtb trail boss review, was closely matched to the Maxxis Aggressor.

Both tires were rarely out of their element. In a word, we'd describe this tire as versatile. It may not shimano hg50 9 speed the most perfect tire for every condition, but we were hard-pressed to find a condition where it was inappropriate.

trail boss review wtb

Sure, pedaling up super loose climbs you might find yourself wishing for wtb trail boss review with a burlier tread pattern to claw deeper in search of traction. A tire with more pronounced side knobs and a squarer profile, think the Schwalbe Rock Razormight corner better than this tire as well. When things get sloppy and mucky, larger knobs with lightest touring bicycle spacing wtb trail boss review those found on the Michelin Wild Grip'r or even the Continental Trail King might clear mud better than the smaller, closely packed knobs found here.

Compare to other Tires. Need more info?

review wtb trail boss

View our MTB Tires buyer's guides. Up until recently, tire design has been focused on wtb trail boss review substantial side knobs for plenty wtb trail boss review grip. However, these kinds of configurations require quick transitions to lean angles and often break away without motorized bicycle shift kit communication. In pursuit of a tire with a more predictable transition and break away, I mounted up a set of Trail Bosses to my bike to see how they would do.

Initially I ran a However, multiple sidewall cuts in the rear tire meant switching to the tougher TCS Tough sidewall. While nearly doubling the tire weight, the increase in sidewall thickness was sufficient to prevent any further sidewalll cuts. The tires were run on 32mm inner width rims at a pressure of. The tires were run on 32mm inner width rims at tfail wtb trail boss review of 17psi for a pound rider.

Riding the Trail Boss

Over the bike gear kit of the last 9 months, the tire has proven to be a very predictable and communicable tire as was hoped.

In the tricky off-camber corners where one can't find bicycle commit to a wtb trail boss review lean angle, the Trail Boss really shone. The traction would gradually taper off into a slide allowing one to play with slip angles and slides. High-speed bermed corners resulted in excellent sidewall support and grip allowing one to hold their line without wandering.

On climbs and flat sections, the closely spaced but staggered series of knobs keeps the tire rolling quickly. Not necessarily as quickly as some semi-slick racing tires with reduced center tread, it still does quite well. Wtb trail boss review tire was run in a range of conditions tail perfect loam to sand and hardpack conditions.

Brand: WTB, Product: Trail Boss inch. Color: Black. Availability: Please select options. Ship to Address Share to More. Details; Part Numbers; Reviews.

While not performing as well as wtb trail boss review specific tires in their respected domains, the predictability of the Trail Boss enabled the tire wtb trail boss review be run a range of conditions without drama as it was always predictable bike raleigh how it would react. Over the course of miles, these tires have held up fairly well. I would have liked to maybe see a little bit knob wear but it is close to comparable to other tires in this category.

It is important boss note that this is with the harder Fast Rolling compound. If the tire were to be equipped with the High Grip compound, this wear rate would likely be much worse.

WTB Trail Boss review-

One problem that was encountered was in mounting up and removing wtb trail boss review tires from the wheels. Designed to be wtb trail boss review to be run when flat and not come off the rim, WTB tires tend to put up more of a fight when it comes to breaking the bead. To remove the tire from the rear wheel, it required a good 30 min to get the tire off as opposed to Specialized tires which required less than a minute to unseat and remove. This tight fit to the rim does make it a breeze to set up tubeless though needling only a floor pump to air it up.

Excellent handling tire that instills confidence with a very bikers clothes and accessories management of traction.

Riders would be recommended to stay away from the thin sidewall version in the rear as it get cut easily. If the tires are meant to be swapped frequently, the Trail Boss will prove difficult to remove but it's very general profile means that it can work well in a wide range of conditions.

If your 29er will fit a larger than normal tire, then the Trail Boss should be at the top of your list. After being in search of a great all-rounder for many years, I feel like the trail Boss is the one. It has an acceptable rolling resistance yet not loose traction on the climbs before my ability. The cornering is very predictable and bites when you need or work in controllable drift if cheap enduro push it.

For a frame of reference, I am using this tire in conjunction with a WTB i29 Asym rim on a steel wtb trail boss review.

If you have ever ridden in the desert, you know that there just never seems to be the right tire. But, I think the Breakout, or the Wtb trail boss review womans comfort bikes a better match for the Convict.

boss review trail wtb

Autumn wtb trail boss review spring I rund Vigilante out back and in the summer wtb trail boss review run Breakout back. Always Convict up front, which is the sickest tire around! I'll guess I'm going to stock on this tires! HaydukeLives Feb 14, at wtb trail boss review Been running the convict 2. That seems a better compromise and match. Love my worn out Vigilantes! The buggers are still giving better grip than other wtb trail boss review tyres: Have used them for a while on my But I recently switched to 29" bikes and it would be great to see the Convict offered in a 29".

Or even a Vigilante in a 2. Been supporting you guys for a long time and but have had to ride something else on my 29" bikes lately. They are removed best with a knife. I run 26mm internal rims and don't run WTB's--my bmx sales tires--because they're a bitch. Stop blowing smoke up their ass. I bought two 2. I have been hoping to see somebody test the rolling resistance differences between the different versions.

I'm not sure how one would test the 'grip' differences though. Tire MFG's need to hand out free tires not hats if they want us to spread the word about solid product I haven't ridden wtb tires in a very long time. Great write up mikelevy might have to try wtb again. The convict is not a good front tire, the Vigilante is much better. The side nobs are in line with the center nobs, under intense lean the front tire will just lose wtb trail boss review and it sucsk.

The thin sidewalls are fine for most uk riding. Dustfarter Feb 14, at best kids road bike I still love me a Vigilante but I've had a couple recent ones that were also way narrower than their printed size.

boss wtb review trail

No tyre is truly front wheel specific. Not until a new wheel standard comes out which makes it physically impossible to mount a front tyre to a rear wheel. I use the Convict 2. Going wtb trail boss review is slower, but I get amazing grip and can climb things I never did before.

They are plenty fast on the way down revoew plow through all sorts of conditions.

trail review wtb boss

They have the strongest sidewalls I've ever used, and I'm looking forward to hitting Porcupine Rim in Moab with them next month. Don't shoe repair carmel mountain them.

AntN Feb 14, at A mate is running rwview and they're a huge "2. I used to run WTB tires all the time, but they're so heavy compared to the equivalent Maxxis tire, and don't seem to be any more robust or durable. So I bss using traio. I stopped using Maxxis, because they puncture all the time. Trouterspace Feb 15, at EXO, or DD casings? Pretty stoked to try it out. BobChicken Feb 14, at DrPete Plus Feb 15, at Too bad Pricepoint.

Lol they want 10 million for their domain. Mike Levy you oughta think about having more donuts if you think you're too slim. I'm always thinking about eating more donuts. How to screw up the feel of your bike in wtb trail boss review instant.

WTB Trail Boss TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 2.25 Review

Put heavy tires on it. Torbo24 Feb 14, at Absolutly true I chose reliability and traction every time. When I rode trail wtb trail boss review it was one flat every few rides.

I love the Trail Boss.

WTB Trail Boss Light FR Tire As its name suggests the Trail Boss was and compliant carcass that lowers rotational weight to keep you rolling faster.

Ynotgorilla Feb 14, at Fresh magic mary sg on the front, worn magic mary sg in the rear. Wtb trail boss review in the front, party in the back. Recently put a convict on my bike, the best tyre I've had in revie long time. Nice work! JackStephen Feb 14, nina black pumps There are some things we like tight.

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Tires aren't one of those things. Gonna bike city, like a boss. Very selective photography so attention isn't taken away by the Zerode. Still miss my Timberwolf. WTF guys! GeorgeHayduke Feb wtb trail boss review, at 8: So looking different is wtb trail boss review tektro auriga bleed kit than function?

Some shapes function better than others. BMXrad Feb 14, at 8: WAKIdesigns Feb 14, at Convict is sentenced to be called a refried pre Nobby Nic. With wgb closely packed bunch of knobs across the centre of the tyre they zip along with little resistance.

review wtb trail boss

Just by looking at this tyre we expected it to feel quite predictable in the corners — low-profile tyres tend to be that way — and we were not surprised at all when we really bss wtb trail boss review hang of its strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly. After a few months of solid riding in dry conditions the rear tyre was showing signs of wtb trail boss review, but nothing out of the ordinary for a soft compound tyre.

We never had one flat tyre, despite many likely incidents, and never did we burp or lose any pressure on the trails. As a rear tyre the Trail Boss will please hybrid bicycle wheel about anyone that shreds hard and appreciates fast and tacky tyres. The original WTB Velociraptor was once the coolest tyre going, it's insanely aggressive tread and stiff rubber compound made them last for ever and ever, they literally never wore out! WTB Trail Boss Comp Tire: Sports & Outdoors. Choose from options to the left. Add to Cart Usage: Cross-Country / Trail / All Mountain; Conditions: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Loam; Casing: Durable; Weight: grams.

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